Dr. Kyle Jones Adds Digital Lens Production for Prompt Delivery

The Georgia Eye Center operates with two exam rooms in 1,650 square feet under the watchful eyes of Dr. Kyle Jones, now 12 years in private practice.  Back in 2006, he began to see how a larger surfacing lab could be useful and spoke to other optometrists about it, but was encouraged to look at the Q-2100 Digital Lens System due to its cost effectiveness and ease of operation.  His purchase of this technology  has made the difference in his profitability, according to the doctor. At the time and even today, he recently pointed out; Optical Dynamics offers the premiere system with the most range in lens power.  (from +4 to -6).  The Q2100 system and an AR system are now permanent residents in his office setting, allowing for under 24 hr. delivery on new eyeglasses to patients.  He laughed as he pointed out, “I have found a happy marriage with Optical Dynamics, and, as an optometrist, I know that “Happy wife, happy life.’”

Staying current with his clientele, he is always innovating, and experimenting.   “I find that the AR photochromic progressive is in high demand.   The ultraSUN and sunSMART photo product changes faster and get darkerbounce house for sale than other eyeglass lenses.  I have had no issues with offering photo lenses to my clientele, with the Optical Dynamics products.  Delighted to hear about all the new colors that are available, but we usually stay in the grey and brown family,” he said.  He iseastyl also part of Vision Source, which assists him in sharing resources and tracking trends with the profession.  Vision Source was founded in 1991 with the belief that eye health care is best provided by an independent family eye doctor. As a member of Vision Source, a private practice optometrist has access to the shared knowledge and resources of a network with more than 2,300 offices.

“One of the best investments in my practice was the Optical Dynamics system, and I’d share that with any colleague that asks me.  The fast turnaround, being able to make a progressive lens in less than an hour, is a perk and a money-maker.  I consider the 2100 system my Easy Bake Oven.  The quality is great, and the maintenance is so low.  We make about 10 to 15 pairs of eyeglasses a week in-house, and I think I only replaced a bulb in the last five years,” Dr. Jones added.

He understands that the average optometrist is worried about taking up office space with a lab facility and making that investment, deterring interest in a lens casting system, but his encouragement to colleagues has been to see the Optical Dynamics system in action.  “It’s a small footprint, and it does not take up much space, and the sheer convenience and cost savings translates into revenue.   I would say that if you have a $400,000 to $600,000 revenue practice, then you are in the sweet spot to jump into your own lens casting system for tremendous gains in income,” Dr. Jones explained.  “Using the Optical Dynamics lens production system ….it’s a no brainer.”