Out With the Old, In With the New

Family Vision Clinic in Hobbs, NM, has been providing eyecare to the Southeastern New Mexico and West Texas since 1977. A family owned practice, Drs. Reber and Reber added the Q-2100 and nanoCLEAR AR unit after attending the South West Council of Optometry trade show where the technology was shown.

According to the lab manager, “we no longer use the old, loud surfacing generator to make our  progressive lenses as this outdated way of making them was time consuming and many mistakes could be made.” “Now with theQ-2100 it takes but a few minutes to get the CFL progressive lenses ready for the customer and there are fewer errors as the computer gives us the corrects molds to use,” he added. “The lenses are very accurate and patients are very happy with their lenses and they keep coming back,” he concluded.

When asked what he likes best about the technology the lab manager shared, “What I like best is that as an office, we can now provide the best quality lenses in the shortest amount of time for our patients. The lenses are thin and the clarity is amazing. We recommend the lenses to all our patients.”

Congratulations to Sandy Brown President OAA

Located in Kentucky, Optical Dynamics is pleased to congratulate home state optician Sandy Brown as the newly elected president of the Opticians Association of America (OAA). As shared in Vision Monda, Sandy was a past president of the Opticians Association of Kentucky and the SouthEastern Opticians Conference.

sandy brownShe has also “taken leadership of the Opticianry Collaboration Forum’s communication efforts in order to keep the entire profession of opticianry moving in the same positive direction,” according to an Oct. 6, 2015, announcement from the OAA.

About the election, Brown said, “It is quite an honor for me to serve as president of this wonderful organization. For as long as I can remember, opticianry has been a major part of my life. I hope that I can repay the profession by serving as a president who helps to move our proud profession forward. It is my sincere belief that if the profession can continue to work together and focus on the importance opticians play in the overall eye health system that the sky is the limit to what we can accomplish.”

What to Consider in a Lens

A Look at Lens Materials by Jenean Carlton, ABOC, Eyecare Business

Given all the considerations of lens materials, how do you make a decision about the best lens material for your patients?  First, learn about the patient’s prescription and lifestyle needs and then research data about materials.

Index of Refraction: Index of refraction indicates how readily a lens material will refract a bean of light. The higher the index of refraction, the more the material will bend light rays. The higher the index of refraction, the thinner the lenses can be processed. Plus power lenses are thinner in the center when fabricated and minus lenses are thinner on the edges.

Abbe Value: White light is made up of the visible spectrum of wavelengths from 380nm to 760nm, with each wavelength corresponding to different colors of light. The higher the Abbe value of a material, the less likely it is to have problems with dispersion or chromatic aberration, which is perceived as color fringing or off axis blurring in the lens periphery.

Specific Gravity: Specific gravity is a measurement that determines a lens material’s weight. The lower the density or specific gravity of a material the lighter it will be when fabricated into a lens.

Reflectance: All lenses reflect at least a small percentage of light; some reflect a significant amount depending on the refractive index of the material. The higher the materials refractive index, the greater the percentage of light reflected from the lens surfaces. (END ARTICLE)

At Optical Dynamics, our clearLIGHT plus lens combines the best of all attributes:

  • Thin – High Index
  • Light Weight – 1.20 g/cm3
  • High ABBE Value = 40
  • UVA & UVB Protection
  • Exceeds FDA Standards
  • Drillable
  • Excellent Tint Absorption

nanoCLEAR AR Extended Warranty

Did you know Optical Dynamics offers a full array of extended warranties for your Q-2100 and nanoCLEAR AR units? It is our goal to offer the most comprehensive and value added warranties possible. Warranties that allow you to keep your equipment in tip top shape should you experience a technical issue and warranties that provide a value even if you do not need to use them for service reasons.

The nanoCLEAR AR Extended Warranty & Maintenance Contract Includes the Following Benefits:

  • Repair parts (nanoCLEAR AR, Wash Module, PC and Dispense Stand), labor, ground shipping both ways, and loaner program if available
  • If unit does not need to be serviced during the 1-year warranty period, the purchase of the warranty allows for the return of the nanoCLEAR AR unit and dispensing stand to Optical Dynamics for preventative maintenance, including cleaning, inspection & software upgrades***
  • 50% discount on cast lenses through RTE (+$18 w/AR), during down time due to repair
  • Access to our loaner program if loaner AR unit is available

**   Does not include spin bowls (upper & lower), hepa filters, foam pre-filter for hepa, wash nozzles, wash filter, suction cup seal ring, syringe cap o-ring, plastic deck plate, arm sneeze guard & strobe lamp, consumables, expedited shipment or preventative maintenance on PC or wash module This warranty will be void in its entirety as to any parts or equipment covered hereunder in the event of damage caused by abuse. All repairs necessitated by damages excluded from this warranty will be charged to the customer

***  Includes free software upgrades only; new product software upgrades must be purchased

Eye Center Boutique Opens 8th Optical Franchise

Optical Dynamics is excited to welcome the eighth Eye Center Boutique franchisee to the Q-2100 user family.  The newest location opened in October 2015 at the Mall Palma Real in Humacao.  Also known as “La Perla del Oriente”, (pearl of the orient) and “La Cuidad Gris”, (the grey city) Humaco is situated in the eastern coast of the island with approximately 60,000 residents. ECB629

Each Eye Center Boutique location carries a large array of frames, handbags and accessories for a unique shopping experience. All locations include an in-house lab utilizing the Q-2100 and nanoCLEAR technology for just-in-time delivery of eye wear. The ECB chain focuses on quality eye care with a designer line of frames to fit every budget.

4 Connecting Points

Eyecare Business October, 2015 by Erinn Morgan

Trendwatching.com’s Maxell Luty delivers 4 simple ways to connect with your customers in today’s trend-driven society.

  1. TREND #1 – The Rise of Sympathetic Pricing: While many retailers claim to care about their customer’s needs they still charge high prices. That doesn’t fly in today’s customer-centric world, so now we are witnessing retailers and brands offering dynamic pricing.
  2. TREND #2 – Customization + Immediate Gratification: While customization is still king in the consumer arena, there is a paradigm shift happening with the delivery of custom products. The idea of going onto a website and ordering a custom shoe and waiting for it to arrive is diminishing. The consumer today is just not that Trending Nowpatient.
  3. TREND #3 – Brand Fanatics + Superfans: As consumers get wealthier and become more experienced, “many are beginning to really worship particular brands, which is why we see lines of people outside the Apple store.:
  4. TREND #4 – Point and Know: Today’s consumer also wants immediate gratification when it comes to information, having moved from typing in their queries to asking Siri what song is playing – they want effortless access to information.

Happy Halloween!

At Optical Dynamics, our employees take Halloween seriously!


Hope your team had as much fun as ours did!


Practice with On-Site Lens Production Cuts out Middle-Man

Baron Vision CenterBaron Vision Center located in Decatur, Indiana, offers the largest selection of eyewear in the area and added the Q-2100 Lens System with nanoCLEAR AR to their practice in 2008. The decision to purchase the equipment was based on increased practice profitability while at the same time offering the best possible prices to their patients. As advertised on their website, “Because of our on-site lab we save you money by making your glasses here, in our office, cutting out the middle-man.”

Aubrey HamiltonBaron Vision Center employee Aubry Hamilton visited our offices in Louisville, KY for training. Aubry spent two days with Training Manager, Bob Lossman, reviewing lens production and ongoing system maintenance. Aubry was pleased with the ease of operation and was excited to take her new found production knowledge back to the practice.  At the end  training Aubry was presented with a certificate of completion for her operating competence.

Whether you need glasses, contact lenses or the treatment of a medical eye disorder you can depend on Baron Vision Center to provide you with the eye care you need at a price you can afford. They are providers for most insurance plans (vision and medical) and offer 0% financing up to 2 years with credit approval.