Happy Halloween!

At Optical Dynamics, a few of our employees take Halloween seriously! What do you think the lady with the lamp shade on her head is supposed to be?

A one night stand!

HaloweenHope your team had as much fun as ours did!


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Proper Mold Handling

After processing a job, your molds will normally have some monomer residue and flashing stuck to the surface. All excess debris must be removed before the mold can be used again successfully.  Cleaned molds must be stored properly to guarantee mold safety while the mold is not in use. Also, proper mold storage simplifies the picking process when the mold is needed again.


Molds must be cleaned after each use. Molds should be left in the soaking bins for at least 5 minutes before cleaning.  Scrub molds thoroughly with the disposable mold scrubber pads.  Pay special attention to edges.  Rinse molds with running water if it is available.  If running water is not available, use a container of tap water. (Remember to change the rinse container water frequently.)  Spray rinsed molds immediately with Q-Spray and wipe them dry.  Never store a wet mold.

TIP: Thoroughly clean and dry all molds. Anything left on a mold can cause an issue the next time it is used. This includes water spots.

The Q-2100 Lens System comes with several hundred digital free form molds.  It is very important that they are stored properly in order to keep them organized.  Each space in the mold storage unit is labeled for one specific mold.  Make sure the mold you place there is the right one.

Pick a clean and dry mold.  Read the mold designation near the edge of the mold and find the proper storage location in the storage unit.  Put the mold back into its wrapper and put it into the allotted space.  Do not put a mold into a space that is already occupied by another mold.  Be careful not to bump molds against anything while storing them.

TIP: Always store molds properly. The protective wrapper prevents scratches and can help identify molds. Return molds to their proper storage locations so you can find them quickly.


Instant Replay:

  1. Take mold from soaking bin and scrub
  2. Rinse mold
  3. Spray mold with Q-Spray and dry
  4. Place mold in protective wrapper
  5. Return mold to proper storage location
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Eye Center Boutique Adds 5th Location with Digital Lens Technology

ECP Header PicEye Center Boutique is a unique optical retail concept that includes the sale of handbags and shoes along with  just-in-time delivery of prescription eye wear using the Q-2100 Digital Lens System with nanoCLEAR AR. The flagship store opened with the technology at the Carolina Plaza Mall in 2010 and has since grown to 5 franchise locations with two additional franchises set to open by the end of 2014. Locations can currently be found in Carolina, Caguas, Bayamon and Durado.

Omar Alvarez and Jesus Dominguez ECB626The most recent addition to the ECB family, a franchise owned by Omar Alvarez, in Baymon, installed just this month. Offering an interesting array products, including premium lenses was a key factor in the decision to open their location shared Alvarez. Located in the Dormar Plaza, ECM competes head to head with traditional eyeglass retailers. By offering an interesting mix of items for sale, they hope to capitalize on being a consumer friendly and fun shopping venue.

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Study Reccomends Independent Optometrists Adapt to Change

Vision Monday May,  Bain & Company

adapt to changeIn a study published in Vision Monday, Bain & Company reports on the competitive pressures impacting the independent optometrist and recommendations on how they should adapt.

Current threats to independent optometry include:

  • Growth of large national chains and mass player
  • Increased consumer comfort with buying products online
  • Desire for greater price transparency on products
  • Shift from the personalized shopping experience toward more efficient retail environments

How to adapt:

  • Capitalize on the consumers desire for a comprehensive eye exam by utilizing online scheduling of exams
  • Carry a stronger materials offering with a more transparent pricing model
  • Improve delivery time so patients can buy or pick up easily in the store their new eyeglasses
  • Continue to provide the same personalized service that has won their loyalty in the past (end article)

With the ownership of a Q-2100 and nanoCLEAR AR unit, you have the ability to capitalize on three of the study’s recommendations. (1) You can provide a transparent pricing model to your patients as you know exactly how much each pair you produce will costs each and every time you make them. (2) You can provide unparalleled service with same delivery of their eyeglasses (3) You can provide custom processed lenses for the ultimate personalized service.

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Polish Now Available through Vision Dynamics Lab

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Need to Relocate Your Q-2100?

Do you need to move or relocate your Q-2100 Digital Lens System? If so, use this handy diagram to reconnect your cables and data cords. For additional assistance, call Bob or Bob at 800-797-2743 ext. 276.

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3 Tips for Engaging Sales Associates

As shared by CEO Tom Stockham in the August issue of Eycare Business, here are three key ways to engage your sales staff and help them sell more.

happy sales people1. DEFINE YOUR FOCUS: When thinking about helping the customers in your store, determine whether the interactions need to be more about providing technical details or more about recognizing the right customer for each type or brand of product – or both. Then, define that focus for your sales staff. Having the ability to relate to the variety of consumers who walk through the door is what makes a really helpful expert salesperson on the floor.

2. MAKE IT FUN: Make sure you are offering your sales associations an interesting and fun way to engage with your products and your customers.

3. OFFER REWARDS: The biggest deal, really, is defining how you track, manage and reward your sales associates’ engagement. This really needs to be something for which you create accountability.

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Vision Dynamics Named Top Lab in 2014

By Andy Carp NEW YORK—What does it take to be a Vision Monday Top Lab? The requirements have changed a lot in recent years, as the wholesale laboratory business itself has evolved.top labs 2014 logoWholesalers today are facing a very different “labscape” than they did in 1992, when VM published its first annual Top Labs Report, which ranks the largest U.S. labs based on their Rx sales and includes exclusive data about production levels, number of locations, work force size and other key indicators. Widespread industry consolidation, the growth of managed vision care and the emergence of the Internet and technologies such as digital lens surfacing have created new forms of competition and changed customer expectations.At a minimum, a large and successful lab must offer a diverse selection of major lens brands, excellent quality workmanship, superior service and competitive prices. But VM’s 2014 Top Labs go beyond these basics.

Although it’s crucial for a Top Lab to stay on the cutting edge of lens processing technology, it’s just as important for it to be easily accessible to customers. Consequently, most Top Labs have developed full-featured websites with online ordering capability and educational resources. Having a knowledgeable customer service team is also essential to a Top Lab’s success, as is the ability to educate eyecare professionals and office staff.

As this year’s Top Labs Report indicates, nearly all the leading wholesalers share these and other key characteristics, whether they are independent or owned by a supplier.

Top labs 2014

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World Renown Bascom Palmer Eye Institute Adds Q-2100 to 3rd Location

BP best in USAU.S. News & World Report has once again ranked Bascom Palmer as the Best in Ophthalmology for 2014-2015. This is the eleventh consecutive year they have received the #1 ranking in the annual Best Hospitals survey. Bascom Palmer has received the #1 ranking a remarkable thirteen times (1994, 1998, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014) . Bascom Palmer was also named as the Best Hospital in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale metropolitan area.

Bascom Plamer recently expanded the use of the Q-2100 Digital Lens Technology installing at a 3rd optical dispensary, located in Plantation, FL. According to the company’s website, Bascom Palmer Eye Institute at Plantation offers expanded services at a new location at Crossroads Business Park, Building 3, 8100 SW 10th Street in Plantation. In addition to providing care for glaucoma, cataracts and corneal disorders, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy, neuro-ophthalmology, oculofacial plastic and reconstructive surgery, and ophthalmic and orbital oncology and a limited range of surgical services including custom LASIK and access to the latest clinical trials, we are also expanding our services to include aesthetics services, a new optical store and a low vision rehabilitation center.

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Optical Dynamics Introduces ultraSUN II sunglass photochromic

Louisville, Kentucky, September, 2014 — Optical Dynamics, the leader in in-office digital lens production, announces the launch of ultraSUN™ II sunglass photo as the newest addition to our family of proprietary photochromic lens products. ultraSUN II is available for use with the Q-2100™ Digital Lens System and as uncuts through Vision Dynamics Laboratory.

“With more than twenty years of photochromic development in our lens line, ultraSUN II sunglass photo sets a new standard in outdoor activation,” said John Dippold, President. “Our commitment to the field of photochromic advancement means better performing lenses for our customers,” concluded Dippold.

Many consumers want a true sunglass dark photochromic that works well in warm temperatures. Color consistency throughout the aging process is also important. With a superior activation color outdoors and a slight tint indoors, extra active lenses offer consumers a wider choice of photochromic options.

ultraSUN II“ultraSUN II maintains a truer grey color over the activation/deactivation cycle and is exceptionally sunglass dark when activated.,” said Ralph Ortiz, Sales Manager. “With excellent high temperature performance, ultraSUN II is perfect for those with an active outdoor lifestyle,” shared Ortiz.

“ultraSUN II gives our user family an extra active photochromic lens at a reasonable price,” said Mike Yager, VP Sales. “ultraSUN II maintains darkness longer in changing light conditions and our in-mass technology ensures a consistent photochromic experience for the life of the lens,” summarized Yager.

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