How Does My Q-2100™ Compare?

How do i compareHow does my Q-2100 Digital Lens System compare to other in office lens systems?

Your Q-2100™ Digital Lens System with nanoCLEAR™ AR delivers proven free form quality progressives in regular and short corridor, ASV and FT-28, with market vetted design acceptance and AR performance. Your Q-2100 utilizes digitally mastered reusable crown glass molds that allow you to produce premium index clearLIGHT™ lenses, one of three premium sunSMART™ photochromic varieties or five nanoCHROME mirror colors. With an extensive power range of +4.00 to -6.00/-2.50 cylinder and the optimal use of four base curves, your system will produce a wide range of premium lenses that are on power each and every time. With a Q-2100 system, the more lenses you produce the lower your cost per pair when factoring in the equipment cost. Optical Dynamics’ philosophy has always been the on-going material and coating costs must be as low as possible. You invest in the platform and then maximize profits from the low cost lenses you produced. This provides the best possible return on investment.

Your Q-2100 system maximizes your profits by minimizing the number of items that need to be stocked and reordered. If you have monomer, coating and gaskets you can make any power lens in any design. While you can do the majority of lenses in-office, there are times when you need specialty lenses or out of range Rxs. With support from Vision Dynamics Lab for out of range product, you can keep your patients in the same great materials and designs by ordering uncut lenses at market leading prices. We offer this as a value added benefit for all Q-2100 system owners.

For  practices that want to offer a broad range of lenses, materials and coatings, are interested in dramatically reducing costs and understand the value of over a decade of market success and 150 issued worldwide patents, the Q-2100 is the choice for you.

Arlington Eye Physicians, a Team of Ophthalmologists, Believes In Delivering a Premium Product at a Lower Price than Competitors

Steven Bernstein at Arlington Eye Physicians in the Chicago area believes that the senior population he serves belongs in progressives rather than lined bifocals–more often than not.  “The Optical Dynamics 2100 and its AR unit allow me to make patients a premium product in the progressives category and eliminate the lines that interrupt vision.  A progressive is nothing more than a trifocal without lines.”  He averages about 7 or so pairs a day in-house with the tabletop lens production system, which generates about $500,000 a year.  Optical Dynamics offers the only technology that can cut your lab related lens and AR expense by up to 70% immediately.

And, he adds, “Photochromics are another recommended item for everybody that wears glasses.”  His shop has added the ultraSUN sunglass photo and sunSmart brown to its lineup of product.   “I love the new ultraSUN!  They go 3x to 5x darker than other photochromics and any form of anti-glare enhances vision.  It gives us another avenue of something new to offer and this marketplace is so competitive, we’ve got to stay ahead.”  The response?  “People either love ‘em or leave ‘ em, I ask every single patient to try the photochromics.”  The downside, as with all photochromics, remains that behind the wheel they do not get as dark, as if you were outside, since most car windows are tinted, but the new ultraSUN does have moderate activation behind a windshield.

Bernstein says he solved the pricing differential by keeping photochromics and progressives at the same fee structure.  “We offer the patient the better product at the same pricing as a progressive, and this pushes people to try it—you bet.  I’ve thought about charging extra, but the same price gives the option to the patient, and our practice would like our patients to be in the best product for them.”  He has determined that there is still margin, a nice markup, even with this approach.

At least once or twice a day, a patient comes in that has had a real emergency, and needs a new pair of eyeglasses now, he says.  “This is where the Optical Dynamics system really holds value—we’ve got to get these patients into a new pair of glasses in the same day.  I designed my lab myself and it’s like a gourmet kitchen.  One whole wall is the Optical Dynamics product line.”  The entire process allows Optical Dynamics in-house lens production setups to make a complete pair of lenses in as little as 25 minutes. AR lenses in a little over an hour.

Eric Lindquist, National Sales Manager

Vision Dynamics Laboratory National Account Manager Eric Lindquist, introduces Vision Dynamics’ lab services to retail and laboratory locations across the US.

Eric began his optical career as an optician in Rochester New York, deciphering the ins and outs of dispensing and fitting eyewear to patients. During his time in retail, Eric learned first hand the importance of finding a dependable lab with premium products and reliable delivery times. He understands that patient satisfaction and practice profitability are directly related to the quality and cost of the lens products dispensed.

From dispensing optician, Eric took his love of sales to a major frame manufacturer where he worked as a territory manager covering a four sate region. Interacting with Opticians, Optometrists and Ophthalmologists, he grew sales in his territory significantly developing long lasting relationships for repeat business.  Through his years dealing one on one with decision makers, Eric appreciates the value of listening to the client and developing programs to meet their specific needs.

Eric then took his growing abilities to a sales and marketing position for a specialty lens manufacturer managing and implementing new products and sales programs. By monitoring the needs of the industry, he also helped to introduce and brand revolutionary new lens products to the US optical market.

Eric’s comprehensive optical background is an advantage to any retail or laboratory location looking to improve their product offering and bottom line. Let Eric introduce you to Vision Dynamics’ lab services today. 866-837-2020 ext: 383 or

Build an Invested Team

Optometric Management, July 2016 by Rebecca L. Johnson

  • Start with Vision: A good leader has a clear vision and the ability to communicate it to others in a way that they want to be a part of it.
  • Provide Job Descriptions: Most employees want to do a good job. Most often employees perform below our expectations because we have not properly communicated our expectations. Job description
  • Continue to Communicate: Role clarity is the first step in moving your team toward the same goal. In employee reviews and meetings, continue to emphasize the objectives of each employee and how his or her goals contribute to achieving the over-arching vision of the business to keep everyone on track.
  • Achieve Your Goals: Imaging setting a straight path to a destination, but every time you take 50 steps straight, you take one step to the right. Even though you are moving toward the destination, you will miss the mark. It is impossible for an organization to be successful when there isn’t clear alignment between its objectives and what employees spend time doing.

World Renown Bascom Palmer Eye Institute Adds Q-2100 to 4th Location

For the 12th consecutive year — and the 14th time overall – Bascom Palmer Eye Institute at UHealth – the University of Miami Health System has been ranked the nation’s best in ophthalmology by U.S. News & World Report in its 2015-2016 Best Hospitals edition. Every BP Awardyear since the rankings began 25 years ago, Bascom Palmer has been ranked either first or second in the country.

“At Bascom Palmer, the well-being of our patients inspires us to excel in eye care, vision research, education and clinical innovation,” said Eduardo C. Alfonso, M.D., professor and Chairman of Bascom Palmer Eye Institute. “Receiving the No. 1 ranking for 12 consecutive years recognizes the exceptional expertise of Bascom Palmer’s team. Together, Bascom Palmer’s world-class ophthalmologists, vision researchers, nurses, ophthalmic technicians and support staff have one goal — to provide the ultimate in compassion and medical care to patients.”

Bascom Plamer recently expanded the use of the Q-2100 Digital Lens Technology, installing at a 4th optical dispensary, located in Naples, FL. According to the company’s website,the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute at Naples is located near the downtown business district at the intersection of US-41 and Cypress Woods Drive, conveniently close to I-75. Their two-story, 20,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art eye center provides easy accessibility for patients throughout the entire west coast of Florida. Bascom Palmer also has optical dispensaries utilizing the Q-2100 lens system in Miami, Palm Beach Gardens, and Plantation.

3 Tips for Engaging Sales Associates

As shared by CEO Tom Stockham in the August issue of Eycare Business, here are three key ways to engage your sales staff and help them sell more.

happy sales people1. DEFINE YOUR FOCUS: When thinking about helping the customers in your store, determine whether the interactions need to be more about providing technical details or more about recognizing the right customer for each type or brand of product – or both. Then, define that focus for your sales staff. Having the ability to relate to the variety of consumers who walk through the door is what makes a really helpful expert salesperson on the floor.

2. MAKE IT FUN: Make sure you are offering your sales associations an interesting and fun way to engage with your products and your customers.

3. OFFER REWARDS: The biggest deal, really, is defining how you track, manage and reward your sales associates’ engagement. This really needs to be something for which you create accountability.

Have You Added ultraSUN II?

Are you offering the newest photochromic lens options to your patients? ultraSUN™ II sunglass photo is the newest addition to our family of proprietary photochromic lens products. ultraSUN II is available for use with the Q-2100™ Digital Lens System and as uncuts through Vision Dynamics Laboratory.

“With more than twenty years of photochromic development in our lens line, ultraSUN II sunglass photo sets a new standard in outdoor activation,” said John Dippold, President. “Our commitment to the field of photochromic advancement means better performing lenses for our customers,” concluded Dippold.

Many consumers want a true sunglass dark photochromic that works well in warm temperatures. Color consistency throughout the aging process is also important. With a superior activation color outdoors and a slight tint indoors, extra active lenses offer consumers a wider choice of photochromic options.

ultraSUN II“ultraSUN II maintains a truer grey color over the activation/deactivation cycle and is exceptionally sunglass dark when activated.,” said Ralph Ortiz, Sales Manager. “With excellent high temperature performance, ultraSUN II is perfect for those with an active outdoor lifestyle,” shared Ortiz.

“ultraSUN II gives our user family an extra active photochromic lens at a reasonable price,” said Mike Yager, VP Sales. “ultraSUN II maintains darkness longer in changing light conditions and our in-mass technology ensures a consistent photochromic experience for the life of the lens,” summarized Yager.