Top Mega Market Trends 2017

Eyecare Business January 2017

  1. Boomers are Yesterday’s News: 25% of millennials now represent a full quarter of ECPs’ patient base.
  2. Online Sellers = Today’s Evil Empire: The biggest challenge you are facing is competition from online sellers.
  3. Pricing Strategies that Ring at the Register: Most compete with online sellers in one of three ways: discounting products, lowering prices and bringing BOGO back. Year 2017
  4. Blue Light Lenses will Deliver Profits: A whopping 84% of ECPs predict that blue-light-blocking lenses will increase in sales over the next two years.
  5. Frame Profits Rise: 67% of total dispensary sales are in Rx-ready optical frames.
  6. Lens Processing Profits Grow A Lot – Profits from in-office finishing are skyrocketing.
  7. Multifocals to Grow Contact Lens Sales: A full 71% see multifocals as the soft contact lens category with the most growth potential over the next year.
  8. Online Marketing is Key!
  9. Social Media + Facebook Rules: Offer Wi-Fi in your waiting room.
  10. Wearables = Opportunity: Attitudes are changing about wearable technology.