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It has therefore been argued that the TRIPS standard of requiring all countries to create strict intellectual property systems will be detrimental to poorer countries’ development.[13][14] It has been argued that it is, prima facie, in the strategic interest of most if not all underdeveloped nations to use the flexibility available in TRIPS to legislate the weakest IP laws possible.[15] The WTO also coordinates with a wide range of other international organizations, in particular as regards the organization of symposia, training activities and other events on intellectual property and trade and how these relate to other policy dimensions, such as public health and climate change. The obligations under TRIPS apply equally to all member states, however developing countries were allowed extra time to implement the applicable changes to their national laws, in two tiers of transition according to their level of development (agreement). 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Premier Eye & Optical Guarantees Patients Come Back

Just-In-Time Delivery Guarantees that the Patient Comes Back with Other Family Members

In Baton Rouge, LA, nestled near a dental office and inside an office condo is the headquarters of Premier Eye & Optical.  Lead Optometrist Dr.Thai serves a mixed population.  After a brief career inside a large eyewear mega-facility, Dr. Thai knew that he wanted to offer his patients a chance for personal care, quick turnaround, and money savings.

“When I found the Optical Dynamics in-house lens production system, the Q-2100, its sheerchateau gonflable practicality appealed,” he said.  In his average day he can almost always dispense to patients a finished pair of eyeglasses in less than two hours.  Premier Eyecare & Optical has moved to just-in-time delivery on many prescriptions, including multifocals and sunSMART photochromic Grey and Brown. “Benefits from Optical Dynamics include:  affordability, ease-of-use, improved patient satisfaction, and increased sales and profits.”

At the end of the day, the customers come back with other family members, because this is where patients get service and the technology to produce the lenses can be relied upon, he added.

Arlington Eye Physicians, a Team of Ophthalmologists, Believes In Delivering a Premium Product at a Lower Price than Competitors

Steven Bernstein at Arlington Eye Physicians in the Chicago area believes that the senior population he serves belongs in progressives rather than lined bifocals–more often than not.  “The Optical Dynamics 2100 and its AR unit allow me to make patients a premium product in the progressives category and eliminate the lines that interrupt vision.  A progressive is nothing more than a trifocal without lines.”  He averages about 7 or so pairs a day in-house with the tabletop lens production system, which generates about $500,000 a year.  Optical Dynamics offers the only technology that can cut your lab related lens and AR expense by up to 70% immediately.Inflatable water slide

And, he adds, “Photochromics are another recommended item for everybody that wears glasses.”  His shop has added the ultraSUN sunglass photo and sunSmart brown to its lineup of product.   “I love the new ultraSUN!  They go 3x to 5x darker than other photochromics and any form of anti-glare enhances vision.  It gives us another avenue of something new to offer jumping castle and this marketplace is so competitive, we’ve got to stay ahead.”  The response?  “People either love ‘em or leave ‘ em, I ask every single patient to try the photochromics.”  The downside, as with all photochromics, remains that behind the wheel they do not get as dark, as if you were outside, since most car windows are tinted, but the new ultraSUN does have moderate activation behind a windshield.

Bernstein says he solved the pricing differential by keeping photochromics and progressives at the same fee structure.  “We offer the patient the better product at the same pricing as a progressive, and this pushes people to try it—you bet.  I’ve thought about charging extra, but the same price gives the option to the patient, and our practice would like our patients to be in the best product for them.”  He has determined that there is still margin, a nice markup, even with this approach.

At least once or twice a day, a patient comes in that has had a real emergency, and needs a new pair of eyeglasses now, he says.  “This is where the Optical Dynamics system really holds value—we’ve got to get these patients into a new pair of glasses in the same day.  I designed my lab myself and it’s like a gourmet kitchen.  One whole wall is the Optical Dynamics product line.”  The entire process allows Optical Dynamics in-house lens production setups to make a complete pair of lenses in as little as 25 minutes. AR lenses in a little over an hour.

Westchester Medical 11 Years & Going Strong with In-Office Lens Technology

“The Optical Dynamics progressive lens, produced with the Q-2100 Digital Lens System, provides consistent and strong optics for 99% of all patients coming in,” says Ken Usatch, who runs the optical shop at Westchester Medical in White Plains, NY.  He is referring to the Optical Dynamics tabletop lens production system that he strongly recommended to the practice 11 years ago.

“It took me about 18 months to talk this medical clinic into taking on the Optical Dynamics system, but I had seen what it can do almost 15 years ago in another practice in NY.  I highly recommended it, and I can safely say that most opticians have no idea how great this is,” Usatch added.

Optical Dynamics has spent the better part of a decade assisting practices with reducing their lab bill by offering a turnkey, in-office system that saves his practice 40%, according to Usatch.

“The industry has moved to expensive free-form lenses.  I have seen the casting capabilities, and even in the beginning, Optical Dynamics offered lens-making that produced digital quality lenses that had strong wearability, and did what they were supposed to do,” Usatch remembered.

He indicated that he uses a height of 17 ½ “ as a guide for the progressive lens client. He also indicated an upswing in the new product categories of sunSMART and of ultraSUN – which is good for all people. “They don’t have to go into a polarized lenses, and, it can be used as a sports lens as well,” he pointed out.

For the average optical shop, there is a perception that several thousand dollars is a lot of money to invest into a small, tabletop system which is ergonomic, clean, quiet, and self-diagnostic.  “I say it is the best thing that money can buy to make money and provide patient value in this business,” Usatch added.

Dr. James Brooks and the Color of Success

Dr. James Brooks, based in Columbus, Mississipi, has been an optometrist for 34 years and a long-time customer of Optical Dynamics.  With sales over $1.5 million a year and10 dedicated employees, you could say “the future is so bright, you have to wear shades.”Spiel

“The equipment from Optical Dynamics works for us because it offers a quick turnaround for patients and lower overall costs for us and them,” shares Dr. Brooks.  “The patient Jumping house for sale population is diverse—from toddlers to centenarians.  More than half of the lenses produced are made with the Optical Dynamics approach,” added Brooks. The ultraSUN and sunSMART products have been particularly successful, he says, and the shop purchased a second filling unit to dispense all colors now available in the Optical Dynamic material.  “The progressive market has also exploded, and there is typically a payor savings of about $100 with the OD product,” Dr. Brooks said.

“I own the equipment now, and my costs are greatly reduced.  The best counsel I can give other optometrists going into practice is to buy—the no monthly fee approach is always best,” he added. His practice justeast jump recently added the nanoCLEAR AR Coating unit and sales have increased in this category as well.  He estimated 80%.  “Before I would send out and have to pay $80 just for an AR coating, now I am at an all in cost of about $50 for even photochromics —the margins are better and the patients are happy,” he said.Britain

He cited customer satisfaction as his number one reason for doing business with Optical Dynamics.  “We always try to please our patients, and they believe in the lenses we offer them made by Optical Dynamics technology,” he said.   “The equipment jumping castle is straightforward to use and they (OD) will trade out into a loaner, if there is ever a problem that needs fixing.  Our unit is in great shape and it is 5 years old,” he said.Inflatable Water Game

The economy continues to have impact on how often people buy new eyewear, but Dr. Brooks believes the overall economy is improving, and this bodes for growth.  “We’ve been here a long time, and we’ve got a good practice,” he said.  With the OD equipment, their patients can have lenses made in less than a couple of hours in a pinch, and certainly not more than two days, in most cases.

Optician Shares Perk of Her Position, the Q-2100 Digital Lens System

In the last 16 years of her career, working for independent opticians, one of the top perks in her position is using the Optical Dynamics Q2100 Digital Lens System, said Optician Sheri Brashears.  “I love everything about the turnkey system really.  It’s quick and easy to use once you learn it,” she pointed out.  There’s no grinding of the lenses, and it achieves superior clarity for the patient.  Living and working in a small Oklahoma town, where the patient mix includes Medicaid, Medicare, and self-pay, she finds that three or four pairs a day are the norm. Bouncy Castle

“sunSMART and ultraSUN photochromics are big, and we use the nanoCLEAR AR coating system on almost every pair.  Most of hüpfburg the patients will keep their eyeglasses for a two year lifespan, and some have new lenses made every year.” Brashears says that the office has been dedicated Jumpers For Sale los angelesto the Optical Dynamics approach because it has helped save money as a control for in office finances, and bring efficiencies to offering quick service, sometimes same day.  A pair of glasses can be made in an afternoon if necessary, for example.

“I think it does just fine compared to other lab products.  It produces as good a lens as others,” and she says, this is what counts when the patients are lining up.  It’s back-to-school days, and the season for making eyewear has picked up.  “We know we can depend on the lenses from our desktop system, and that makes my job so easy,” said Brashears.

Comments from Natchitoches Family Eye Care

Pete Wardell, O.D., Natchitoches Family Eye Care, is saving $2,000 to $3,000 a month with his Optical Dynamics digital lens system.  Dr. Wardell and his partner, Randall Keator, II, O.D., with offices in Louisiana have a broad scope optometry practice.  The two handle everything Inflatable bouncers from contact lenses to disease treatment.

Natch Eye“This is significant, and we are very pleased with the system.  The outside labs were getting so high, and with this system, even a high school student could be taught to run it,” Dr. Wardell indicated in Moonwalks for sale a recent conversation.  He cited the quality of the nanoCLEAR AR as comparable to bouncy castle what you’d get from a top-notch lab.  nanoCLEAR AR lenses in a little over an hour works for small and large practices giving complete customer service.Water bounce house

The Optical Dynamics digital lens system creates a finished Rx directly from high index liquid plastic monomer, eliminating the need to cast a semi-finished blank that is later surfaced to the final prescription.  The digital cast-to-Rx process is computerized and straightforward for the practitioner’s existing staff to master.

”We basically started looking at the Optical Dynamics system because of our mounting lab bills.  The Q-2100 system has strength in the -6 to +4 range, where most of our customer prescriptions need to go.”

“Our patients like the fact that we produce the lens in house.  Many have never heard of this type if technology and we are perceived as cutting edge, based on using the Optical Dynamics system,” he dded.

What does he see in the future?  More demand from clients at the in-house level.  And, he says there is a commitment amongst patients to buy American.  Optical Dynamics products fit the bill.  People shop and the prices can’t be beat, he said.

Nothing like telling the story and making the case….

More than 90+ Years of Exprience at Vision Dynamics Lab

Combined Industry Experience of Key Management Totals More Than 60 Plus Years at Vision Dynamics Laboratory

There are many solid reasons for selecting the laboratory at Vision Dynamics headquarters in Louisville, KY as your best source for glass as well as their full line of proprietary lens material.   When an organization has the strength and stability of a plant manager and general lab manager involved since its inception in 2002, you can trust that the level of excellence exceeds traditional standards.

Key management at the lab, includes Bill Miller Jr., Lab Manager; and Tom James, Design and Development Production Manager.

Bill Miller Jr., Lab Manager, oversees all production from surfacing to pula pula inflavel
finishing of eyewear, and began his career at the company in 2003. In addition to training and Inflatable water slide Costcosupervising more than thirty employees, he also monitors in-house breakage, turn-around time, and cost of service. With more than twenty years of experience in the optical industry, Bill started his career at Dr. Bizer’s Vision World and prior to joining VDL was production manager at Twin City Optical. He attended Jefferson Community College and earned his ABO and NCLE certification. He is also a Kentucky state licensed optician.

Tom James, Design and Development, Production Manager, also came on board in the same time frame as Bill and Kathy.  Side-by-side, with Kathy and Bill, he participated in this lab’s design and development since 2002.  He has been instrumental in perfecting high-volume glass processes and reducing internal breakage. Tom has more than thirty five years of optical lab experience.  He began management early in his career, back at Dispensers Optical, where he was promoted to supervisor in 1972. The next twenty-three years were spent at Louisville Optical, where he was a supervisor and assistant lab manager. From 1997 to 2002 Tom served as lab manager of Dr. Bizer’s Vision World.

This team can cite many benefits of trusting your glass work, in addition to rapid turnaround on proprietary lens orders.

Market Conditions Have Opened the Door to Overseas Distribution, Interview with Mike Yager, VP Sales

While the greatest percentage of system sales for Optical Dynamics remains in the United States with professional optometric practices and independent labs, VP of Sales Mike Yager sees robust market openings overseas.  In a recent interview, he confirmed how independent optical owners worldwide are looking for solutions like those presented by Optical Dynamics.

Question:  What is on the horizon for Optical Dynamics in terms of sales growth, and why is the international horizon so attractive right now?

Yager:  We expect to see international sales double in 2011, because of our key value propositions.  There are growth opportuities for digital lens technology solutions, that offer better quality optical lenses. Our technology does precisley that and at a much lower cost entry point. The growing demand for premium anti-reflective coatings has created another opportunity that our technology addresses. We offer an AR option that makes sense for independent’s and small to mid-size retailers. It only takes a few pair of lenses per day for a system owner to make a sizable profit with our equipment. Our small footprint equipment is affordable, easy to install, learn, operate and maintain. None of that can be said for digital surfacing and vacuum AR coating equipment. The entry costs, complexity and maintenance of these systems makes it impossible for the smaller operator to consider, so they are left on sidelines or must pay the premium prices charged by labs.Buy commercial bounce house
jumping castles for sale melbourne

Question:  Can Optical Dynamics compete effectively in the UK, European and Asian markets ?

Yager: Absolutely.  Germany was the birthplace of optics, but our system uses award winning, state-of-the-art nanoparticle technology which was developed in the United States and is brand new to all these countries. France, Germany and Japan are currently the global industry leaders when it comes to lenses, but we’re pretty good at developing advanced technology here in the U.S as well. In the optical gonfiabili industry, most equipment is historically designed to be used in centralized production labs. In markets all over the world you have similar situations, there are a number of large retail chains and centralized wholesale labs that can afford the huge investments in capital equipment in order to manage their costs. That makes it increasingly difficult for the independent optician, optometrist, smaller labs and retailers to compete. What we effectively do is level the playing field for the little guy. We reduce the cost of the equipment outlay to produce the latest digital lenses with advanced coatings. With our technology in place, our system owners also enjoy the same raw material costs as the big guys.

Question: So, having an Optical Dynamics system allows for what benefits to the independent upon purchase?

Yager:  With a Q-2100 Digtal Lens System and nanoCLEAR AR sysetm on-premise it gives the independent practice the ability to control critical areas of their business; control of the lens costs; control of their turnaround time to their customers; control of quality; and it reduces shipping or logistics issues associated with using an outside lab. Consumers in countries all around the world are interested in the same things, they want the latest lens technology and coatings at a fair price and they would like it sooner rather than later. Same day or next day service on their new eyewear will always have more appeal than next week delivery. By reducing the cost of lenses by up to 70% we give our system owners the options they need to compete effectively. They can compete with big chain price offerings, they can offer one hour service, they can promote multiple pairs or they can choose to simply make more money. The point is that with our technology in their office or lab they now have choices they didn’t have before. This makes them stronger competitors and healthier operators and that translates in any language.


Question:  So who are your international distributors, and where is the growth?


Yager:  You can find all our international distributors on our website here.  We see great growth opportunities in Latin America, Eastern and Western Europe as premium lenses become more predominant. We already see about 90+% anti-reflective coatings and a high percentage of premium lens materials  in France, Japan, Korea, and Germany, but others are coming up the ladder. Our distributor, FWB Commercal Optica Ltda in Brazil, reports only about 10% anti-reflective coatings in that country, but it is growning rapdily. The availability of new products and a more enlightened consumer is driving demand and growth. We are also seeing a significant increase in the demand for premium photochromic lenses. The big lens companies have poured significant dollars into advertising campaigns that are making photochromics a desired consumer option. At Optical Dynamics we spend a lot of R&D effort in developing our own photochromic lenses materials. Our latest generations include SunSMART Grey, SunSMART Brown and ULTRAsun. We also offer 10 different fashion colors that can enhance any eyewear selection. The key to our success is matching high performance with affordability and this is more important than ever given the global economic woes facing many countries. Provding premium lens designs, materials and coatings that customers can afford is very exciting for Optical Dynamics and our distributors.


Question: What’s the next step in overseas distribution?


Yager: We have formed a partnership with a United Kingdom distributor, Omega LED Ltd., and recently exhibited at the Optrafair 2011 in Birmingham, England with them. Our distributors will be attending shows in Brazil, South Africa, France, Italy and the Middle East this year. We see growth in our distributor Daccas Ltd., in Egpyt and Hong Kong. Our new Algerian distributor will be coming online shortly. We are currently in discussions with potential distributors in many other areas including India, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Pakistan and are actively searching for additional distribution around the world.


Optical Dynamics Equipment Support, an Interview with John Dippold, VP Operations

Proper software upgrades often are the bellwether of operating machinery in today’s markets, and this holds true with the nanoCLEAR AR Unit  from Optical Dynamics. “We find that most repairs are done over the phone, and the internet remotely, in less than a few hours.  We’ve had miraculous results with customers in Jumping house for sale remote parts of the world, including Ghana, and Kazakhstan,” says  John Dippold, VP of Operations.   Diagnostics done through an internet connection allows for reading on temperature, speed, recipes, and other internet activity where malware may have been accidentally downloaded by the client.  In the rare instances, where software solutions do not work, Optical Dynamics sends out a loaner unit.  “We pride ourselves on most repairs being under a week, and they can send back the loaner when their own unit is back in their lab,” according to Dippold.

“Service is not always language-based.  We find that with the science and technology available today, most machines will not have a major breakdown until they have been in service for years.  Sometimes wear and tear will cause a wire to break, but by and large many casting machines we’ve sold over the years  are still in service from  1999,” he added.

The one-year service warranty alleviates any headaches about technical support, and operational issues on the front end.  General cleaning is a must for maintenance, and some optometrists prefer to have a deep annual cleaning of the machine done at Optical Dynamics.  When a machine does breakdown, Optical Dynamics will sell a warranty to assist in any further breakdowns as an option, before or anytime castillos hinchables after the repair.  “It’s like a car.  Our optometrists who use the 2100 system know to listen to its sounds, and message displays.  In some cases, customers can catch an issue before an alarm within the system goes off, like a spin motor issue now and then,” Dippold offers. The color of the finished lenses from the system can sometimes show subtle changes that are a tipoff to a brewing issue as well.  “Sometimes we see software updates needed, when the color of the lenses has changed ever so slightly.  Software does not automatically update, so this is an area where we rely on the optometrist to seek updates are read in our blog or alerts that one is necessary,” according to Dippold.

Optical Dynamics handles all issues through live contact by phone, eliminating the process of endless email.  The company believes that all technical support should have a real human being sticking with the optometrist and his lab technician until satisfaction has been achieved.  “We want you to have a personal relationship that you can rely on, unlike the large players out there that have a bureaucracy approach that you have to work through first.  We build the equipment, so we know it,” Dippold cites.

The biggest drag on the Q2100 system leading to a repair remains the lack of daily maintenance.  Where office are extremely busy or extremely light, there is a tendency to avoid regular cleanings, and so, Optical Dynamics has created its own checklist to assist end users.

“I could blindfold my techs, and they could put a Q-2100 in parts back together—I have that much confidence in their abilities,” points out Dippold.