Eyeland Vision Delights with Design & Delivery Time

Dr. Kerry Holt owner of Eyeland Vision, a Vision Trends member location, purchased the in-office system for his practice in 2010. Jack Rosales, lab manager, has been running the equipment since installation and Ivonne Rocha, Optician, has been dispensing the lenses for more than a year.

EV606 Image“I love the fact that I can get glasses ready for patients fast,” said Jack. “The lenses are great and patients adapt easily to the designs,” he added. According to Jack, “A patient came in complaining about progressives in the past. I told him about how much easier it was to adapt this progressive and the patient acknowledged and bought a pair. The Patient picked up glasses next day and he was very pleased. He has recommended a lot of patients to us. “

EV606 (Ivonne) ImageIvonne shares, “A patient came in with broken glasses. He went to several optical locations but he had to wait about a week to get glasses made with anti glare and photo. He called here and we told him he could have them in an hour and a half. The patient was very happy and will be coming here for his glasses from now on!”

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What Percentage of Rx Work Falls in the Range of my Q-2100?

When Optical Dynamics determined the power range of the Q-2100 Digital Lens system, they studied over a million prescriptions dispensed in the US.

The +4.00 to -6.00 range with cylinders out to a -2.50, and add powers from +1.00 to +3.00, cover approximately 93% of the total Rx range studied.


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Monitor Your Lab Bills & Maximize Usage

The Q-2100 Digital Lens System allows you to produce free-form quality lenses in house at a fraction of the cost when purchased from a traditional lab. Once integrated into your practice, you will see an impressive reduction in outside lab costs. As an practice owner, manager or lab manager, it is important that you take an active role in monitoring production and outside expenditures to ensure that you are utilizing the technology to its fullest potential.

  • Check your lab bill to see what was produced in office and what was purchased from an outside lab. Are you capturing all progressive, photochromic and AR jobs possible? You should maximize production of jobs that fall in the range of the technology. Remember, you are producing digital designed lenses, some of the best in the industry. Promote the premium products you produce in house first.
  • Check your lab bills and compare the cost to producing in house. While you are undoubtedly focusing on the most profitable products, verify what you are paying for custom processed single vision and FT lenses. You may find that it is more cost effective to produce these lenses in house as well.
  • Continue to check your outside lab bills for total dollars spent. As with all new technology, there is a certain level of excitement that is present when first purchased. Usage starts out high as the lens unit is new and fun. Over time, production levels may fall as it becomes part of every day operations. Make sure the enthusiasm for the technology remains strong through incentive plans and monthly goals that reinforce your commitment to in house lens production and practice profitability
  • Are you utilizing Vision Dynamics Lab for out of range and expanded product offerings? Vision Dynamics Lab carries a complete array of Optical Dynamics lens products, including clearLIGHT PLUS, sunSMART grey & brown and ultraSUN. As a Q-2100 owner you receive discounted pricing on all Vision Dynamics Lab products and services. Check against current lab pricing to profit even more.

The key to ongoing success is system utilization. The more you make…the more you’ll make.  Everyone must understand why you chose to integrate digital lens technology into your practice and how to sell clearLIGHT and sunSMART. Your staff is key to maximizing your potential. Educate, reward, monitor and reinforce your team’s commitment to this new lens technology and you will be successful.

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May the Luck of the Irish Be with You!

Saint Patricks Day

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Changing Out Post Cure Lamps

You have received a message on the upper left side of your Post Cure menu screen that reads Service Required Press Help and are notified that its time to change your post cure bulbs.

Step One: Remove the Post Cure face plate/filter panel by pulling if off

Step Two: Slide both hands under the lamps with palms facing up

Step Three: Remove lamps by twisting them 90 degrees to unlock them and then gently pull them from the lamp holders

Step Four: Install new lamps by pushing them into the lamp holders and twisting them to lock them in place.

Step Five: Make sure the new bulbs are securely installed before continuing

Step Six: Snap the Post Cure face plate/filter panel back on

Step Seven: Call Bob Miller ext. 283 or Bob Lossman ext. 276 in our Service Department to walk you through resetting the lamp timers.  800-797-2743

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14-Years Embracing Onsite Lens Production

Accent Eyecare Center logoRoxanne at Accent Eyecare Center in Perry, FL has been working with the Q-2100 for nearly 3 years, although the practice has been utilizing the technology since 1999 with Dr. Michael Walby adding the nanoCLEAR AR unit to his business in 2006. When asked what she likes best about the lens system Roxanne shared, I love working with both machines. The Q-2100 allows me to have two jobs going at the same time with the third job in the AR unit preparing to be made. I can also have the molds pulled for the fourth job. These machines are very practical to getting jobs out quickly.”

AE601 ImageAs one of the first users of the technology Accent Eyecare has long reaped the rewards of onsite lens production. “We have had several patients that have had broken frames and unable to complete their daily tasks, with having the Q-2100 machine, We are able to provide the customer with a great quality lens and get the job completed in the same day,” said Roxanne. “Customers are amazed that they are able to get a lens with AR and photochromics with a one-day turn around. I love being about to provide that type of service to our customers,” she added.

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Top 10 Business Trends for 2015

Eyecare Business January, 2015 by Erin Morgan

  1. Growth that’s here to stay – Optical revenues continue to grow and that’s good for everyone. The GDP growth rate for the US in the 3rd quarter of 2014 was 3.5%
  2. Today’s biggest challenge – 49% of ECPs say healthcare reform is the biggest concern relating to their business today.
  3. Opportunity knocks – 54% of ECPs see primary care opportunities ans an area of growth
  4. Kids – ECPs see pediatrics as having significant growth potential.
  5. Selling online – 78.1 billion is the estimate of US retail e-commerce sales for the 3rd quarter of 2014
  6. Social clubs – Getting social is an excellent way for retailers to promote their business today. Trends
  7. A love for lenses – 67% of ECPs say their patients request certain brands of lenses
  8. Stressing customer service – 67% of ECPs say they are focusing on customer service
  9. Influencing purchases – 39% of ECPs say a doctor recommendation most influences consumer purchases today.
  10. The future’s so bright – Plano and prescription sunglasses are a frame category with growing profit potential to watch in 2015
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Optical Dynamics & Vision Dynamics Lab to Attend VEE

VEE LogoRepresentatives from Optical Dynamics and Vision Dynamics Laboratory are pleased to attend this year’s Vision Expo East Friday March 20through Sunday March 22nd at the Jacob Javits Center in NYC. Although we will not exhibit at the event, team members will be available for onsite appointments should you wish to meet and discuss our Digital Lens Technology and/or Lab Services:

Attendees include:

  • John Dippold, President ext. 285
  • Michael Yager, VP Sales ext. 291
  • Eric Lindquist, National Sales Manager Lab Services
  • Julianne West, Marketing ext. 253

For appointments, please call 800-797-2743

Exhibit hours for the event are as follows:

  • Friday March 20th 9:30am – 6:00pm
  • Saturday March 21st 9:30am – 6:00pm
  • Sunday March 22nd 9:30am – 5:00pm

We look forward to meeting with you at this year’s event!

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Profiles in Dispensing Success, Beckly Vision Center

David Holliday, OD, Practicing Since 1980

In January. 2000 I purchased the Q-2100 Digital Lens System and can honestly say its one of the nicest piece of practice enhancement technology I have seen in my 30 years in the industry. I am extremely impressed with the digital lenses the system produces and so are my patients. Over the past couple years I have personally worn some of the “best” custom made progressive lenses available and the optics of the digital lenses from the Q-2100 are as good, if not better than seen with other lens manufacture’s designs.

In 2005, I added the in office nanoCLEAR AR unit to my system configuration. The possibility of producing AR lenses in house in under 90 minutes was very appealing to us. We needed to improve delivery time and affordability to better compete. I have sold thousands of anti-reflective lenses through my practice and the AR applied with this unit is very durable and easy to clean. The lenses are easily drillable and fit the needs of the majority of patients. By producing digital lenses in office quickly and at a fraction of the cost as from a traditional lab, my practice profitability has increased and my patient satisfaction is greater than ever before.

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Meet the Millenials

Vision Monday Meet the Millennials January 19th, 2014

VM – In order to address any group, especially to sell or market to it, you have to understand it. Figuring out how its members think, behave and react is integral to engaging with it and motivating it to act or buy.

But what do you do when the group you would like to understand and want to appeal to is ginormous in size, has a highly diverse ethnic makeup, spans several life stages, depends on technology like air and almost universally prides itself on its individuality?

74.3 million – or about 23.5% of the  total population of Americans are between the ages of 18 to 34 according the the U.S. Bureau.

Millennial43% – are non-white. That is the highest share of any generation, making it the most racially diverse group in American history. According to Pew, this trend is driven by the large numbers of Hispanic and Asian immigrants who have come in the U.S. in the past 50 years whose U.S. born children are now coming of age. This fact will have a huge impact on the demand for international, Asian and alternative fit eye wear options.

60.1% – of 18 to 34 year olds use some form of vision correction, according to the latest Vision Watch study from the VCA.

$10 trillion – according to Ad Age, that the the amount of money Millennials will spend in their lifetime.

50 million – Millenials are currently working across the nation, comprising a third of the work force today. By 2020, that will grow to half of the work force.


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