Warranty & Redo White Paper

In an industry warranty and redo white paper, ECPs from all regions of the US were surveyed and asked a series of questions involving the number of lens returns and redos at their practice. According to the paper, an average ECP has annual return and redo rate of 7.4% or 17 pair per month.

Of particular interest was the warranty & redo information collected on anti reflective lenses. As the majority of AR lenses are coated through a vacuum process, the paper gives a good snapshot of how traditional AR coating fares in the marketplace. When asked to detail the mix of lenses returned, 8 of the 17 pair returned included an anti-reflective treatment, an average of 2 pair per week. When asked for the most common “reasons” for remaking lenses, with or without treatments, 33.4% said scratching and 23.0% said AR failure.

Another aspect of the paper was the time and cost of redos. To remake a returned job it took an average of 5 days if the lens included an AR treatment. The average cost to the ECP for the redo with our without treatment was approximately $68.59 per pair or an average of $1,666 per month. A significant impact to the patient in the amount of time for redo and to the practice in dollars.

While the occasional return and redo of all lens types is inevitable, the addition of the Q-2100 with nanoCLEAR AR to your practice can significantly reduce the impact of returns and redos on your business. By producing lenses in house, the remake time is drastically reduced with the ability to provide same day or next day delivery of lenses. Your patient is happier as you responded quickly and efficiently to their remake need. The cost impact is also greatly reduced. With the digital in-office lab you are producing lenses at a fraction of the cost of a traditional lab, and well under the average remake price of $68.51. And if you are remaking lenses for a reason covered under warranty, Optical Dynamics will replace the returned lenses under or warranty program putting the majority of the average warranty and redo cost back on your bottom line.

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Technical Support Specialist, Bob Miller

Optical Dynamics is proud to have as a team member, Robert “Bob” Miller, Technical Support Specialist and 37 year optical industry veteran. Bob’s duties include trouble shooting equipment difficulties, production questions, and in Louisville training of Q-2100 owners from across the globe.

Bob began his early career at Southern Optical in Louisville Kentucky where he apprenticed and was awarded his Optician’s License. Deciphering the ins and outs of dispensing and fitting eyewear to patients, it was during his time in retail that Bob learned the importance of listening to customers and responding to their needs. He understands that customer satisfaction and practice profitability are directly related to the quality of the lens products produced.

From dispensing optician, Bob took his interest in lab work to a regional contact lens facility where he worked directly in manufacturing and technical support. Through his years in production, Bob developed a keen understanding of troubleshooting and the necessity of keeping up with recommended equipment maintenance schedules and cleanliness of the work environment.

In 1996 Bob’s love of people called him back as he took a job with Optical Dynamics Training Department, installing Q-2100 units across the US and around the world. His training duties took him to interesting destinations including Cyprus, England, Italy and Belgium.

In 1999 Bob put his suitcase away (although we make him pull it out every once and awhile) and accepted the in office position of Technical Support Specialist. Bob has spent the last 15 years of his career interacting with customers and assisting with issue resolution. Bob’s patience and experience in almost every aspect of the industry from dispensing to manufacturing is an asset to any Optical Dynamics’ customer needing technical support.

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Meet Our Customers

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Let’s sell more nanoCLEAR AR!

Now that you have added the nanoCLEAR AR unit to your practice, AR sales should steadily increase. Traditional barriers to selling AR such as delivery time and reliability are eliminated with your in office system. According to a member of our user family in Columbus, MS, his AR sales have increased almost 80% with the addition of the nanoCLEAR AR unit.

Start by educating your staff on the benefits of AR coating. Everyone should understand and believe in the new nanoCLEAR AR product.

  • By minimizing surface reflections, AR coating improves vision when dealing with overhead lighting, computer screens and window glare
  • AR lenses are more cosmetically appealing for improved patient appearance
  • Vision during night driving is improved reducing the glare of oncoming headlights
  • AR lenses provide improved visual comfort and reduces eye strain and fatigue

Make sure that all staff member are wearing the nanoCLEAR AR product. This way they can share their own experiences and use their lenses for demonstration when interacting with the patients.

Have literature that shares the AR message. From your on hold message to your POP material, make sure to mention the benefits nanoCLEAR AR provides.

Start the education process during the eye exam. As an Optometrist, your recommendation matters. If you share the importance of the product when in the exam room, the patient will be more likely to add when in the dispensary.

Utilize the above tips and watch your AR sales soar.

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Vision Dynamics Lab Expands Production Capacity

Louisville, Kentucky, December, 2014 – Vision Dynamics Lab, specializing in glass lens surfacing, performance polycarbonate and premium photochromics has expanded the capacity of its production facility with new equipment and the addition of a second shift. The expansion will help the company meet growing demand across all product lines and improve turn around time.

“We are thrilled with increasing demand for our lab services and products,” said John Dippold, President. ”Greater than ever interest had begun to stretch delivery times beyond acceptable limits, adding equipment along with a second shift allows us to accommodate this growth,” added Dippold.

Vision Dynamics has increased surfacing capacity with 3 additional generators, a new layout blocker and 12 additional cylinder machines. They have increased finishing capacity with 3 new tracers and 4 additional edgers. The facility will now run up to 16 hours per day greatly increasing the number of jobs they are able to process and ship.

”This expansion is proof of our commitment to providing the best service levels possible,” commented Mike Yager, VP Sales. “Vision Dynamics will add an array of new products in 2014 and this increased capacity ensures we can meet the needs of our customers,” concluded Yager.

Vision Dynamics’ lens line is available in an array of materials. Their focus on high-volume glass surfacing and finishing ensures a cost-effective solution for all glass lens needs. Their line of pre-tinted polycarbonate allows for custom color matching upon request and the photochromic line includes grey, brown and extra active.

For more information or to place an order, please visit www.visdynlab.com or call our Customer Care line at 888-900-5503. Vision Dynamics Laboratory, a division of Vision Dynamics LLC, specializes in glass lens surfacing, premium photochromics and specialized polycarbonate. Vision Dynamics is an authorized distributor for all major glass lens manufacturers and our lens line is further enhanced with the availability of custom photochromics, pre-tinted polycarbonate, infrared and other specialized lens products.



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Optical Dynamics December Hours

Holiday Hours

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Happy Thanksgiving

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Eye Center Boutique Opens 6th Location

ECB trade adEye Center Boutique is a unique optical retail concept that includes the sale of handbags and accessories along with  just-in-time delivery of prescription eye wear using the Q-2100 Digital Lens System with nanoCLEAR AR. The flagship store opened with the technology at the Carolina Plaza Mall in 2010 and has grown to 6 franchise locations with one additional franchises set to open in early 2015. Locations are currently found in Carolina, Caguas, Bayamon and Durado.

EC627 Julio Martinez and Juan CarrasquilloThe most recent addition to the ECB family, a franchise owned by Mr. Julio Martinez, at the Montehiedra Town Center in San Juan, installed earlier this month. Optical Dynamics welcomes Mr. Martinez and La Manager Juan Carrasquillo to our user community.

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The Million Dollar Practice’s Keys to Success

Vision Monday, July 21st, 2014

  1. Success ImageLocation, location, location was a recurring theme among million dollar doctors. If your not in a position to purchase a building, be sure to pick a visible, easily accessible location.
  2. Each underscored the importance of a comfortable office.
  3. Hire, train, pay and incentivize people properly.
  4. Stay abreast of current technology. Some even suggest buying a new piece of equipment each year to add to the range of diagnostic services you can offer your patients and others recommend having an in-office laboratory to make glasses on site.
  5. Control your personal overhead.
  6. Don’t try to be all things to all people and don’t try to blame others for your shortcomings
  7. Arrive early, stay late and be a person integrity
  8. Lastly, don’t forget that most practices are built by one referral at a time
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I Broke a Mold During Lens Production

The Q-2100 Lens system utilizes digital free form crown glass molds during the lens production process.  There is an infrequent possibility that a mold may break during production. Use the following tips to diagnose the reason.

Mold Breakage During the Demolding Process

Possible Cause #1: Mold was directly placed into the soaking solution before one mold was separated from the mold assembly and while still hot. This can cause thermal shock to the mold.

Solution: Demold one of the molds from the mold assembly prior to placing in the Q-Soak solution

Possible Cause #2: Improper technique when using the demolding tool

Solution: The operator needs to pry (not twist) the molds apart with the proper Optical Dynamics demolding tool. If the operator twists the demolding tool the corners of the tool may have stressed the mold to break or chip.

Mold Breakage Inside the Post Cure Chamber

Possible Cause: The mold assembly may not have been processed in a timely manner.

Solution: Ensure that the mold assembly is immediately placed into the Post Cure chamber after the initial does of light in the Main Chamber.

For additional technical support, please call the Bob’s at 800-797-2743 ext. 276 or ext. 283


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