Compete with the Big Box with a Better Lens

Ortiz Eye Associates has been utilizing the Optical Dynamics Digital Lens System for over 12 years with marked success. Chris Ortiz, Lab Manager, has been actively involved in lens production from installation. A busy location, Chris and his team produce 30 pair per month or more with their unit.

“I am pleased with the quality of the lenses we offer,” said Chris. “The hard coat is second to none and we offer all available photochromics including sunSMART grey, sunSMART brown, and ultraSUN,” added Chris.

“Our patients love the turnaround time and they know they can get quality lenses quickly at our location, shared Chris. “We can compete with the box stores & deliver a better quality lens from our certified opticians,” he concluded.

Top Mega Market Trends 2017

Eyecare Business January 2017

  1. Boomers are Yesterday’s News: 25% of millennials now represent a full quarter of ECPs’ patient base.
  2. Online Sellers = Today’s Evil Empire: The biggest challenge you are facing is competition from online sellers.
  3. Pricing Strategies that Ring at the Register: Most compete with online sellers in one of three ways: discounting products, lowering prices and bringing BOGO back. Year 2017
  4. Blue Light Lenses will Deliver Profits: A whopping 84% of ECPs predict that blue-light-blocking lenses will increase in sales over the next two years.
  5. Frame Profits Rise: 67% of total dispensary sales are in Rx-ready optical frames.
  6. Lens Processing Profits Grow A Lot – Profits from in-office finishing are skyrocketing.
  7. Multifocals to Grow Contact Lens Sales: A full 71% see multifocals as the soft contact lens category with the most growth potential over the next year.
  8. Online Marketing is Key!
  9. Social Media + Facebook Rules: Offer Wi-Fi in your waiting room.
  10. Wearables = Opportunity: Attitudes are changing about wearable technology.