Vision Council Unveils Effects of Digital Devices

As shared in the Vision Expo Daily, the Vision Council has unveiled the effects of digital devices on the eyes.

“The human eyes were not designed to look at digital devices, not to mention nearly as long as modern individual do,” said Dr. Justin Bazan, practicing optometrist and medical adviser to the Vision Council. “With American’s screen time hours nearing double digits, and them spending their entire workdays – and more – on digital devices, it’s imperative that individuals take a serious look at the implications on the eyes, especially has they’re the organs taking the burnt of all this screen time.”

According to a recent VisionWatch survey by the Vision Council.

  • 32.4% experienced eye strain.
  • 27.2% experienced dry eyes.
  • 27.7% experienced headaches.
  • 27.9% experience blurred vision. (end article)

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