Digital Lens Technology for Increased Referrals

John Diehl ,  owner of Darrell M. Sipe Opticians & Hearing Aids, bought the business about four years ago and immediately began looking for a solution to a faster turnaround for patients.  “The largest percentage of our clients are senior citizens, and they generally had to wait up to a week to get a pair of eyeglasses back.  I knew there had to be other options than just an outside lab,” Diehl said.

He poured over optical care magazines and read about Optical Dynamics.  “ You know I wasn’t focused on saving my company money, so much as getting quicker turnaround for a competitive advantage in the marketplace.  Our business relies on referrals, and we wanted to be the obvious referral,” he added.Moonwalks for sale

In Hanover, Penn., his company is now the premier place to go for new lens production because of the Optical Dynamics digital desktop system.  The retail office does about 20 to 25 pairs of glasses a week, and it turned out to be a big money-saver—a fantastic bonus.  “It’s the quality of the prescriptions that has sold me on continuing the use of this approach versus an outside lab,” Diehl confirmed.  “The lens production is by far better than an outside lab, and we can get our orders done in under a couple of days,” he said Telt.

The only thing that stopped Diehl in the beginning from making a decision was the upfront bouncy castle for sale cost of the equipment.  “Fear always slows you down, but we have made the right decision and we are now ahead of the competition,” Diehl reflected. Doctors can now send him patients that need lenses in the next 48 hours and it is a done deal.

Which lenses do his retail site sell the most of?  10 to 1 it is the grey sunSMART photochromics that is the most popular.