Market Conditions Have Opened the Door to Overseas Distribution, Interview with Mike Yager, VP Sales

While the greatest percentage of system sales for Optical Dynamics remains in the United States with professional optometric practices and independent labs, VP of Sales Mike Yager sees robust market openings overseas.  In a recent interview, he confirmed how independent optical owners worldwide are looking for solutions like those presented by Optical Dynamics.

Question:  What is on the horizon for Optical Dynamics in terms of sales growth, and why is the international horizon so attractive right now?

Yager:  We expect to see international sales double in 2011, because of our key value propositions.  There are growth opportuities for digital lens technology solutions, that offer better quality optical lenses. Our technology does precisley that and at a much lower cost entry point. The growing demand for premium anti-reflective coatings has created another opportunity that our technology addresses. We offer an AR option that makes sense for independent’s and small to mid-size retailers. It only takes a few pair of lenses per day for a system owner to make a sizable profit with our equipment. Our small footprint equipment is affordable, easy to install, learn, operate and maintain. None of that can be said for digital surfacing and vacuum AR coating equipment. The entry costs, complexity and maintenance of these systems makes it impossible for the smaller operator to consider, so they are left on sidelines or must pay the premium prices charged by labs.Buy commercial bounce house
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Question:  Can Optical Dynamics compete effectively in the UK, European and Asian markets ?

Yager: Absolutely.  Germany was the birthplace of optics, but our system uses award winning, state-of-the-art nanoparticle technology which was developed in the United States and is brand new to all these countries. France, Germany and Japan are currently the global industry leaders when it comes to lenses, but we’re pretty good at developing advanced technology here in the U.S as well. In the optical gonfiabili industry, most equipment is historically designed to be used in centralized production labs. In markets all over the world you have similar situations, there are a number of large retail chains and centralized wholesale labs that can afford the huge investments in capital equipment in order to manage their costs. That makes it increasingly difficult for the independent optician, optometrist, smaller labs and retailers to compete. What we effectively do is level the playing field for the little guy. We reduce the cost of the equipment outlay to produce the latest digital lenses with advanced coatings. With our technology in place, our system owners also enjoy the same raw material costs as the big guys.

Question: So, having an Optical Dynamics system allows for what benefits to the independent upon purchase?

Yager:  With a Q-2100 Digtal Lens System and nanoCLEAR AR sysetm on-premise it gives the independent practice the ability to control critical areas of their business; control of the lens costs; control of their turnaround time to their customers; control of quality; and it reduces shipping or logistics issues associated with using an outside lab. Consumers in countries all around the world are interested in the same things, they want the latest lens technology and coatings at a fair price and they would like it sooner rather than later. Same day or next day service on their new eyewear will always have more appeal than next week delivery. By reducing the cost of lenses by up to 70% we give our system owners the options they need to compete effectively. They can compete with big chain price offerings, they can offer one hour service, they can promote multiple pairs or they can choose to simply make more money. The point is that with our technology in their office or lab they now have choices they didn’t have before. This makes them stronger competitors and healthier operators and that translates in any language.


Question:  So who are your international distributors, and where is the growth?


Yager:  You can find all our international distributors on our website here.  We see great growth opportunities in Latin America, Eastern and Western Europe as premium lenses become more predominant. We already see about 90+% anti-reflective coatings and a high percentage of premium lens materials  in France, Japan, Korea, and Germany, but others are coming up the ladder. Our distributor, FWB Commercal Optica Ltda in Brazil, reports only about 10% anti-reflective coatings in that country, but it is growning rapdily. The availability of new products and a more enlightened consumer is driving demand and growth. We are also seeing a significant increase in the demand for premium photochromic lenses. The big lens companies have poured significant dollars into advertising campaigns that are making photochromics a desired consumer option. At Optical Dynamics we spend a lot of R&D effort in developing our own photochromic lenses materials. Our latest generations include SunSMART Grey, SunSMART Brown and ULTRAsun. We also offer 10 different fashion colors that can enhance any eyewear selection. The key to our success is matching high performance with affordability and this is more important than ever given the global economic woes facing many countries. Provding premium lens designs, materials and coatings that customers can afford is very exciting for Optical Dynamics and our distributors.


Question: What’s the next step in overseas distribution?


Yager: We have formed a partnership with a United Kingdom distributor, Omega LED Ltd., and recently exhibited at the Optrafair 2011 in Birmingham, England with them. Our distributors will be attending shows in Brazil, South Africa, France, Italy and the Middle East this year. We see growth in our distributor Daccas Ltd., in Egpyt and Hong Kong. Our new Algerian distributor will be coming online shortly. We are currently in discussions with potential distributors in many other areas including India, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Pakistan and are actively searching for additional distribution around the world.