Celebrate Our Independence!

4th of July“Fourscore and seven years ago, our fathers brought fourth on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.” Abraham Lincoln”Those who won our independence believed liberty to be the secret of happiness and courage to be the secret of liberty.” Louis. D Brandeis

“Where liberty dwells, there is my country.” Benjamin Franklin

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Vision Dynamics Lab, Largest Glass Lens Processor in US

Louisville, Kentucky, June 2015 — Vision Dynamics Laboratory, the glass lens specialist, is  the largest independent glass lens processor in the United States.  Running over 500 glass jobs per day, our focus on high volume glass surfacing and finishing ensures our products are a cost effective solution for labs looking to direct their resources to materials with greater demand.

Vision Dynamics’ dedication to glass lens production allows improved world wide sourcing of glass lens blanks and low prices on all major brands. Our lab maintains a large inventory in an array of products. Even specialty, X-ray and industrial glass are no problem for our licensed and certified technicians.

“Our lab’s level of glass expertise and volume of work allow for economies of scale that in most cases make it more profitable for an average lab to outsource its glass work to us than to maintain internal glass capabilities,” said John Dippold, VP of Operations. “Our commitment to the category keeps us at the top of our game and our customers are very complimentary of our products,” added Dippold.

Vision Dynamics treats lab to lab business as a partnership. We utilize electronic lab links to process jobs quickly and accurately for enhanced lab service. Located in Louisville, KY near the main UPS shipping hub, prompt delivery time of your order is further assured. Vision Dynamics’ team strives for excellence in customer service, high quality product, and prompt delivery of goods.

“Feedback from our customers on the service level and quality of our products has been outstanding,” shared Eric Lindquist, National Sales Manager. “Processing glass can be difficult, we offer an excellent solution for our customers and they appreciate it,” concluded Lindquist.

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Dispensing Glass

Did you know Optical Dynamics’ partner lab Vision Dynamics Laboratory is the largest independent glass lens processor in the U.S.?

Read a Q&A on dispensing glass as shared in Eyecare Business

Question: Are there restrictions on using glass lenses?

Answer: In general, most people benefit from the superior visual clarity provided by glass lenses. In higher prescriptions, the dispense and customer must manage the frame dimensions. Glass lenses are usually contra-indicated for children, those patients participating in high-impact activities or anyone who has limited vision in one eye. Mike Yager, Vision Dynamics Lab.

Question: Does dispensing glass lenses present any particular challenges in fitting or processing?

Answer: Processing glass lenses presents some interesting challenges for labs. As a glass lens processor yo must have specific equipment dedicated to only processing glass. The lab mus also have people experienced in processing glass which is quite different than plastic. Each index has its own characteristics and nuances including how lenses are chem-hardened at the end of the process. Because of this only a handful of labs are comfortable or skilled in processing glass. Mike Yager, Vision Dynamics Lab


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15 Years Later It’s Still a Key to Success

Family Vision Center in Virginia Beach, VA was one of the very first locations to purchase the Q-2100 Digital Lens System at its launch in 1999. They upgraded with new mold designs and the nanoCLEAR AR unit in 2006 and continue to use the technology daily more than 15 years later. This is a true testament to the quality of the equipment and the lens products produced.

MA602 ImageCheryl has been working with the technology for over 10 years. “It helps make a lot of extra profit,” she said. “I would guess it’s a key factor in the success of our optical shop even in an age of vision insurance discounts,” Cheryl added. “Our customers tell us all the time how happy they are with the fast service and great products we are able to provide thanks to our Optical Dynamics in-office equipment,” she concluded.

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To All Our Dads…

Happy Fathers Day

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Protect Your Investment with the Q-2100 Extended Warranty & Recertification Programs

Q-2100R Extended Warranty/Maintenance Contract*

  • Includes parts, labor, ground shipping and loaner program (Main and/or Post)
  • If unit does not need to be serviced during the 1-year period, the extended warranty allows for the return of the Main and Post units to Optical Dynamics for preventative maintenance, including cleaning and inspection
  • 50% discount on cast lenses through RTE (+$18 w/AR), during down time due to repair

Q-2100R Recertification Program* Extended Warranty

  • Return the Q2100R (Main and Post) to Optical Dynamics and we will recertify the equipment; includes replacement of lamps and filters and ensures the machine is in proper working order
  • Includes a 1-year extended warranty on parts, labor and ground shipping.
  • 50% discount on cast lenses through RTE (+$18 w/AR), during down time due to repair
  • Loaner program may be purchased at a discounted price

*     Does not include hepa filter, spin bowls, germicidal lamps, actinic lamps, post cure lamps, main logo panels, post logo panels, consumables or expedited shipment. This warranty will be void in its entirety as to any parts or equipment covered hereunder in the event of damage caused by abuse. All repairs necessitated by damages excluded from this warranty will be charged to the customer

**    Does not include spin bowls (upper & lower), hepa filters, foam pre-filter for hepa, wash nozzles, wash filter, suction cup seal ring, syringe cap o-ring, plastic deck plate, arm sneeze guard & strobe lamp, consumables, expedited shipment or preventative maintenance on PC or wash module This warranty will be void in its entirety as to any parts or equipment covered hereunder in the event of damage caused by abuse. All repairs necessitated by damages excluded from this warranty will be charged to the customer

***    Includes free software upgrades only; new product software upgrades must be purchased

Call 800-797-2743 for more information


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What Free-Form Is

free formAt Optical Dynamics, we use digital free-from molds to produce customized lenses with improved optics and enhanced visual clarity. As published in Eyecare Business, the following six points are key to understanding the free-form process.

  1. The main difference between digital and traditional surfacing is digital surfacing’s ability to produce more complex surfaces with extreme accuracy.
  2. Digital surfacing can be used to create simple single vision or complex progressive surfaces. The ability of the lens to provide visual comfort and performance is determined by the quality of the design.
  3. Digital surfacing is referred to as direct-to-surface, CNC and free-from. All refer to basically the same process.
  4. The most significant variable involves the process used to calculate the design. Digital surfacing processes require significantly more calibration and control compared to traditional surfacing.
  5. There are to inherent benefits common to nearly all digitally surfaced PALS: reduction of marginal astigmatism and reduction of “rounding errors”.
  6. Remember: all lenses that bend light will have aberrations and spherical surfaces create aberration. Its a matter of how those aberrations are managed that provides a unique benefit to the wearer.
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Remember to Always Complete the Annealing Process

Annealing is an integral step in production and should always be completed.  The procedure relieves the stress from the lens necessary to reach its final power.  Annealing is also an important part of the nanoCLEAR AR process, helping to strengthen the AR and to finalize the hydrophic top coat application.

After demolding the lens must be cleaned to remove monomer residue and flashing. If not cleaned properly, the residue may harden on the surface of the lens during annealing leaving a permanent defect. To produce a tack free, easily cleaned edge, we recommend the use of a handstone or the cribbing of the lens on an edger. Spray Q-Spray on the edged lens and thoroughly clean it before continuing. Dry the lens with a lint free cloth.

Place the newly demolded and cleaned lenses into the anneal positions (the back two positions in the drawer of the post cure chamber) and press the ANNEAL button. Rotate the knob to scroll through multiple jobs (if they are available for annealing) and press the ANNEAL button when the proper job is displayed. Press ANNEAL again to start the timed annealing cycle. The end-of-cycle tone will sound when the process is complete. Press the ANNEAL button  to stop the tone. Remove the lenses from the post cure drawer and place them in the job tray. Allow the lenses to cool to room temperature before edging and insertion.

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Service, Quality and Profitability

Cohens NYCCohen’s Fashion Optical with over 20 locations in and around NYC, has been avidly using the Q-2100 Digital Lens system with nanoCLEAR AR since 2007 and understand the value of fast service for repeat business.  They also understand the importance of quality and the necessity to improve the bottom line. With the Q-2100, their locations can provide the service speed needed to grow business while keeping production costs inline to increase profitability.

Yeniva Marcioch, lab technician at the Garden City location has been making quality lenses with the technology for more than three years. “The Q-2100 makes my job easier because it produces excellent results in processing lenses,” says Marcioch. “Our customers are very satisfied with the lenses we dispense,” she added.

Cohens NYC InsideDuring a recent trip to Vision Expo, we visited a few of the Cohen’s locations including their newest concept location on West 34th Street near Penn Station. This beautiful new venue with sleek lines and modern displays is sure to be a hit with stylish NYC consumers.

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colorMAG Shooting Lenses from Vision Dynamics Lab

Rx sport lenses

With Vision Dynamics shooting lenses, the available energy to the eye is amplified in the red-orange range of the light spectrum for increased contrast between the target and the background.

This custom processed lens improves the wearer’s ability to see red-orange targets without affecting how they see surrounding colors. colorMAG lenses are perfect for sportmen who want the greatest advantage when sighting targets.

1.586 Index Poly


Base Curve


ANSI Z87.1


Semi-finished Single Vision

ANSI Z87.1

2,4, and 6

Uncut Single Vision

ANSI Z87.1

2,4 and 6

Uncut Progressive

ANSI Z87.1

2,4 and 6

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