Technical Support Specialist, Bob Miller

Optical Dynamics is proud to have as a team member, Robert “Bob” Miller, Technical Support Specialist and 30+ year optical industry veteran. Bob’s duties include trouble shooting equipment difficulties, production questions, and in Louisville training of Q-2100 owners from across the globe.

Bob began his early career at Southern Optical in Louisville Kentucky where he apprenticed and was awarded his Optician’s License. Deciphering the ins and outs of dispensing and fitting eyewear to patients, it was during his time in retail that Bob learned the importance of listening to customers and responding to their needs. He understands that customer satisfaction and practice profitability are directly related to the quality of the lens products produced.

From dispensing optician, Bob took his interest in lab work to a regional contact lens facility where he worked directly in manufacturing and technical support. Through his years in production, Bob developed a keen understanding of troubleshooting and the necessity of keeping up with recommended equipment maintenance schedules and cleanliness of the work environment.

In 1996 Bob’s love of people called him back as he took a job with Optical Dynamics Training Department, installing Q-2100 units across the US and around the world. His training duties took him to interesting destinations including Cyprus, England, Italy and Belgium.

In 1999 Bob put his suitcase away (although we make him pull it out every once and awhile) and accepted the in office position of Technical Support Specialist. Bob has spent the last 17 years of his career interacting with customers and assisting with issue resolution. Bob’s patience and experience in almost every aspect of the industry from dispensing to manufacturing is an asset to any Optical Dynamics’ customer needing technical support.

Got Flowers?

EyecareBusiness by Anne Marie Luthro

8 Supremely simple ways to keep it fresh, build a brand story and bump up sales with visual merchandising.

  1. Whatever you do, do it: The biggest trend in visual merchandising for optical is that IT MATTERS The store is more important than ever.
  2. Keep it fresh: Visual merchandising success relies heavily on its freshness. The coolest display in the world gets old and becomes invisible after the third or fourth time the shoppers experience it.
  3. Focus on the 3s: Three is the number that capture attention, an holds it for enough time to absorb a message. flowers
  4. Keep it clean: Just as overcrowded stores can create stress and anxiety the same is true for displays. An overwhelming choice is not a selling point.
  5. Keep it visual: Keep words and phrases short and simple – if you need them at all.
  6. Keep it obvious: From the store’s decompression zone sight lines should be clear to the store’s feature focus point.
  7. Keep it familiar: Don’t forget that people actually shop from these displays.
  8. Sell it: While the display is all about the product, it needs to be all about the shopper when it come to touching and trying the product.

Optical Dynamics Celebrates with Customers at VEW

The Optical Dynamics’ team was happy to celebrate with members of our user family at this years Vision Expo West. In addition to meeting clients and prospects on the show floor we were privileged to host customers for dinners at famed Las Vegas eateries SUSHISAMBA and Carmines.  At Optical Dynamics we are lucky to have such wonderful and fun customers we call friends to spend time and celebrate with at our optical shows!



We look forward to spending time with our customer family at Vision Expo East!


Vision Dynamics Named Top Vision Monday Lab in 2016

top-labs-logo-top_labs_logo_2016_650pxVision Dynamics is proud to be named as a top lab in Vision Monday’s 25th annual Top Labs Report. This year’s report reflects the top 18 independent labs in the US with a combined production of over 28,000 pair per day $647.7 in total net sales.

Specializing in glass lens surfacing, pre-tinted SFSV, and premium photochromics, Vision Dynamics is committed to accurate lens production and timely turnaround. Our lab team has more than 150 years of combined optical experience and is considered to be the most highly skilled in the region. Superior products and customer support are top priorities of

The Glass Lens Specialists, Vision Dynamics is the outsource lab of choice for companies that want to focus their resources on more profitable higher volume product lines. With an expertise in glass lens surfacing and cost effective world wide sources for glass lens blanks, Vision Dynamics provides a full service option for all your glass needs.

Visit for more information.

Strategies for New Hires

EyeCare Business

INFORMAL onboarding consists of employees learning about their new jobs without an organizational plan or written process. It may include job shadowing and knowledge exchange with key employees, mentoring and coaching with managers, and on-the-job training with existing employees.

Hello and welcomeFORMAL onboarding includes a sequence of procedures that take a new employee through the process of learning job tasks and office social norms. Activities can include: Web-based video orientations, e-tutorials, interval training planned so learning occurs at specifically planned junctures, team roundtables, and, finally, field experiences and product training with key vendors.

The most successful onboarding programs have one individual overseeing how the employee navigates the process, and all current employees are included in some of the activities. According to the SHRM, there are four elements that indicate a successful onboarding.

SELF CONFIDENCE in job performance, which effects organizational commitment.

ROLE CLARITY, making sure your new hire understands their role and expectations.

SOCIAL INTEGRATION, when an employee begins to establish healthy working relationships with existing employees.

ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE KNOWLEDGE, an understanding of your practice’s culture and how they fit into it. This is key to a new hire’s ability to support your principles, values, and mission.

Optical Dynamics Hosts Q-2100 Owners

dr-b-and-dr-m-trainingOptical Dynamics was pleased to host Dr. Mayee Ballesteros and Dr. Sharon Bauc for an education session at our headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky. Dr. Mayee from Baguio City and Dr. Bauc from Davao City, both located in the islands of the Philippines, attended International Vision Expo West in Las Vegas then traveled to Louisville. The Doctors spent time with Training Manager, Bob Miller. reviewing best production practices and with VP Sales, Mike Yager, discussing new products and enhancing sales techniques. Dr. Mayee and Dr. Sharon were awarded a training certificate by Mr. Miller upon completion of the session.

dr-b-and-dr-m-louisvilleBaugio City is located in the mountains on the island of Luzon, the largest and most populous island. Davao City is on the island of Mindanao, with a city population of over 1.6 million. Focusing on photochromics, including the sun&FUN line, as well as anit-reflective coating and nanoCHROME mirrors, the Doctors purchased the Q-2100 Digital Lens System from distributor Optical Dynamics Philippines to provide just-in-time delivery of high end and fashion forward lens products.

In addition to training time, Marketing Manager, Julianne West showed them around our great city of Louisville. The entire team at Optical Dynamics enjoyed the time spent with two great Q-2100 users!

Cast Digital Lenses In-House

Offer your patients one-hour lenses while cutting lab costs in half with the Q-2100R Digital Lens System from Optical Dynamics.

Kenneth N. Johnson, ABOM, NCLC, LDO, Vision Care Product News

Do you want to offer patients same-day lenses cast in-house? Do you want to reduce your lab bills? If so, an in-office lens casting system might be the answer. The Q-2100R Digital Lens System from Optical Dynamics can help grow your business while driving down costs by up to 50%.

The Optical Dynamics Q-2100R Digital Lens System incorporates free-form technology into the design and manufacture of the progressive and single vision molds it supplies with the unit. In this way, the lenses made with these digital molds benefit from the features of free-form manufacturing. One advantage is the increased surface accuracy of the lens designs, another is the increased power accuracy of the prescription created. The outcome is better surface quality and more accuracy in the curves generated through much tighter tolerances.

To make a lens, free-form glass molds are injected with the liquid monomer using the Q-2100R Flash Fill System. The Q-2100R is computerized and easy for staff to master. After the Rx has been entered, the appropriate molds are loaded. The machine scrubs the molds under high pressure to ensure cleanliness, and if an anti-reflective (AR) treatment is to be applied, it is done at this stage. The molds are assembled and injected with liquid polymer. The material is then cured in a light chamber, followed by a post-curing chamber, after which your AR Rx lenses are done. The whole process takes 30 to 90 minutes

Optical Dynamics offers a family of premium progressive, bifocal, and single vision lenses that are custom molded to a patient’s exact prescription. These are produced using a variety of progressive lens design molds, and both spherical and aspherical FT28 molds as well as aspheric single vision molds. Another option is atoric back molds for minus lenses to further control curves and distortion for myopes. The company’s proprietary liquid monomer, called clearLIGHT PLUS, is available in a clear form. It also has three photochromic options named sunSMART II grey, sunSMART II brown, and a new extra active sunglass version called ultraSUN II. All the lenses, according to Optical Dynamics, have an impact resistance that meets FDA standards even when cast to a 1.5mm center thickness, work well with drill mounts, and are tintable.

If you’re looking to increase profits, reduce turnaround time, and add in-house lens casting, the Q-2100R may be your answer.

Kenneth N. Johnson is the Optical Manager at Professional Eyecare in Waterford CT.

I Broke a Mold During Lens Production

The Q-2100 Lens system utilizes digital free form crown glass molds during the lens production process.  There is an infrequent possibility that a mold may break during production. Use the following tips to diagnose the reason.

Mold Breakage During the Demolding Process

Possible Cause #1: Mold was directly placed into the soaking solution before one mold was separated from the mold assembly and while still hot. This can cause thermal shock to the mold.

Solution: Demold one of the molds from the mold assembly prior to placing in the Q-Soak solution

Possible Cause #2: Improper technique when using the demolding tool

Solution: The operator needs to pry (not twist) the molds apart with the proper Optical Dynamics demolding tool. If the operator twists the demolding tool the corners of the tool may have stressed the mold to break or chip.

Mold Breakage Inside the Post Cure Chamber

Possible Cause: The mold assembly may not have been processed in a timely manner.

Solution: Ensure that the mold assembly is immediately placed into the Post Cure chamber after the initial does of light in the Main Chamber.

For additional technical support, please call the Bob’s at 800-797-2743 ext. 276 or ext. 283


The Million Dollar Practice’s Keys to Success

Vision Monday, July 21st, 2014

  1. Success ImageLocation, location, location was a recurring theme among million dollar doctors. If your not in a position to purchase a building, be sure to pick a visible, easily accessible location.
  2. Each underscored the importance of a comfortable office.
  3. Hire, train, pay and incentivize people properly.
  4. Stay abreast of current technology. Some even suggest buying a new piece of equipment each year to add to the range of diagnostic services you can offer your patients and others recommend having an in-office laboratory to make glasses on site.
  5. Control your personal overhead.
  6. Don’t try to be all things to all people and don’t try to blame others for your shortcomings
  7. Arrive early, stay late and be a person integrity
  8. Lastly, don’t forget that most practices are built by one referral at a time