Making the Patient Experience a Priority

Eyecare Business May, 2016, By James Vann, OD

  • What is your benchmark for the patient experience?
    • I want new patients to encounter an eye exam like they have never had before. I want them to realize that may staff and I care about more than just their eyes – we care about the whole person…For my existing patients, I want them to look forward to coming to their eye exam. I want them to feel confident they will always receive the best eye health care possible from us.
  • What does your office focus on to improve the patient experience?Very happy business woman enjoying her success
    • Our number one focus is education. We devote a great deal of effort to explaining everything to our patients in terms that are easy for them to understand…Our other big focus is preventive care. Yes, we treat diseases, but we want our patients to understand what it takes to avoid getting them in the first place.
  • How has that translated to increasing premium lens sales?
    • It’s as simple as this: What’s good for the patient is good for the practice…Prescribe what is best for the patient every single time, its that easy.

From the First Q-2100

Julianne West started her career with Optical Dynamics Corporation in 1999 at the launch of the Q-2100 Digital Lens System. As Client Care Manager, she was privileged to welcome the very first Q customers to the Optical Dynamics family and helped build a company culture committed to exemplary customer support.  During her time in this position, Julianne worked to develop long lasting relationships with clients while providing the foundation necessary for continued success with the technology. Even now, 16-years later, she looks forward to seeing customers who have been part of their user family since the beginning and enjoys welcoming new faces to their team.

As the sale of the technology grew and expanded to international markets, Julianne was promoted to International Sales Coordinator overseeing client relations across the globe. An exciting time for the company and her personally, Optical Dynamics expanded equipment sales to over 30 countries and developed distributorships that remain in place today. It has been an ongoing pleasure for Julianne to represent Optical Dynamics at trade shows in the US and abroad including MIDO, SILMO, ICEE and most recently at Abiooptica in Brazil and IAPO in the Philippines. In this position she enjoyed meeting the unique needs of an international client base and counts many of them as friends.

With the launch of the nanoCLEAR AR unit in 2005, Julianne was promoted to Director of Sales Administration and expanded duties to include marketing and social media development. Social media expansion has been a recent goal with the addition of a new website and the Optical Dynamics’ blog. Julianne’s favorite part of managing the blog is the posting of  customer stories every month. This fun and informative section is a way for existing clients to share their thoughts on the technology and help new clients in their decision making process.

Julianne looks forward to continued professional growth for herself and the company.

Proper Sure Seal Application

ONE: Cut lenses to eye size of crib lenses down to remove tacky edges

TWO: To prepare your new Sure Seal tube for application, rotate the handle until you can just see the jelly like coating appear on the top

THREE: Rotate the handle 4 clicks and apply Sure Seal hydrophobic coating to the lens by blotting contents of tube once on front surface. Rotate the handle 4 more clicks and place a blot on the back surface. NOTE: Each application of Sure Seal will require 4 clicks of the handle.

FOUR: Carefully polish the jelly like coating over the entire surface of the lens with a Kimwipe or similar lens tissue until a uniform haze has developed over both the front and back surface. Be sure to recap the Sure Seal tube after use.

FIVE: Place Sure Seal coated lenses in Post Cure annealing oven for 10 minutes.

SIX: Upon completion of the 10 minute annealing cycle, wash the pair of lenses with Q-Soak and an AR cloth under hot running water to remove the excess buffed coating.

SEVEN: Clean lenses with Q-Spray

Note: if at any time you observe your hydrophobic coating to become discolored from its original condition, it should be properly disposed of. A new tube should be used at this point. Failure to do so will result in a less than quality product.

OptoDynamiX Lab Opens in Davao City

Optical Dynamics is pleased to welcome OptoDynamiX Lab to the the Q-2100 user family! Located in Davao City Philippines, OptoDynamiX now provides just-in-time delivery of eyeglasses.

optodynamix lab 1

Distributor Dr. Gina Acla helped inaugurate the event with a ribbon cutting ceremony and group training session. Congratulations OptoDynamiX!

optodynamix lab 2

VDL Adds 1.67 permaTINT

Louisville, Kentucky, June, 2016 — Vision Dynamics is pleased to launch an expanded line of pre-tinted semi-finished single vision lens blanks to include 1.67, available in 2, 4, 6, and 8 base.

permaTINTlogoOur pre-tinted line of 1.67 and polycarbonate SFSV lens blanks for sport, computer, and driving prescriptions integrate easily in conventional and digital surfacing lines. Our proprietary colorization process applies a uniform density layer on the front surface of the blank and includes a hard coat. Surfacing does not affect the color layer so the finished lens has consistent edge-to-edge color performance.

“Tinting 1.67 and poly lens blanks has always been a difficult process for optical labs,” shares John Dippold, President. “With permaTINT, we eliminate the production issues associated with tinting in a traditional dye tank. This includes blotching, inconsistencies from hard coat variations and light or dark centers. Labs experience a reduction in overall breakage and improve service time by not losing the lens in the final step of the production process,” added Dippold.

The 1.67 permaTINT product is available in three standard color options, grey C, brown C and green-grey 15. The polycarbonate permaTINT product is additionally available in orange, blue, rose, and yellow. Custom color matching services are available for unique products. With fixed color density across the complete Rx range, permaTINT lenses are ideal for processing free-form progressives.

“Adding pre-tinted permTINT saves time, simplifies workflow and improves service,” said Eric Lindquist, National Account Manager. “It is a great product solution for solving a universal problem,” concluded Lindquist.

For more information or to place an order, please visit or call our Customer Care line at 888-900-5503.

Pack Your nanoCLEAR AR Unit Properly for Service

When returning your nanoCLEAR AR unit for service, always remember to follow the packing instructions correctly to prevent damage and unnecessary repairs.

Located in the back of the nanoCLEAR AR unit:

  • Remove power cord
  • Remove network data cable
  • Remove data cable from wash module
  • Remove video PC cable
  • Remove high pressure supply hose
  • Remove drain hose to wash module
  • Remove all chemistry inlet tubing and replace with white caps
  • Remove vacuum inlet
  • Remove monitor from stand
  • Remove monitor stand & push monitor plug down the tube that it is housed in

Located in side your nanoCLEAR AR system:

  • Remove black mold stages
  • Remove wash bowl ring
  • Remove chemistry ring
  • Remove chemistry bowl liner and discard
  • Remove chemistry bowl and clean all chemistry from bowl
  • Remove tips and filters and replace with red caps

Lock motion arm into position to prevent movement. If possible, place the motion arm in the chemistry bowl position and lower the arm. When the motion arm reaches the lowest point press STOP COATING BUTTON. Place bubble warp or packing material on either side of motion arm to prevent movement and install the shipping bracket provided.

Placing nanoCLEAR AR system in the special system box:

  • Place tape or the shrink wrap it came with on the front door panel to prevent door from opening during shipping

  • Gently place nanoCLEAR AR system into box making sure it rests inside the foam cut out inside of box
  • Gently place the top foam insert on top of the nanoCLEAR AR system and push into place
  • Close box and remove any labeling on the outside
  • Tape box closed and place the appropriate shipping labels on the outside

When your system has been boxed up and/or you have any questions, please call Optical Dynamics Technical Support at 8000-587-2743.



Same Day Service for Tourist Town

Margaret & Matt Coffen, Opticians and Owners of Minocqua Optical, will personally process your prescription eyewear with their Q-2100 Digital Lens System. As shared on their site, they are a small operation that takes pride in every pair of eyewear sold. With 15+ years experience in optical they are knowledgeable in all areas of prescription eyewear.

Q-2100 owner since 2011 and a new nanoCLEAR AR owner in 2012, Margaret takes advantage of all the benefits of in-office lens production. Located in a tourist destination, the spring and summer months are of utmost importance to her business. “Being able to produce in house progressives is huge,” said Coffen. “It keeps us in business during the busy tourist months,” she added. She is the only person in town that can provide same day Rx lenses and advertises the capability.

Understanding the Service Help Screen on your Q-2100: Codes 04, 05, 06

Each line in the menu is designed to display problems for specific machine functions. When the machine cannot accomplish a function it will indicate SERVICE on that particular line.

04 Filament Heat Power

Cause: At lease one of the lamp filaments is not receiving continuous power. The filaments help the bulbs to light up.

Response: (1) Follow the instructions given by the machine. (2) For any further information or if parts need to be ordered call Optical Dynamics Technical Support for further information 800-587-2743.

05 Lamp On Time

Cause: The effective life of a set of lamps has been exceeded.

Response: (1) Follow the instructions given by the machine. (2) For any further information or if parts need to be ordered call Optical Dynamics Technical Support 800-587-2743.

06 Post Cure Heaters

Cause: At lease one of the Post Cure heaters is not receiving power.

Response: (1) Follow the instructions given by the machine. (2) For any further information or if parts need to be ordered call Optical Dynamics 800-587-2743.