S. African Distributor Celebrates 19 Years with Company

VME LogoVision Machinery and Equipment (Pty) Ltd (VME) was established in 1995, with the core business being the distribution of Lens Casting Systems from Optical Dynamics, based in Louisville Kentucky, USA. With offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa, 19-years later VME remains an active distributor of Optical Dynamics in Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands. VME imports, warehouses and distributes the Q2100 Lens Casting machine and the NanoClear Anti Reflex Coating machine as well as providing a full range of spare parts and back up service.

In addition to systems placed through the continent including Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Uganda and Nigeria, VME uses the the technology in their own chain of optical locations throughout S. Africa.

We look forward to many more years of successful partnership with Vision Machinery and Equipment.

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Keep Costs Down with Vision Dynamics Lab

Are you utilizing Vision Dynamics Lab for out of range and expanded product offerings? Vision Dynamics Lab carries a complete array of Optical Dynamics lens products, including clearLIGHT PLUS, sunSMART II grey & brown and ultraSUN. As a Q-2100 owner you receive discounted pricing on all Vision Dynamics Lab products and services.

VDL Home PageWith Vision Dynamics Lab you can expand your power range to +6.50 to -10.00 with cylinders out to a -4.00. Keep as many patients as possible in the same great Optical Dynamics products you dispense in house or put them in the newest photochromic products you may not have yet added to your system.

Vision Dynamics Lab carries progressive lens designs with fitting heights to 16mm. Expand your progressive offering to meet the needs of the majority of your patients.

To obtain a 2014 product guide send your request to labservices@opticaldynamics.com


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Proper Sure Seal Application

ONE: Cut lenses to eye size of crib lenses down to remove tacky edges

TWO: To prepare your new Sure Seal tube for application, rotate the handle until you can just see the jelly like coating appear on the top

THREE: Rotate the handle 4 clicks and apply Sure Seal hydrophobic coating to the lens by blotting contents of tube once on front surface. Rotate the handle 4 more clicks and place a blot on the back surface. NOTE: Each application of Sure Seal will require 4 clicks of the handle.

FOUR: Carefully polish the jelly like coating over the entire surface of the lens with a Kimwipe or similar lens tissue until a uniform haze has developed over both the front and back surface. Be sure to recap the Sure Seal tube after use.

FIVE: Place Sure Seal coated lenses in Post Cure annealing oven for 10 minutes.

SIX: Upon completion of the 10 minute annealing cycle, wash the pair of lenses with Q-Soak and an AR cloth under hot running water to remove the excess buffed coating.

SEVEN: Clean lenses with Q-Spray

Note: if at any time you observe your hydrophobic coating to become discolored from its original condition, it should be properly disposed of according to state and local regulations. A new tube should be used at this point. Failure to do so will result in a less than quality product.

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In-Office System Allows for Improved Service

Roxann Vann, lab technician at Accent Eye Care, has been working with the digital lens technology for nearly two years and loves working with both machines. “The Q-2100 allows me to have tow jobs going at the same time with  the third job in the nanoCLEAR AR unit preparing to be made. I can also have the molds pulled for the fourth job,” said Vann. “These machines are very practical to getting jobs out quickly,” Vann added.

When asked to share a customer story, Vann said, “we have had several patients that have had broken frames and are unable to complete their daily tasks, with having the Q-2100 machine we are able to provide the customer with a great quality lens and get the job completed in the same day.” “Customers are amazed that they are able to get a lies with AR and photochromic with a one day turn around,” added Vann. “I love being able to provide this type of service to our customers,” she concluded.

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Lens Troubleshooting

Question: I have a lens that is “speckled”, what can cause this and what can I do?

Possible Causes: Lens was removed from the annealing stages and cooled under running water while too hot. If a lens is cooled under running water while hot, it may have a “speckled” appearance caused by localized differences in the rates of cooling of the lens surface. These speckles can be numerous, irregularly shaped.

Solution: The lenses should be air cooled for several minutes before running water over them. If you have a “speckled” lens, returning it to the annealing oven for 5 to 10 minutes will usually eliminate the issue

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Optical Dynamics & Vision Dynamics Lab to Attend Vision Expo West

Representatives from Optical Dynamics and Vision Dynamics Laboratory are pleased to attend this year’s Vision Expo West Thursday September 18th  through Saturday September 20th.  Although not exhibiting at the  show, representatives will be available for onsite appointments should you wish to meet and discuss our Digital Lens Technology and Lab Services.
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Attendees will include:

  • John Dippold, President Optical Dynamics ext. 285
  • Michael Yager, VP Sales Optical Dynamics ext. 291
  • Eric Lindquist, Account Manager – elindquist@visdynlab.com
  • Julianne West, Director of Sales Admin & Mkt ext. 253

For appointments, please call 800-797-2743

Exhibit hours for the event are as follows:

  • Thursday, September 18th 9:30am – 6:00pm
  • Friday, September 19th 9:30am – 6:00pm
  • Saturday, September 20th 9:30am – 5:00pm

We look forward to meeting with you at this year’s event!

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Welcome Pro-Optix, to Our User Family

James BardOptical Dynamics is pleased to welcome Pro-Optix in Silverdale, WA as one of the newest members of our Q-2100 user family. An professional independent optical location in a mall setting, Pro-Optix offers prescription eyewear at affordable prices. James Bard, Owner, recently added the Q-2100 & nanoCLEAR AR technology to his business to offer just-in-time delivery of quality eyewear. Lower lens cost and practice differentiation were also decision factors. Our retail trainer spent two days onsite with James and his team with the production process.christian louboutin online,ralph lauren polo shirts,louis vuitton uk,michael kors outlet uk,wedding dresses online shop

Welcome to the family Pro-Optix! Pro Optix

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Vision Dynamics Sponsors Wings of Hope Golf Tournament

UHC Child FoundationVision Dynamics is pleased to participate in the Wings of Hope Golf Tournament as a Tee Box sponsor. The Tournament is presented by the United Healthcare Children’s Foundation and is an annual fundraising event. This year’s tournament will be held at the Manor Country Club in Rockville, MD Monday September 8th, 2014.  Mike Yager will be representing the company in the event. Wish him luck!

The UnitedHealthcare Children’s foundation was incorporate in 1999 to improve the lives of children who need financial assistance to cover medical treatment. In 2006, the UnitedHealthcare Children’s foundation was expanded to a11 50 states.  In 2012 UHCCF provided medical grants to 1,366 children worth an estimated $4.1 million.

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From the First Q-2100

Julianne West started her career with Optical Dynamics Corporation in 1999 at the launch of the Q-2100 Digital Lens System. As Client Care Manager, she was privileged to welcome the very first Q customers to the Optical Dynamics family and helped build a company culture committed to exemplary customer support.  During her time in this position, Julianne worked to develop long lasting relationships with clients while providing the foundation necessary for continued success with the technology. Even now, 14-years later, she looks forward to seeing customers who have been part of their user family since the beginning and enjoys welcoming new faces to their team.

As the sale of the technology grew and expanded to international markets, Julianne was promoted to International Sales Coordinator overseeing client relations across the globe. An exciting time for the company and her personally, Optical Dynamics expanded equipment sales into over 30 countries and developed distributorships that remain in place today. It has been an ongoing pleasure for Julianne to represent Optical Dynamics at trade shows in the US and abroad including MIDO, SILMO, ICEE and most recently at Abiooptica in Brazil and IAPO in the Philippines. In this position she enjoyed meeting the unique needs of an international client base and counts many of them as friends, even planning on spending a week on holiday with their South African distributor this coming October.

With the launch of the nanoCLEAR AR unit in 2005, Julianne was promoted to Director of Sales Administration and expanded duties to include marketing and social media development. Managing the placement of trade ads, trade show attendance and website upgrades during a new product launch was a rewarding experience. Social media expansion has been a recent goal with the addition of the Optical Dynamics’ blog and Q-2100 Technician’s club. Julianne’s favorite part of managing the blog is the posting of  customer stories every month. This fun and informative section is a way for existing clients to share their thoughts on the technology and help new clients in their decision making process. Also check out the addition of new professional videos to the Optical Dynamics and Vision Dynamics Lab websites.

Julianne looks forward to continued professional growth for herself and the company.

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Enjoy the Holiday!

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