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Service, Quality and Profitability

Cohen’s Fashion Optical in Garden City, NY has been avidly using the Q-2100 Digital Lens system with nanoCLEAR AR unit since 2007. As one of several Cohen’s locations with the technology, they understand the value of fast service for repeat business.  They also understand the importance of quality and the necessity to improve the bottom line. With the Q-2100, their locations can provide the service speed needed to grow business while keeping production costs inline to increase profitability

Yeniva Marcioch, lab technician at the Garden City location has been making quality lenses with the technology for more than two years. “The Q-2100 makes my job easier because it produces excellent results in processing lenses,” says Marcioch. “Our customers are very satisfied with the lenses we dispense,” she added.

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When Will I Get My Package?

At Optical Dynamics,  our primary method of shipping is UPS* ground service. With a major UPS hub located right down the street at the Louisville International Airport, we can provide quick delivery to most states using traditional ground shipping methods. Orders always go out the following business day after they are received and the majority go out the same day they are received. Expedited service of 2nd day air or overnight is also available upon request. Below is a delivery map detailing the time to your part of the country.

*Most packages shipped to NYC are shipped via FedEx ground for a two day service level.


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Meet Ralph Ortiz, Sales Manager

Ralph started his career in 1983 in a small optical shop assisting customers and working in the lab. Selling eye glasses, tinting, and cutting lenses, Ralph’s interest in optics grew and led to his enrollment in a certified optics program in 1987. While in school, Ralph apprenticed as an optician until 1989.

Upon graduation from his apprenticeship, Ralph took a position with Lenscrafters starting out as lab manager then moving to general manager as a certified optician. Working in the retail store environment, Ralph learned the importance of impeccable customer service and quick turnaround of lenses. His optical career continued as store manager for Sterling Optical.

In 2000, Ralph came to work for Optical Dynamics as a lens consultant, retail trainer and equipment installer. Coming from a retail background, he understood the needs of the independent optical location as related to product quality and delivery time. For nearly six years Ralph traveled the country training optical locations on how to process, sell and dispense their customized lenses.

In 2009, Ralph rejoined the team as a Sales Manager for Optical Dynamics & Vision Dynamics Lab. With his unique background in custom processed lenses and retail training, Ralph is the perfect person to guide labs and retail locations through the maze of available products for improved lab service and business profitability.

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Managing Managed Care

Managed care plans continue to gain ground impacting the way optometric practices do business. Although managed care plans often increase the number of patients through the door, they can be confusing and restrictive.

When choosing to accept a managed care plan, always do your homework. What are the reimbursement rates, can I make lenses on my Q-2100, can I use my lab of choice, how do they impact my second pair sales…are all questions that must be evaluated before you make your acceptance decision. Many times reimbursement rates may not be sufficient to truly cover your time and services. If the insurance plan requires that you use a specific lab, service time and turnaround may be negatively effected, impacting your practice reputation. Second pair fees have typically been a way to generate additional revenue with managed care clients, make sure the new plans don’t impact the pricing structure you have in place. You must really understand the pros and cons before signing up.

It is also important that you evaluate your existing plans with the same criteria. Once your numbers are verified, you should consider dropping those that net the lowest. Focus on seeing patients from the most profitable plans available. Concentrate on providing excellent patient education on the plans they participate in and make sure that have all the details before the exam. Treat them well and then try to up sell to options beyond the plan to provide exemplary care and vision.

Focus on the 2nd pair option when dealing with managed care patients. With your Q-2100 digital lens system you are perfectly positioned to truly capture and make accessible to your patients the 2nd pair choice. Utilize your in office capability to competitively price the additional pair as an affordable and desirable option. Whether a pair of photochromics, sunwear or a spare pair, you can meet their needs and profit from managed care plan acceptance.

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Can I Use Different Chemicals to Clean My Molds and Lenses?

Cleaning chemicalsIt can be tempting to try to save a few pennies by using industrial chemicals or household cleaners to clean molds and lenses. Unfortunately there’s no way to know exactly what’s in a lot of these cleaners or to be sure that you’ll get the same thing twice even if you buy the same product. “Simple” things like denatured alcohol aren’t safe either; there are hundreds of different denaturing chemicals and processes. How these things will affect the casting process and equipment isn’t easy to predict.

Our cleaners use the minimum number of ingredients necessary to get the job done. There are no colorants or scents added. Since we control the formulations, we also ensure that only high-purity components go in them. It’s the only way we can be sure they will be effective while also being friendly to your molds and lenses. If you stick with our cleaners you don’t have to worry about contaminating your molds, affecting the casting process, or damaging your lens coatings.

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New Concept Optical Location Capitalizes on In Office Lens Production

EyeCenter Boutique located in Caguas Puerto Rico is a unique optical retail concept that includes the sale of handbags and shoes along with prescription eyeglasses. As a new optical retailer, owner Fabian Valle wanted the “best optical technology” available. “The simplicity, economy and convenience of the Optical Dynamics equipment is perfect for my business as we can produce a lens in clear or photo with AR in a short amount of time,” shared Valle.

Franchising the boutique concept, two additional locations have opened in Puerto Rico with a fourth location opening in 2014. All locations include the Q-2100 with nanoCLEAR AR for onsite lens fabrication.

“Providing a high quality progressive lens is also a plus,” he added. “Our boutiques are the only optical shops in the area offering the faster service including AR,” concluded Valle.

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Brazilian Distributor to Attend Annual Trade Event

Brazil ShowAs explained on their website, Expo Abióptica is the most attended Brazilian optical event of the season. This Expo presents the largest optical exposure in Latin America and is one of the largest and most representative in the world. This year’s event will be held April 2nd – 5th at the Expo Center North in Sao Paulo.

FWB Optical will again exhibit the Q-2100 Digital Lens System with nanoCLEAR AR. Optical Dynamics official distributor in Brazil, FWB has placed several units throughout the country with additional placements planned in 2014.

If you would like to make an appointment with FWB Optical at this annual event, please visit their website to schedule: We look forward to supporting our distributor at this exhibition.

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Ten Top Business Trends

As shared in the January issue of Eyecare Business, the top ten trends for the optical market are listed below:

  1. GROWTH: Nearly half of eyecare professionals reported that first-half sales for 2013 were up compared with 2012 and more than 58% of respondents expect sales to be up in 2014.
  2. BIGGEST CHALLENGE: ECPs across the country point to healthcare reform as their biggest concern.
  3. PRIMARY CARE OPPORTUNITIES: Primary care opportunities remain a strong growth opportunity.
  4. TendsBUYING INTO EFFICIENCY: Eyecare professionals are ramping up their in-house lab capabilities. Those with in-house labs handle and average of 36 jobs per week and generate an average of nearly $40,000 annually.
  5. SEEKING EDUCATION: 68% of respondents said they would like to know more about the technical aspects of the lenses they dispense.
  6. EYEGLASS BOOM: Eyeglasses are the ultimate opportunity in today’s marketing with a full 60% noting this area is the biggest growth category.
  7. A LEAP FOR LENSES: Today, lenses are an eyecare business’ best friend, with more premium lens options, more technology, and more customer appeal than ever.
  8. LEAVING THE WEB TO WARBY: According to EB’s market trend study, the majority of eyecare professionasl are staying the course, focusing on what they know, birck-and-mortar retail.
  9. SERVICE AS SALVATION: 67% of ECPs say that stressing customer service is, by far, the leading way they are working to overcome business challenges.
  10. THE SWEET SPOT FOR FRAMES: ECPs ar seeing patients buying more less expensive frames to suit their economy battered budget.
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Cynthiana Vision Wins St. Patrick’s Day Lunch!

Lunch WinnerCythinana Vision and Q-2100 Technician Angel Miller were selected as the winners of the St. Patrick’s Day Lunch event sponsored by Optical Dynamics. A self-professed “comic book geek”, animal lover, and artist, Angel donned a tiny St. Paddy’s day hat for the festivities.

Located in Cynthiana, Kentucky, Angel has been the primary operator since the practice purchased the Q-2100 Digital Lens System in 2003.  When asked what she likes best about the technology she shared, “turnaround time for a patient’s order is phenomenal!”

At Cynthina Vision they have a reputation for just in time delivery of eyewear. Angel shared a story about a customer’s experience; “bad weather was coming, and a patient needed to travel out of state. With our onsite system, we were able to get his lenses in a day, and he was able to avoid the snowstorm in his travels.”

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