New Concept Optical Location Capitalizes on In Office Lens Production

EyeCenter Boutique located in Caguas Puerto Rico is a unique optical retail concept that includes the sale of handbags and shoes along with prescription eyeglasses. As a new optical retailer, owner Fabian Valle wanted the “best optical technology” available. “The simplicity, economy and convenience of the Optical Dynamics equipment is perfect for my business as we can produce a lens in clear or photo with AR in a short amount of time,” shared Valle.

Franchising the boutique concept, two additional locations have opened in Puerto Rico with a fourth location opening in 2014. All locations include the Q-2100 with nanoCLEAR AR for onsite lens fabrication.

“Providing a high quality progressive lens is also a plus,” he added. “Our boutiques are the only optical shops in the area offering the faster service including AR,” concluded Valle.

Practice with On-Site Lens Production Cuts out Middle-Man

Baron Vision CenterBaron Vision Center located in Decatur, Indiana, offers the largest selection of eyewear in the area and added the Q-2100 Lens System with nanoCLEAR AR to their practice in 2008. The decision to purchase the equipment was based on increased practice profitability while at the same time offering the best possible prices to their patients. As advertised on their website, “Because of our on-site lab we save you money by making your glasses here, in our office, cutting out the middle-man.”

Aubrey HamiltonBaron Vision Center employee Aubry Hamilton visited our offices in Louisville, KY for training. Aubry spent two days with Training Manager, Bob Lossman, reviewing lens production and ongoing system maintenance. Aubry was pleased with the ease of operation and was excited to take her new found production knowledge back to the practice.  At the end  training Aubry was presented with a certificate of completion for her operating competence.

Whether you need glasses, contact lenses or the treatment of a medical eye disorder you can depend on Baron Vision Center to provide you with the eye care you need at a price you can afford. They are providers for most insurance plans (vision and medical) and offer 0% financing up to 2 years with credit approval.

Optician Shares Perk of Her Position, the Q-2100 Digital Lens System

In the last 16 years of her career, working for independent opticians, one of the top perks in her position is using the Optical Dynamics Q2100 Digital Lens System, said Optician Sheri Brashears.  “I love everything about the turnkey system really.  It’s quick and easy to use once you learn it,” she pointed out.  There’s no grinding of the lenses, and it achieves superior clarity for the patient.  Living and working in a small Oklahoma town, where the patient mix includes Medicaid, Medicare, and self-pay, she finds that three or four pairs a day are the norm. Bouncy Castle

“sunSMART and ultraSUN photochromics are big, and we use the nanoCLEAR AR coating system on almost every pair.  Most of the patients will keep their eyeglasses for a two year lifespan, and some have new lenses made every year.” Brashears says that the office has been dedicated Jumpers For Sale los angelesto the Optical Dynamics approach because it has helped save money as a control for in office finances, and bring efficiencies to offering quick service, sometimes same day.  A pair of glasses can be made in an afternoon if necessary, for example.

“I think it does just fine compared to other lab products.  It produces as good a lens as others,” and she says, this is what counts when the patients are lining up.  It’s back-to-school days, and the season for making eyewear has picked up.  “We know we can depend on the lenses from our desktop system, and that makes my job so easy,” said Brashears.

Optical Dynamics Hosts Q-2100 Owners

dr-b-and-dr-m-trainingOptical Dynamics was pleased to host Dr. Mayee Ballesteros and Dr. Sharon Bauc for an education session at our headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky. Dr. Mayee from Baguio City and Dr. Bauc from Davao City, both located in the islands of the Philippines, attended International Vision Expo West in Las Vegas then traveled to Louisville. The Doctors spent time with Training Manager, Bob Miller. reviewing best production practices and with VP Sales, Mike Yager, discussing new products and enhancing sales techniques. Dr. Mayee and Dr. Sharon were awarded a training certificate by Mr. Miller upon completion of the session.

dr-b-and-dr-m-louisvilleBaugio City is located in the mountains on the island of Luzon, the largest and most populous island. Davao City is on the island of Mindanao, with a city population of over 1.6 million. Focusing on photochromics, including the sun&FUN line, as well as anit-reflective coating and nanoCHROME mirrors, the Doctors purchased the Q-2100 Digital Lens System from distributor Optical Dynamics Philippines to provide just-in-time delivery of high end and fashion forward lens products.

In addition to training time, Marketing Manager, Julianne West showed them around our great city of Louisville. The entire team at Optical Dynamics enjoyed the time spent with two great Q-2100 users!

Optical Dynamics Expands International Client Base

Hwa Meei Pic 1Specializing in sport, industry and military eyewear, we are pleased to welcome one of Taiwan’s largest lens manufacturers to the Optical Dynamics family. With more than 30 years’ experience in the optical industry, our new client is an OEM and ODM company with two factories and over 400 employees. The Q-2100 digital lens technology has been added to their Tainan location where their professional production line includes designing, assembly, inspection and packaging. Ensuring they remain focused on innovation and customer service, the Optical Dynamics technology has been added to expand their Rx work.  Optical Dynamics was pleased to host their team for training at our facilities in Louisville, KY earlier this year.

ECB Adds 9th Franchise Location

ecb-logoOptical Dynamics welcomes Eye Center Boutique Ponce to the Q-2100 user family. Located in the Plaza del Caribe in Southern Puerto Rico, the newest ECB location is now open in Puerto Rico’s 2nd largest city.

Offering eye exams, contact lenses and eyeglasses made in an hour, they have the best selection of designer sunglasses, boutique bags, shoes and a collection of accessories from several designers at affordable prices.  ec630-3-people-team2

Eye Center Boutique is a unique optical retail concept that includes the sale of handbags and shoes along with  just-in-time delivery of prescription eye wear using the Q-2100 Digital Lens System with nanoCLEAR AR. The flagship store opened with the technology at the Carolina Plaza Mall in 2010 and has since grown to 9 franchise locations across the island.


Service, Quality and Profitability

Cohen’s Fashion Optical in Garden City, NY has been avidly using the Q-2100 Digital Lens system with nanoCLEAR AR unit since 2007. As one of several Cohen’s locations with the technology, they understand the value of fast service for repeat business.  They also understand the importance of quality and the necessity to improve the bottom line. With the Q-2100, their locations can provide the service speed needed to grow business while keeping production costs inline to increase profitability

Yeniva Marcioch, lab technician at the Garden City location has been making quality lenses with the technology for more than two years. “The Q-2100 makes my job easier because it produces excellent results in processing lenses,” says Marcioch. “Our customers are very satisfied with the lenses we dispense,” she added.

Eye Center Boutique Opens 8th Optical Franchise

Optical Dynamics is excited to welcome the eighth Eye Center Boutique franchisee to the Q-2100 user family.  The newest location opened in October 2015 at the Mall Palma Real in Humacao.  Also known as “La Perla del Oriente”, (pearl of the orient) and “La Cuidad Gris”, (the grey city) Humaco is situated in the eastern coast of the island with approximately 60,000 residents. ECB629

Each Eye Center Boutique location carries a large array of frames, handbags and accessories for a unique shopping experience. All locations include an in-house lab utilizing the Q-2100 and nanoCLEAR technology for just-in-time delivery of eye wear. The ECB chain focuses on quality eye care with a designer line of frames to fit every budget.