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Optical Dynamics Launches Technology in the Philippines

Booth wMikeOptical Dynamics was pleased to introduce the Q-2100 Digital Lens System to the Philippine market in Manila this May. Through our participation as a speaker and exhibitor at the the Integrated Philippine Association of Optometrists (IPAO), we reached over 500 active and student optometrists in country.

AwardWith more than 1000 inhabited islands, same day delivery with our in-office system is ideal. The cost saving associated with in-office lens production is also very appealing as the major lens manufacturers continue to raise prices worldwide. With the Philippine economy growing at 7.2% (2nd only to China in South East Asia), the are ready to embrace new technology to meet the demands of their growing consumer base.

We want to thank the IPAO for inviting and hosting us during the event. They are truly a special group of people and made all participants feel welcome. We look forward to working with their member optometrists.  Click here for a video link of the event.

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Recare Visit Converts Long Time Surfacing Advocate to Casting

Advanced EyecareRafael Ortiz, Trainer, recently met with Advanced Eyecare in Picayune, MS for a recare visit. A Q-2100 customer since 2000 and a nanoCLEAR AR user since 2006, The Advanced Eyecare team has been a long time supporter and advocate of in-office lens production. Fifteen years later, they are still utilizing the technology on a daily basis and continue to add new products to their system configuration as they are released. Staying current with the newest products is a key to their ongoing success. The practice most recently added a 2nd filling unit expanding their photochromic product offering to include sunSMART II brown and ultraSUN sunglass photochromic. The practice is committed to total eye health and is a full service office offering emergency and walk-in care as well as just-in-time delivery of eyeglasses.

Justin Saucier, Lab Technician, had spent most of his career working with traditional surfacing and lens casting was new to him. After training with Rafael, Justin went from processing an average of 5 per day to 16 pair per day. He was thrilled with his new found skills and the ease of operation provided by the technology when compared to the old way of processing lenses. So thrilled in fact he sent us an email to tell us so!

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Optical Dynamics to Exhibit at Vision Trends National Meeting

Vision Trends LogoDr. Michael Toups and Dr. Douglas Inns are the founding members of Vision Trends. Their goal as founders was to take the experience they have had with older business models and franchises and incorporate all the all the good they have to offer while eliminating all the negatives in the old way of doing franchise agreements. With Vision Trends members in over 20 states, their group is quickly expanding providing the latest tools and services necessary for Optometrists to grow their practice and their profitability.

This year’s annual meeting will be held in Boston, at the Intercontinental Boston Waterfront July 10th – 12th, 2014. With over 200 expected attendees and hours of exhibit time, Optical Dynamics is looking forward to seeing existing customers and meeting with new locations interested in adding digital lens production to their practices for improved patient satisfaction and practice profitability.

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Celebrate Our Independence!

4th of July“Fourscore and seven years ago, our fathers brought fourth on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.” Abraham Lincoln”Those who won our independence believed liberty to be the secret of happiness and courage to be the secret of liberty.” Louis. D Brandeis

“Where liberty dwells, there is my country.” Benjamin Franklin

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Vision Dynamics Lab Launches Free-Form Glass Line

Louisville, Kentucky, June 17, 2014 — Vision Dynamics Laboratory announces the availability of crystalCLEAR™ free-form glass as the newest addition to our family of glass lens products. Designed to compliment our traditional glass lens line, crystalCLEAR free-form glass combines the optical superiority of glass with the benefits of free-from surfacing.

free-form glassGlass has always had exceptional optical performance compared to traditional plastic or polycarbonate lenses.  Free-form processed lenses provide enhanced optical accuracies for Rx lenses.  When you combine the digital free-form process with the superior optics of glass ophthalmic lenses, there is a case to be made that glass free-form progressives are the most premium products available.

“The benefits of glass are undeniable and include superior optical clarity, high ABBE value and impressive scratch resistance. When glass is combined with the benefits of free-form you have a thinner, lighter premium glass lens with optimal prescription accuracy,” shared Eric Lindquist, National Account Manager.

Rediscover the benefits of glass with the crystalCLEAR lens line. crystalCLEAR glass is  available in the PRO DST with the widest far visual field, the PRO SFT for the first time progressive wearer and the SHORT, designed for smaller frames.

For more information or to place an order, please visit www.visdynlab.com or call our Customer Care line at 888-900-5503.

Vision Dynamics Laboratory, a division of Vision Dynamics LLC, specializes in glass lens surfacing, premium photochromics and specialized polycarbonate. Vision Dynamics is an authorized distributor for all major glass lens manufacturers and our lens line is further enhanced with the availability of custom photochromics, pre-tinted polycarbonate, infrared and other specialized lens products.

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Digital Lens Technology Benefits Island Countries

Eye Mobile, Antigua, owned by Mr. Byron Andrews, offers high quality designer brand frames, lenses, contact lenses, and the leading technology in vision correction at competitive prices. Adding the Q-2100 in 2010 and the nanoCLEAR AR unit 2013, Byron and his staff are thrilled to provide just-in-time delivery of eyeglass lenses to locals and tourists alike.

Central Optical Limited, Jamaica, owned by Dr. and Mr. Riley-Ricketts, is a high traffic location, booked months in advanced. Adding the Q-2100 with nanoCLEAR AR unit to their lab in 2012, they are very successful with onsite lens production.

Optica Select, in the Antilles, owned by Dr. Fredrich Davelaar, is an ophthalmology clinic with dispensary in the city of Curacao.  Purchasing a Q-2100 with CFL molds for their lab in 2008, they are a staunch supporter of the progressive designs and its benefit to their patients. They expect to add the nanoCLEAR AR unit to their practice in the coming months.

Man at beach with sunglassesMany of Optical Dynamics lens products are well suited for warm tropical locations. The ultraSUN sunglass photochromic handles warm temperatures extremely well and is ideal for patients who spend a lot of time outdoors in sunny climates.  With our nanoCLEAR AR product, because of the way its processed, it is essentially impossible to induce craze in the AR stack. As a result, nanoCLEAR AR is damaged far less in boiling water and salt water tests than vacuum lenses, for a durable AR coating in coastal locations.

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Understanding the Service Help Screen on your Q-2100: Codes 01, 02, 03

Each line in the menu is designed to display problems for specific machine functions. When the machine cannot accomplish a function it will indicate SERVICE on that particular line.

01 Post Cure Temperature

Cause: This message can be caused by leaving the Post Cure Drawer open for extended periods of time or the drawer being opened to frequently.

Response: (1) Follow the instructions given by the machine. (2) If the message comes back, please call Technical Support for further information 800-587-2743.

02 Light Intensity

Cause: The top Actinic, bottom Actinic and Post Cure bulbs all have photo detectors that monitor the intensity of the light coming from the bulbs. If this message occurs it means that one of the aforementioned sections is not producing an acceptable amount of light.

Response: (1) Follow the instructions given by the machine. (2) If the problem continues, check to see if all the bulbs in that section are working. If you have a bulb that is not working, check to see if the bulb has become loose in the lamp holders. (3) If the bulb feel tight in the lamp holders, witch the bulb with a different bulb in that section that you know is working. This will determine if it is just the bulb that has blown out of if it is the machine that has a malfunction. (4) For any further information or if parts need to be ordered call Optical Dynamics 800-587-2743.

03 Lamp Power

Cause: At lease one of the lamps in the top Atinic, bottom Actinic or Post Cure sets is not receiving power.

Response: (1) Follow the instructions given by the machine. (2) If the problem continues, check to see if all the bulbs in that section are working. If you have a bulb that is not working, check to see if the bulb has become loose in the lamp holders. (3) If the bulb feels tight in the lamp holders, switch the bulb with a different bulb in that section that you know is working. This will determine if it is just the bulb that has blown or if it is the machine that has a malfunction. (4) For any further information or if parts need to be ordered call Optical Dynamics 800-587-2743.

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OpticianWorks a Site for Opticians and Opticianary Students

OpticianWorks provides affordable high quality on-line information for opticians, opticians in training, those studying for the ABO exam or those working to become non-licensed optical dispensing professionals.

Optician  Works Logo

The site offers over nineteen individual lessons with in depth written descriptions, full color images, diagrams, and illustrations . At the end of each lesson you find a link to an online review test. The site also includes text and video training tools, in all areas of optical dispensing.

Visit the site today for more information and see if its right for you www.opticianworks.com

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Promotions and Organizational Announcement

Louisville, KY, April 23, 2014– Organizational Update for Vision Dynamics LLC

“We are pleased to announce the following promotions within the management team at Vision Dynamics. The team continues to innovate and achieve significant successes including strong increases in our lab customer base, coating equipment development and significant new photochromic manufacturing partnerships abroad. The changes recognize these successes and realign the organization with the team members’ specific strengths and goals.” Jeff Plank

John Dippold has accepted the role of President of Vision Dynamics reporting to the Board of Directors. In this new role, John will have responsibility for all day-to-day operations and execution of business goals. John steps up from his role as VP of Operations and has been in a management role with Vision Dynamics for twelve years. John’s previous experience includes eleven years at GE working with advanced manufacturing, operations, and Six Sigma.

Matt Lattis has accepted the position of VP of Product Development. Matt has been a part of Vision Dynamics’ research and development team for sixteen years. He is named on thirty-four patents and has played a key role in the development of multiple products and technology innovations.

Galen Powers has accepted the role of Director of Product Strategy and has joined the Vision Dynamics Board. Galen most recently served as President of Vision Dynamics and has been with the company for nineteen years. His new position will allow Galen to focus on Vision Dynamics’ longer-term strategies and his outside business interests.

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