Vision Trends Founding Location Adds Q-2100 Digital Lens System

Eye Trends, located in The Woodlands, TX was the launch pad of the Vision Trends network. An affiliation of highly trained professional Doctors in the eye health community who strive to offer each patient the high quality personalized care they deserve.

Explained on their website, “As part of the Vision Trends affiliated family of eye glasses and contact lens retailers, Eye Trends brings you exceptional customer service, a fantastic selection of eyeglasses and contact lenses, kids’ eyeglasses and contacts to fit your needs and your lifestyle. All of the six convenient locations are equipped with on-site laboratories.”

Drs. Toups and Inns added the Q-2100 Digital Lens System with nanoCLEAR AR to their practice in 2011. When we asked the lab technician, why he liked the equipment, he responded, “I like that I am able to make high end lenses in an hour. “Patients are happy when they can get a high quality lenses in a short amount of time,” he added.

Improve your delivery time and your bottom line with the Q-2100 Digital Lens System.

What Free-Form Is

At Optical Dynamics, we use digital free-from molds to produce customized lenses with improved optics and enhanced visual clarity. As published in Eyecare Business, the following six points are key to understanding the free-form process.

  1. The main difference between digital and traditional surfacing is digital surfacing’s ability to produce more complex surfaces with extreme accuracy.
  2. Digital surfacing can be used to create simple single vision or complex progressive surfaces. The ability of the lens to provide visual comfort and performance is determined by the quality of the design.
  3. Digital surfacing is referred to as direct-to-surface, CNC and free-from. All refer to basically the same process.
  4. The most significant variable involves the process used to calculate the design. Digital surfacing processes require significantly more calibration and control compared to traditional surfacing.
  5. There are two inherent benefits common to nearly all digitally surfaced PALS: reduction of marginal astigmatism and reduction of “rounding errors”.
  6. Remember: all lenses that bend light will have aberrations and spherical surfaces create aberration. Its a matter of how those aberrations are managed that provides a unique benefit to the wearer.

Keep Services and Products Affordable

SH603 Image

Sugar House Vision has been providing excellence in eye care for over 52 years to Salt Lake City area residents. “As part of our  total commitment to provide top quality eye care services, we have assembled an expert staff of dedicated medical professionals with the latest diagnostic equipment to create our state-of-the-art eye care center. In addition to providing first rate eye care, we are committed to keeping our services and optical products affordable,” they share on their website.

Quinn and his team added the Q-2100 Digital Lens System with nanoCLEAR AR to the practice in 2008. When asked why he decided to purchase the technology for the business he had two very simple answers, “its very cost effective” to produce lenses onsite and “the ability to provide same day service” is a plus for our patients.