Lens Troubleshooting

Question: I have a lens that seems to have an aberration?

Possible Cause #1: Contaminants on the lens

Solution: Before annealing – If the lens is not properly cleaned before the annealing step, the contaminants may cause an optical defect. Carefully clean all lenses before annealing.

After annealing – A common error that can cause a defect is for an operator to lift up the lens from underneath with a fingertip when removing from the annealing stage of the Post Cure chamber. This can leave a permanent mark on the lens where touched, particularly if there was any lens monomer on the gloved fingertip. When removing the lens from the annealing stage, remember to handle the edges only.

Possible Cause #2: Pre-released lens

Solution:  Improper mold cleaning – Follow proper mold cleaning and preparation procedures.

Improper job queuing – If a job is run out of order, the initial curing step may cause the wrong amount of light to be directed toward the mold assembly, resulting in an increased possibility of a pre-release. Always follow the proper production sequence.

Wrong mold or gaskets selected – If the wrong mold or gaskets are used, the lens will be too thick or thin. Make sure to double check your mold and gasket selection as part of the production process.

The Million Dollar Practice’s Keys to Success

Vision Monday, July 21st, 2014 RE-POST

  1. Success ImageLocation, location, location was a recurring theme among million dollar doctors. If your not in a position to purchase a building, be sure to pick a visible, easily accessible location.
  2. Each underscored the importance of a comfortable office.
  3. Hire, train, pay and incentivize people properly.
  4. Stay abreast of current technology. Some even suggest buying a new piece of equipment each year to add to the range of diagnostic services you can offer your patients and others recommend having an in-office laboratory to make glasses on site.
  5. Control your personal overhead.
  6. Don’t try to be all things to all people and don’t try to blame others for your shortcomings
  7. Arrive early, stay late and be a person integrity
  8. Lastly, don’t forget that most practices are built by one referral at a time

Differentiate Your Practice with the Q-2100

CI601 ImageCidra Optical is located in Cidra, Puerto Rico, a city of approximately 43,000 people in the central part of the island. Away from the tourist destinations of the coast, owner Melvin Alvarez has the only system in his city. Celebrating his 6-year anniversary as part of the Optical Dynamics family this August, he wanted to provide a different level of service to his patients.

Not only does he have the only system in the city, he is the only laboratory in town that can provide one to two hour service on progressives and FT lenses. Alvarez consistently produces over 60 pair per month utilizing the equipment to its fullest potential with particular focus on nanoCLEAR AR and sunSMART II photochromic lenses. Alvarez is thrilled to have all his patients in eyeglasses the same day. “That is truly amazing,” he concludes.

3 Tips for Engaging Sales Associates

As shared by CEO Tom Stockham in the August issue of Eycare Business, here are three key ways to engage your sales staff and help them sell more.

happy sales people1. DEFINE YOUR FOCUS: When thinking about helping the customers in your store, determine whether the interactions need to be more about providing technical details or more about recognizing the right customer for each type or brand of product – or both. Then, define that focus for your sales staff. Having the ability to relate to the variety of consumers who walk through the door is what makes a really helpful expert salesperson on the floor.

2. MAKE IT FUN: Make sure you are offering your sales associations an interesting and fun way to engage with your products and your customers.

3. OFFER REWARDS: The biggest deal, really, is defining how you track, manage and reward your sales associates’ engagement. This really needs to be something for which you create accountability.