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Strategies for New Hires

Eyecare Business July 2014 By Ginamarie Wells

NFORMAL onboarding consists of employees learning about their new jobs without an organizational plan or written process. It may include job shadowing and knowledge exchange with key employees, mentoring and coaching with managers, and on-the-job training with existing employees.

Hello and welcomeFORMAL onboarding includes a sequence of procedures that take a new employee through the process of learning job tasks and office social norms. Activities can include: Web-based video orientations, e-tutorials, interval training planned so learning occurs at specifically planned junctures, team roundtables, and, finally, field experiences and product training with key vendors.

The most successful onboarding programs have one individual overseeing how the employee navigates the process, and all current employees are included in some of the activities. According to the SHRM, there are four elements that indicate a successful onboarding.

SELF CONFIDENCE in job performance, which effects organizational commitment.

ROLE CLARITY, making sure your new hire understands their role and expectations.

SOCIAL INTEGRATION, when an employee begins to establish healthy working relationships with existing employees.

ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE KNOWLEDGE, an understanding of your practice’s culture and how they fit into it. This is key to a new hire’s ability to support your principles, values, and mission.

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Pearle Vision Franchisee Long Time Advocate

Pearle logo

Pearle Vision Cleveland, TN has been caring for their patients since 1961. With a dedication to providing genuine eye care with eye exams, high quality lenses, and a wide offering of brand name frames, current franchise owner Aaron Wilson has been a long time advocate of in-office lens production.

Pearle 5 StarOne of several Pearle franchise locations utilizing the technology, Mr. Wilson added the Q-2100 to his practice in early 2006 and the nanoCLEAR AR unit later that same year. Providing same or next day delivery of anti-reflective eyewear was a motivating factor in his decision to pursue in-office lens production. The addition of the technology was an important boon to his business and he added a second system configuration to his lab for increased production.

With eye health and wellness as their primary focus, Pearle Vision Cleveland, TN has received many 5 star customer reviews for their business and service.

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Pack Your nanoCLEAR AR Unit Properly for Service

When returning your nanoCLEAR AR unit for service, always remember to follow the packing instructions correctly to prevent damage and unnecessary repairs.

Located in the back of the nanoCLEAR AR unit:

  • Remove power cord
  • Remove network data cable
  • Remove data cable from wash module
  • Remove video PC cable
  • Remove high pressure supply hose
  • Remove drain hose to wash module
  • Remove all chemistry inlet tubing and replace with white caps
  • Remove vacuum inlet
  • Remove monitor from stand
  • Remove monitor stand & push monitor plug down the tube that it is housed in

Located in side your nanoCLEAR AR system:

  • Remove black mold stages
  • Remove wash bowl ring
  • Remove chemistry ring
  • Remove chemistry bowl liner and discard
  • Remove chemistry bowl and clean all chemistry from bowl
  • Remove tips and filters and replace with red caps

Lock motion arm into position to prevent movement. If possible, place the motion arm in the chemistry bowl position and lower the arm. When the motion arm reaches the lowest point press STOP COATING BUTTON. Place bubble warp or packing material on either side of motion arm to prevent movement and install the shipping bracket provided.

Placing nanoCLEAR AR system in the special system box:

  • Place tape or the shrink wrap it came with on the front door panel to prevent door from opening during shipping

  • Gently place nanoCLEAR AR system into box making sure it rests inside the foam cut out inside of box
  • Gently place the top foam insert on top of the nanoCLEAR AR system and push into place
  • Close box and remove any labeling on the outside
  • Tape box closed and place the appropriate shipping labels on the outside

When your system has been boxed up and/or you have any questions, please call Optical Dynamics Technical Support at 8000-587-2743.



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Vision Dynamics Lab, the Glass Lens Specialists!

We Love Glass! Let us be your outsource lab of choice!

Vision Dynamics Lab  has developed a unique expertise in glass lens surfacing. Although no longer the common product dispensed, glass lenses still play an important role in vision correction and VDL is here to fill all your glass lens orders.

If you are an optical lab, sending your glass jobs to us, allows you to focus your resources on more profitable, higher volume product lines. We treat Lab-to-Lab business as a partnership with electronic lab link via Optifacts and Vision Web for:

  • Fast Job Transfers
  • Error Reduction
  • Cost Reduction
  • Late Job Reduction
  • Job Tracking

Authorized Distributor:

A.O. Sola KBCo
Shamir Varliux® Vision Ease
Zeiss X-Cel Lensco

Contact Eric Lindquist to discuss our lab-to-lab glass program today.

p. 801-205-6133 or elindquist@visdynlab.com

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Q-2100 Training Video Now Available Online

Have you lost an operator, hired additional team members or just want a refresher course but want to do it without an onsite trainer?

Call Optical Dynamics to obtain a password to view our Q-2100 w/nanoCLEAR AR training video on vimeo: https://vimeo.com/79437986

Training video

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Optical Dynamics Connects with Customers in Boston

BostonOptical Dynamics was pleased to participate in the Vision Trends annual meeting held in Boston last month.  The event provided an opportunity to present our technology and its benefits to new members as well as connect with existing members who are already valued customers.

Vision Trends member customers we met with at the event included Dr. Michael Toups and Dr. Douglas Inns,  founding members of Vision Trends, Dr. Driscoll, TX, Dr, Shini, TX, Dr. Zilgulis, MI, Dr. Malone, TX,  Dr. Baker & Mr. Pfenninger also from TX. All had very nice things to say about their success and satisfaction with the technology including the quality of the progressive design, the improved service level they can provide and the positive profitability impact to their practice. We thank you for your support and look forwarding to seeing everyone again at next year’s event.

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Trade-In & Trade-Up through Sept. 2014

EB June 2014 Ad

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Like Golf…It’s PGA Championship Week in Lousiville

PGA logoAs most of you may know, Optical Dynamics is centrally located in lovely Louisville, KY. For golf lovers, its an exciting time with the PGA Championship playing in our back yard. The tournament will take place August 4th – 10th at the Jack Nicklaus designed Valhalla Golf Club in eastern Louisville. The course last hosted the Ryder Cup in 2008.  The field of players includes many of golf’s biggest names including McIlroy, Mickelso, Kymer and Woods. The top players will be joined by 20 PGA Club Professionals, who earned berths in the field at Valhalla by finishing in the top 20 at the 2014 PGA Professional National Championship in Myrtle Beach, S.C., in June. Our great city is proud to be the host of this year’s championship.

PGA Course

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Lose the Jargon

By Susan Tarrant, Eyecare Business, May, 2014

IN A RECENT SURVEY BY EYECARE BUSINESS, MORE THAN TWO-THIRDS OF ECPS SAID THEY EXPECT THEIR SALES OF FREE-FORM LENSES TO INCREASE over the next year or so. And nearly half of them expect that increase to be between 11 to 25 percent. Those are great numbers, and are indicative of practitioners’ desire to serve their patients with the best that technology has to offer.

But in order to get in the free-form lens game, you’ve got to get patients on board. How?

TALK BENEFITS. Talk to patients about how free-form lenses can help them see with more clarity than conventional lenses.

JargonDON’T OVERDO. Don’t get into the technical design of the multi-angled, diamond-tipped stylus that can cut hundreds of curves and surface the lens to within a hundredth of a diopter of accuracy and the software that can plot out backside or dual-side designs that compensate an Rx for base curve and position-of-wear. (If you got lost on that sentence, imagine how a patient would feel!).


“Backside surfacing technology, digital design, and free-form processing all mean nothing to the patient. That patient only understands how it will benefit him,” says Jen Cofield, ABOC, training and development coordinator for Signet Armorlite, Inc.

So that’s what you focus on. Need actual language to help you translate the technical into benefits? Here are some suggestions:

USE ANALOGIES. Start with, “Just like televisions and cell phones have advanced, so, too, has the technology behind the lens design” or a similar analogy.

STRESS MEANING. Don’t explain what the technology is, but rather what it means for the patient in front of you. For example:

“From left to right across the lens, you’ll see sharply. You’ll have much less of that squiggly distortion. You won’t have to point your nose to where you’re looking as much. You’ll have more comfortable vision throughout the day. And, it will be completely customized for your prescription and your frame.”

For full article click here.

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