Premier Eye & Optical Guarantees Patients Come Back

Just-In-Time Delivery Guarantees that the Patient Comes Back with Other Family Members

In Baton Rouge, LA, nestled near a dental office and inside an office condo is the headquarters of Premier Eye & Optical.  Lead Optometrist Dr.Thai serves a mixed population.  After a brief career inside a large eyewear mega-facility, Dr. Thai knew that he wanted to offer his patients a chance for personal care, quick turnaround, and money savings.

“When I found the Optical Dynamics in-house lens production system, the Q-2100, its sheerchateau gonflable practicality appealed,” he said.  In his average day he can almost always dispense to patients a finished pair of eyeglasses in less than two hours.  Premier Eyecare & Optical has moved to just-in-time delivery on many prescriptions, including multifocals and sunSMART photochromic Grey and Brown. “Benefits from Optical Dynamics include:  affordability, ease-of-use, improved patient satisfaction, and increased sales and profits.”

At the end of the day, the customers come back with other family members, because this is where patients get service and the technology to produce the lenses can be relied upon, he added.

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