Profiles in Dispensing Success, Beckly Vision Center

David Holliday, OD, Practicing Since 1980

In January. 2000 I purchased the Q-2100 Digital Lens System and can honestly say its one of the nicest piece of practice enhancement technology I have seen in my 30 years in the industry. I am extremely impressed with the digital lenses the system produces and so are my patients. Over the past couple years I have personally worn some of the “best” custom made progressive lenses available and the optics of the digital lenses from the Q-2100 are as good, if not better than seen with other lens manufacture’s designs.

In 2005, I added the in office nanoCLEAR AR unit to my system configuration. The possibility of producing AR lenses in house in under 90 minutes was very appealing to us. We needed to improve delivery time and affordability to better compete. I have sold thousands of anti-reflective lenses through my practice and the AR applied with this unit is very durable and easy to clean. The lenses are easily drillable and fit the needs of the majority of patients. By producing digital lenses in office quickly and at a fraction of the cost as from a traditional lab, my practice profitability has increased and my patient satisfaction is greater than ever before.

Promote the Products You Produce!

Now that you are processing clearLIGHT plus and sunSMART II digital lenses in-house, its time to promote the products you produce. 

  • Review your product literature…are you talking about the clearLIGHT & sunSMART products?
  • Review your on hold message…are you telling your patients about the new digital lenses you produce direct to their prescription while they wait?
  • Review your employee compensation program…does your internal program encourage your staff to sell the products you produce?
  • Review your staff training program…do all team members know how to present the  new product offering to your patients?
  • Review your target production…have you implemented a target product rate for your in-house lab?

Target product mix on 100 pair of lenses

clearLIGHT PLUS aspheric single vision = 30 pair
clearLIGHT PLUS FT-28 = 5 pair
clearLIGHT PLUS PAL = 25 pair
sunSMART aspheric single vision = 20 pair
sunSMART FT-28 = 5 pair
sunSMART PAL = 15 pair
nanoCLEAR AR = 60 pair

Target:             40% sunSMART photochromic

Target:              80% of multifocal lenses are PAL

Target:              60% with nanoCLEAR AR

Implement the above recommendations and you will see your system usage and practice profitability increase.

Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts of SEO

EyeCare Business May 2017 by Samantha Toth

  1. DO pick quality over quantity. Choose a few keywords that highlight your practice, products, or specialties and create a unique and appealing content for your target audience.
  2. DO optimize your website for mobile.
  3. DO create social media pages and business listings. 
  4. DO keep your target audience in mind. A website that proves to be trustworthy, has a clear message, provides useful information to users, and has a clear contact page will improve SEO.
  5. DO be strategic with your descriptive keywords. Take a moment to think about your patients. Are they searching for “eye appointment near me”? Take these ideas and use them as the descriptive keywords on your website URL’s, titles, and meta titles.
  6. DON’T be like everyone else. Focus on providing a website experience that differs from your competitor in regards to design, content, and photos to alert Goggle that you are unique
  7. DON’T use black hat SEO. Refrain from using duplicate content on your pages and be wary of companies selling SEO tactics like backlinks and directory listings.
  8. DON’T forget call-to-action buttons.
  9. DON’T keyword stuff your content.
  10. DON’T forget to interact with your audience. Actively engage with your fans and Goggle will recognize you as a credible source of good information and boost your search ranking.

Optical Dynamics & Vision Dynamics Lab to Attend Vision Expo West

Representatives from Optical Dynamics and Vision Dynamics Laboratory are pleased to attend this year’s Vision Expo West Thursday September 14th  through Saturday September 16th.  Although not exhibiting at the  show, representatives will be available for onsite appointments should you wish to meet and discuss our Digital Lens Technology and/or Lab Services.

Attendees will include:

  • John Dippold, President Optical Dynamics ext. 285
  • Michael Yager, VP Sales Optical Dynamics ext. 291
  • Eric Lindquist, Account Manager –
  • Julianne West, Director of Sales Admin & Mkt ext. 253

For appointments, please call 800-797-2743

Exhibit hours for the event are as follows:

  • Thursday, September 14th 9:30am – 6:00pm
  • Friday, September 15th 9:30am – 6:00pm
  • Saturday, September 16th 9:30am – 5:00pm

We look forward to meeting with you at this year’s event!

In-House Lens Production Provides Freedom

CV616 ImageCrystal Vision Optical in Saskatchewan Canada, owned by James Hollstein, licensed optician, has been using the Q-2100 Digital Lens System and nanoCLEAR AR since 2006. When asked what he likes best about the technology, he responded “freedom”. “I now have freedom from the big labs for 90% of my lens sales,” he shared. “Most orders are complete same day and my in house lab costs are low enough to compete in any market and still make a profit,” he added.

The onsite lens production also adds a level of service, not readily available at other optical locations in the area. When asked to share a success story, Hollstein detailed, “A man and his wife wanted two pairs of glasses each. They were all progressives. They each wanted sunglasses. They were amazed that all their glasses were ready the next day and they impressed with service we can provide with our Optical Dynamics system.”

Have You Added sunSMART II Brown?

sunSMARTbrown II logo“Optical Dynamics longstanding commitment to photochromic lens development continues with the release of sunSMART II BROWN,” shared John Dippold, President. “The evolution of photo dyes is apparent in the advanced visual performance of our complete photochromic line,” added Dippold.

sunSMART II BROWN  offers consumers a fashionable alternative to traditional grey photochromics. Clear indoors with dark activation outdoors, it is an appealing photochromic choice.  sunSMART photochromics have lasting performance with photo properties built into the lens material.

“sunSMART II BROWN was developed to give our customers a more comfortable photochromic experience said,” Michael Yager, VP Sales. “Our newest photochromic has a more saturated dark caramel color, improved darkness when activated and better high temperature stability,” concluded Yager.

Three Easy Tips to Increase Your Photochromic Lens Sales

sunSMART II Girl indoor outdoor logoCapitalizing on increased photochromic sales can improve both patient satisfaction and your bottom line. According to Vision Care Product News, “the goal of every eyecare professional should be to offer the best products to all patients and photochromic lenses are high on the list of great products to offer”. Whether sold as an everyday lens or as a second pair, you can use the following tips to build your sunSMART II photochromic business.

Tip #1: Is everyone in your practice wearing photochromics? If not, they should be. A personal recommendation from someone wearing the product can go a long way in the sales process. Tell them how much you love your photochromic lenses and how they comfortably adjust to the light both indoors or out and see just how far your testimonial can go.

Tip #2: Are you recommending lenses during the eye exam? If the doctor shares a product recommendation with the patient in the exam room, they will be more likely to act on the suggestion. When the doctor is wearing the product recommended, you are almost assured a sale.

Tip #3: Are you presenting the photochromic option to everyone? Adult, mature adult, teen or child all can benefit from a photochromic lens. Make sure to always ask, “Would you like lenses that are clear indoors and darken when you are in the sun?” Or ask, “Are you concerned about eye health?” Both questions lead directly into the photochromic lens discussion increasing your chance of a sale.