How to Replace Suction Rings in your nanoCLEAR AR Unit

Click on link for video footage on how to replace the suction rings in your nanoCLEAR AR unit.


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Have You Added sunSMART II Brown?

sunSMARTbrown II logo“Optical Dynamics longstanding commitment to photochromic lens development continues with the release of sunSMART II BROWN,” shared John Dippold, President. “The evolution of photo dyes is apparent in the advanced visual performance of our complete photochromic line,” added Dippold.

sunSMART II BROWN  offers consumers a fashionable alternative to traditional grey photochromics. Clear indoors with dark activation outdoors, it is an appealing photochromic choice.  sunSMART photochromics have lasting performance with photo properties built into the lens material.

“sunSMART II BROWN was developed to give our customers a more comfortable photochromic experience said,” Michael Yager, VP Sales. “Our newest photochromic has a more saturated dark caramel color, improved darkness when activated and better high temperature stability,” concluded Yager.

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In-House Lens Production Provides Freedom

CV616 ImageCrystal Vision Optical in Saskatchewan Canada, owned by James Hollstein, licensed optician, added the Q-2100 Digital Lens System and nanoCLEAR AR in 2006. When asked what he liked best about the technology, he responded “freedom”. “I now have freedom from the big labs for 90% of my lens sales,” he shared. “Most orders are complete same day and my in house lab costs are low enough to compete in any market and still make a profit,” he added.

The onsite lens production also adds a level of service, not readily available at other optical locations in the area. When asked to share a success story, Hollstein detailed, “A man and his wife wanted two pairs of glasses each. They were all progressives. They each wanted sunglasses. They were amazed that all their glasses were ready the next day and they impressed with service we can provide with our Optical Dynamics system.”

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Turn Your Staff into Marketers

Rebecca Jonhson, Optometric Management

MarketingMarketing is more than communicating the value of a product and making a sale. It is about building relationships that result in trust and increased business. Creating a patient-centered experience with a feeling of community is the best marketing tool to ensure a loyal following of patients who enthusiastically refer friends and family.

Let’s take a look at some role-based marketing opportunities.

Appointment scheduler – MARKETING MESSAGE:
“You made the right decision.” The solution is to regularly schedule time with your employees to discuss the uniqueness and mission of your practice. Make sure employees can list reasons a perspective patient would receive value by choosing your practice.

Front desk receptionist – MARKETING MESSAGE:
“You had me at hello.” Keeping personal notes in the patient’s file reminds the receptionist to celebrate the patient. For instance, “Mrs. Parker, I saw that Jason got a baseball scholarship at Georgia Tech. I bet you are proud.”

“You are in good hands.” A pre-test script increases the confidence of the technician in discussing technology.

“You received quality and value.” Reassuring the patient of the quality and value of the products you provide fosters patient referrals, great reviews and satisfied patients. The optician should follow-up with the patient within two weeks of the purchase to ensure the patient is satisfied with his/her new eyewear.

Checkout/biller – MARKETING MESSAGE:
“You are welcome back.” The checkout experience should be compared with the grand finale at a fireworks’ display, not a sterile discussion of insurance and out-of-pocket expenses. Look to delight your patient with this last impression. For example, a vase of fresh flowers on the desk and an offer of a Hershey’s Kiss or a York Peppermint Pattie can create the perfect ending. Also, attach a “Like Us on Facebook” postcard to the appointment card.

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Made In the USA

Made in USA

At Optical Dynamics all Q-2100 and nanoCLEAR AR equipment is assembled, tested and shipped direct from Louisville Kentucky. We manufacture all lens materials and coatings onsite. Our R&D team develops and blends all photochromics in-house.  At Optical Dynamics we are proud to be a made in the USA company.

As a Q-2100 Digital Lens System owner you are producing lenses in the USA, made with products manufactured in the USA, while providing your operator with employment in the USA. Lens products made in the USA differentiates you from most other practices in your area, so share the news. This is a great message and your patients should know it!

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How to Pack Your nanoCLEAR AR Unit

Clink on link for video footage on how to pack your nanoCLEAR AR unit for service or relocation.

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Marci Robinson Moves to Accounts Receivable

AccountingWe are pleased to announce the transfer of Marci Robinson from Customer Care Specialist to Accounts Receivable Specialist. Effective July 1st, Marci will replace Karen who is excited to pursue other opportunities after 10 years with Vision Dynamics and we wish Karen all the best in her future endeavors.

Marci is looking forward to continuing the customer relationships she has developed in customer care in her new role in accounting. Marci will be the voice on the phone or the person on the other side of the email whenever you have an accounting need.

Marci spent part of her career in the accounting field and is enthusiastic about transitioning into her new role.

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Serve Customers Better with the Q-2100 Digital Lens System

Steve B., optician and Q-2100 user in Arlington Heights, IL, recently shared two stories of how the technology keeps his customers coming back.

Arlington Eye Building“A patient came back to our offices after taking his prescription to LensCrafters and asked how much progressive lenses with anti glare and photochromic would cost and how long it would take to get them. Well, not only was the patient shocked by our practice saving him over $200.00 on his pair of lenses due to our in-house manufacturing, he had his lenses in 2 hours instead of one to two weeks. I now have a patient for life.”

“I told a patient their sunSMART photo lenses with reflective free glare protection would be ready for them in a couple of hours. They said jokingly, OK, we will see you in a couple of weeks. When I called them that afternoon and said come on in and get your new glasses, they said they were never going back to their old time optical location, they just were beyond words. Another patient for life!”

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Celebrate Our Independence!

4th of July“Fourscore and seven years ago, our fathers brought fourth on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.” Abraham Lincoln”Those who won our independence believed liberty to be the secret of happiness and courage to be the secret of liberty.” Louis. D Brandeis

“Where liberty dwells, there is my country.” Benjamin Franklin

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Vision Dynamics Lab, Largest Glass Lens Processor in US

Louisville, Kentucky, June 2015 — Vision Dynamics Laboratory, the glass lens specialist, is  the largest independent glass lens processor in the United States.  Running over 500 glass jobs per day, our focus on high volume glass surfacing and finishing ensures our products are a cost effective solution for labs looking to direct their resources to materials with greater demand.

Vision Dynamics’ dedication to glass lens production allows improved world wide sourcing of glass lens blanks and low prices on all major brands. Our lab maintains a large inventory in an array of products. Even specialty, X-ray and industrial glass are no problem for our licensed and certified technicians.

“Our lab’s level of glass expertise and volume of work allow for economies of scale that in most cases make it more profitable for an average lab to outsource its glass work to us than to maintain internal glass capabilities,” said John Dippold, VP of Operations. “Our commitment to the category keeps us at the top of our game and our customers are very complimentary of our products,” added Dippold.

Vision Dynamics treats lab to lab business as a partnership. We utilize electronic lab links to process jobs quickly and accurately for enhanced lab service. Located in Louisville, KY near the main UPS shipping hub, prompt delivery time of your order is further assured. Vision Dynamics’ team strives for excellence in customer service, high quality product, and prompt delivery of goods.

“Feedback from our customers on the service level and quality of our products has been outstanding,” shared Eric Lindquist, National Sales Manager. “Processing glass can be difficult, we offer an excellent solution for our customers and they appreciate it,” concluded Lindquist.

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