Same Day Service for Tourist Town

Margaret & Matt Coffen, Opticians and Owners of Minocqua Optical, will personally process your prescription eyewear with their Q-2100 Digital Lens System. As shared on their site, they are a small operation that takes pride in every pair of eyewear sold. With 15+ years experience in optical they are knowledgeable in all areas of prescription eyewear.

Q-2100 owner since 2011 and a new nanoCLEAR AR owner in 2012, Margaret takes advantage of all the benefits of in-office lens production. Located in a tourist destination, the spring and summer months are of utmost importance to her business. “Being able to produce in house progressives is huge,” said Coffen. “It keeps us in business during the busy tourist months,” she added. She is the only person in town that can provide same day Rx lenses and advertises the capability.

Understanding the Service Help Screen on your Q-2100: Codes 04, 05, 06

Each line in the menu is designed to display problems for specific machine functions. When the machine cannot accomplish a function it will indicate SERVICE on that particular line.

04 Filament Heat Power

Cause: At lease one of the lamp filaments is not receiving continuous power. The filaments help the bulbs to light up.

Response: (1) Follow the instructions given by the machine. (2) For any further information or if parts need to be ordered call Optical Dynamics Technical Support for further information 800-587-2743.

05 Lamp On Time

Cause: The effective life of a set of lamps has been exceeded.

Response: (1) Follow the instructions given by the machine. (2) For any further information or if parts need to be ordered call Optical Dynamics Technical Support 800-587-2743.

06 Post Cure Heaters

Cause: At lease one of the Post Cure heaters is not receiving power.

Response: (1) Follow the instructions given by the machine. (2) For any further information or if parts need to be ordered call Optical Dynamics 800-587-2743.

Stats, The Millennial Market

Eyecare Business February 2016

  • Millennial with screen67% of people in their 30’s who spend five or more hours each day on digital devices
  • 92% of millennials who use a secondary screen while watching the TV screen (for 3/4 of them, its a smartphone)
  • 57% of people in their 20’s use two or more digital devices simultaneously
  • 73% of adults under 30 have the highest rates of digital eye strain symptoms. This mammoth stat is no surprise given how much of a millennial’s day is spent with their eyes fixated on a computer, tablet or screen.
  • Millennials watch 3x as much TV online as do older viewers, millennials also like to binge-watch TV shows, often on a computer.


Why Add In-Office AR to Your Practice?

Presenting an AR option to your patients is more important than ever with AR coating applied to nearly 30% of all lenses sold. In a survey by the Vision Council of America, 60% of all eyewear consumers have a desire to purchase an AR lens but many consumers are not even offered the choice. According to 20/20 Magazine, “improvements have reached a point where AR is not just a “nice to have” but many consider AR a necessity. Sure wearers can live without it, buy why should they?”

The patient benefits of AR coating are undeniable. By minimizing surface reflections AR coating improves vision when dealing with overhead lighting, computer screens and window glare. Vision during night driving is also improved reducing the glare of oncoming headlights. AR lenses are more cosmetically appealing for improved patient appearance. Not offering an AR option is a missed opportunity to improve patient satisfaction and even more importantly, a missed opportunity to grow your practice profitability.

Past barriers to providing an AR option such as quality, delivery time and cost, are eliminated with the in-office nanoCLEAR AR unit. Designed for use with the Q-2100 Digital Lens System, the nanoCLEAR AR unit processes lenses that are anti-reflective with a hydrophobic/oleophobic top coat in under 90-minutes. Using nano particle technology, our breakthrough design is a small table top system that easily installs in most offices. It is clean quite and automated for easy operator integration. Priced about the same as an edger, the nanoCLEAR AR unit is an affordable and profitable addition to any practice.

For Your Patients: For Your Practice:
Clearer, sharper, vision More AR sales for more revenue
Durable, long lasting performance Reduced lab bills for more profit
Easy-to-clean surfaces Quicker delivery for more repeat business
Fast same-day service if necessary Improved quality for high patient satisfaction

Patients Appreciate Fast Delivery

Mary Sheedy is an Optican at Ortiz Eye Associates in Morris, IL and has been dispensing eyewear processed with the Q-2100 Digital Lens System for over seven years. “I like that we make our own lenses in house, it saves the practice money on ordering out jobs and the fast turn around time for the patients is great,” shared Mary.

With the recent addition of the newest products to their practice, Mary now offers sunSMART II grey, sunSMART II brown and ultraSUN along with nanoCLEAR AR, mirrors and dual sided hardcoat. “The patients really like the lens quality and appreciate our in-office lens capability,” added Mary.

Inventory Managment is Easy with the Q-2100 Digital Lens System

Monomer bottlesWith the Optical Dynamics Digital Lens System you create a finished Rx directly from the premium index material, eliminating the need to stock a semi-finished blank that is later surfaced to the final prescription. This lowers expense and ends the delivery challenges associated with ordering, shipping and managing an inventory of thick semi-finished lens blanks or disposable molds. This process also reduces the variables of surfacing and ensures consistent high quality digital lensesproduced at a much lower cost.

With the Q-2100 Digital Lens System, all you inventory is the bottle of premium lens material. This bottle in either clear or photochromic becomes a progressive lens, a single vision lens, a flattop lens, a plus lens or a minus lens. With bottles packaged in 16 to 32 pair for production, you have on hand what you need when you need it. As written in an article by Joseph Bruneni for Eye Care Business, “this is an inventory control concept called just-in-time delivery and works when limited inventory is stored at hand until shortly before it is needed for the production line…lens casting its a prime example of how such a process can work.”

It’s Derby Time, Let’s Run for the Roses!

Derby 142As we are located in Kentucky, come early May it’s all about the horses, Derby horses to be exact. This year will be the 142nd running of the $2 million  dollar world famous Kentucky Derby. What some people have dubbed the “most exciting two minutes in sports.” With the singing of My Old Kentucky Home, the array of outlandish derby hats and the drinking of the traditional mint julep, the first Saturday in May is always an event.

Happy Derby from Optical Dynamics!

hat contest

 Which Hat Do You Like the Best?

Be Sure to Capitalize on all the nanoCLEAR AR System Capabilities

As a nanoCLEAR AR system owner, you have the ability to produce AR progressive lenses in office in under 90-minutes! Let your patients know that you have invested in the latest technology to offer the ultimate in customer service.  In addition to nanoCLEAR AR, you have the ability to offer nanoXT hardcoat, nanoGUARD extra tough hardcoat and nanoCHROME/FLASH sunglass mirrors. Be sure to capitalize on all the specialized products you deliver.

Use this handy chart to remind staff and lab managers of the nanoCLEAR AR  system capabilities.