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David Holliday, OD, Practicing Since 1980

In January. 2000 I purchased the Q-2100 Digital Lens System and can honestly say its one of the nicest piece of practice enhancement technology I have seen in my 30 years in the industry. I am extremely impressed with the digital lenses the system produces and so are my patients. Over the past couple years I have personally worn some of the “best” custom made progressive lenses available and the optics of the digital lenses from the Q-2100 are as good, if not better than seen with other lens manufacture’s designs.

In 2005, I added the in office nanoCLEAR AR unit to my system configuration. The possibility of producing AR lenses in house in under 90 minutes was very appealing to us. We needed to improve delivery time and affordability to better compete. I have sold thousands of anti-reflective lenses through my practice and the AR applied with this unit is very durable and easy to clean. The lenses are easily drillable and fit the needs of the majority of patients. By producing digital lenses in office quickly and at a fraction of the cost as from a traditional lab, my practice profitability has increased and my patient satisfaction is greater than ever before.

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Meet the Millenials

Vision Monday Meet the Millennials January 19th, 2014

VM – In order to address any group, especially to sell or market to it, you have to understand it. Figuring out how its members think, behave and react is integral to engaging with it and motivating it to act or buy.

But what do you do when the group you would like to understand and want to appeal to is ginormous in size, has a highly diverse ethnic makeup, spans several life stages, depends on technology like air and almost universally prides itself on its individuality?

74.3 million – or about 23.5% of the  total population of Americans are between the ages of 18 to 34 according the the U.S. Bureau.

Millennial43% – are non-white. That is the highest share of any generation, making it the most racially diverse group in American history. According to Pew, this trend is driven by the large numbers of Hispanic and Asian immigrants who have come in the U.S. in the past 50 years whose U.S. born children are now coming of age. This fact will have a huge impact on the demand for international, Asian and alternative fit eye wear options.

60.1% – of 18 to 34 year olds use some form of vision correction, according to the latest Vision Watch study from the VCA.

$10 trillion – according to Ad Age, that the the amount of money Millennials will spend in their lifetime.

50 million – Millenials are currently working across the nation, comprising a third of the work force today. By 2020, that will grow to half of the work force.


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Need Retraining?

Have you lost an operator, hired additional team members or just want a refresher course? Call Optical Dynamics to arrange a recare visit for your staff.

Retraining is affordable. Call Tech Support and have them price a recare visit for your practice today. 800-587-2743

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Its Presidents Day

“I hope I shall possess firmness and virtue enough to maintain what I consider the most enviable of all titles, the character of an honest man. ” George Washington

Presidents day

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Will You Be My Valentine?


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OD/MD Practice Adds Digital Lens Production

Kim Molten AL InstallOptical Dynamics is pleased to welcome Kim Molten as the newest member of our Q-2100 operator family. Located in Alabama, this state-of-the art facility offers the best technology available for all  eye needs. In addition to routine eye exams and providing a large selection of eye wear and contact lenses, they provide comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for all types of eye disorders

As mentioned on their website, “our office strives to provide top-notch ophthalmic care in a comfortable, professional atmosphere.” Adding the Q-2100 digital lens system for the just-in-time delivery of eye wear to their patients made perfect sense to optimize their practices offerings.

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Patient Warranties, What Should I offer?

As a Q-2100 or nanoCLEAR AR system owner, you have certain lens warranties that you can pass onto your patients. These warranties carry a real value to you and your patients and can help build a long lasting customer relationship.

  1. Non Adapt: Optical Dynamics offers a 6-month progressive non-adapt warranty from the date the lens is dispensed. If the patient returns their lenses for non adapt, save the lenses and you can return under warranty
  2. Warranty SealPhotochromic: Optical Dynamics offers a 6-month photochromic warranty from the date the lens is dispensed. If the patient returns their lenses for photochromic issues, save the lenses and you can return under warranty
  3. Scratch: If coated with Optical Dynamics’ scratch coat (nanoXT or XTR), Optical Dynamics offers a 12-month scratch warranty from the date the lens is dispensed. If the patient returns their lenses for scratch issues, save the lenses and you can return under warranty. This warranty does not cover abuse of the lens.
  4. nanoCLEAR AR: If coated with nanoCLEAR AR, Optical Dynamics offers a 24-month AR warranty from the date the lens is dispensed. The warranty covers scratching, peeling and crazing. If the patient returns their lenses for these issues, save the lenses and you can return under warranty. This warranty does not cover abuse of the lens.

In order to return under warranty, you must

  1. Provide proof of the date the lens was dispensed and returned along with the reason for the return.
  2. Return in groups of 30 pair or 32 pair photochromic (the same quantity as in a bottle of monomer).
  3. May return with or without AR. If AR coated, you must have at least 10 pair.
  4. Call Optical Dynamics customer service 800-587-2743 to obtain an RMA number.
  5. Once the lenses are returned they will be reviewed and if they comply with the warranty standards will be replaced at the warranty price.
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Disarm Your Competition

Market PositionEstablish Your Market Position – With your Q-2100 Digital Lens System and nanoCLEAR AR unit, you are the most advanced optical location in your area. Use this to your maximum advantage by letting everyone know. Review your advertising, recall notices and patient handouts and tell them about your leadership position.

Faster Service – Look at your past service level from your patient’s point of view. How do you stack up against the competition? With the purchase of your digital lens system and nanoCLEAR AR unit, you can now offer the fastest service in town. In fact, you are the only one that can offer same day AR…not even the biggest guys in town can do that. Use it to make the buying experience at your location more convenient than anywhere else. Broken lens…no problem, change in Rx…no problem, heading out of town and need them today…no problem! Capitalize on your new ability and your patients will remember and tell their friends.

Better Lenses – You are not only using the newest technology, you are producing some of the best lenses available. clearLIGHT lenses offer your patients a new level in clarity of vision. By  processing lenses directly from the liquid plastic to the finished Rx utilizing free form molds, you have eliminated the visual noise inherent in all other lenses. Your patients will see better and have increased confidence in your practice and your staff. Your competitors can’t touch your quality at any price.

Better Photochromics – You now have the sunSMART II photochromic lens that provides maximum patient comfort in all light conditions…your competition doesn’t. sunSMART II lightens faster and will continue to perform with the same vigor even after extended use. Your photochromic has the photochromic material throughout the lens. The lens carried by your competitors does not. Differentiate yourself and you will stand out.

No Expensive Lens Inventory – The irrefutable law of business is that the lowest cost producer wins. You are now the lowest cost producer. Evaluate your stock and then get rid of it. It represents idle cash that can be put to better use. Your staff will sell and your patients will buy what you make and feature. Your patients want the best vision possible and if it isn’t clearLIGHT PLUS they are sacrificing visual acuity. Help them see better than ever before.

Everyone Can Operate It – Take advantage of the technology and cross-train your employees. Make sure everyone knows how it works and is comfortable making lenses. Your competition needs his highly skilled lab tech to complete a job. If the tech is off, the customer has to wait. Not at your practice…the customer can always get their eyewear when needed. That’s the kind of service they will tell a friend about.

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How do I Recconect my nanoCLEAR AR Unit After Repair?

Utilize the below diagrams when reconnecting your nanoCLEAR AR unit, wash pump and computer.

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Digital Lens Technology Improves Service Levels

Lynn Bohlender, Certified Lab Technician for Northwest Optometry in Englewood, OH has successfully been operating the Q-2100 Digital Lens System with nanoCLEAR AR for over ten years. As shared on the practice website, “Lynn is the behind the scene detailed technician who produces our accurate in-house ophthalmic lenses the doctors prescribe for the patient’s prescription.”

As one of the first optometry practices to add the in-office nanoCLEAR AR unit to their business, Lynn was pleased with its purchase. “I like how easy it is to put on the AR coating or hardcoat with nanoCLEAR AR unit,” shared Lynn. When we first added the technology to Dr. Studebaker’s practice we could only process scratch coating and applied it by hand. I appreciate the additional capabilities of the newest equipment,” he added.

According to the practice, “our in-office optical laboratory has the ability to produce many of our own ophthalmic lenses, including even more complex, progressive addition lenses, photochromic and even anti-reflective lenses. Emergency service for broken or lost lenses can usually be provided the same day if necessary.” Lynn likes the fact that that this technology gives him the capability of producing a lens for a patient in the shortest amount of time.

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