Vision Dynamics Launches 1.67 Photochromic FT-28

Introducing, the First Ever: 1.67 Photochromic FT-28 SF

A unique 1.67 FT-28 photochromic now available to complete your flattop product line. Photochromics with enhanced color performance, high temperature stability, and enduring color consistency. Developed and blended in the USA.






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Available in 2, 4, 6, and,8 base, adds 1.00D to 3.00D, photo grey, semi-finished

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Positive Language to Sell Photochromics

Eyecare Business By Susan Tarrant

There are many benefits of photochromic eyewear. They are adaptable, so patients can have comfortable vision in varying light conditions. They provide the convenience of having one pair for both indoor and outdoor wear. They provide UV protection. They also perform like never before…

Photochromic lenses provide excellent, comfortable vision in all lighting conditions, indoors and out. They are for everyday wear, and though not considered a replacement for sunwear, can provide patients comfortable vision outdoors.


We all know the importance of doctor-driven lens recommendations. We know the importance of optical staff following up on that message once the patient leaves the exam room. But what you may not know is the importance of the language you use when discussing lens options, particularly options like photochromics.

A Transitions Optical, Inc., study finds that using positive, neutral, or, of course, negative language has an impact on the patient’s overall experience.

75% – of the patients who hear “positive” language from their ECPs regarding lens options report a positive eyecare experience and are more satisfied with the overall visit.

58% – who hear negative language (including product disclaimers) report a negative overall experience.

How a product is recommended is just as important as actually making the recommendation. The study finds that, even when it comes to discussing product benefits, a patient may perceive disclaimers as “negative,” even if the ECP believes he is making a helpful, neutral observation.

Some examples, from the study, of the “positive” language used:

■ Can be worn indoors and outdoors
■ UV protection
■ Adapt to a variety of lighting conditions
■ Are convenient
■ Match level of tint to light
■ High quality

Some examples of “negative” language used:

■ Don’t work while driving in a car
■ Won’t work as well as sunglasses
■ Too expensive
■ Not dark enough outdoors
■ Don’t get dark/clear fast enough
■ Not completely clear indoors

Guidlines for Good Communication

Always remember the importance of good communication even in difficult situations. It can make the difference between a positive customer experience for repeat business or an unhappy customer that dose not return.


  • Give your full attention to the speaker
  • Do not interrupt
  • Maintain eye contact
  • Use positive body language
  • Use active listening signals such as head movement for agreement


  • Be open
  • Be honest
  • Be courteous
  • Be constructive
  • Do not promote defensiveness


  • Write with a clear purpose in mind
  • Precision of message
  • Non confrontational
  • A hand written card/thank you is always a nice touch

Maintenace Schedule nanoCLEAR AR

You should always do your best to stay on top of your daily and weekly maintenance schedules for the nanoCLEAR AR unit.

By adhering to the schedule you can help ensure that your equipment continues to function at peak performance levels.



  1. Check fluid levels and replace as needed
  2. Clean the internal deck
  3. Wipe down external shell
  4. Inspect and clean suction ring

Daily – nanoCLEAR Wash Module

  1. Check wash solution supply container for proper operating level – refill as needed.
  2. Remove waste water reservoir from system and empty, then replace container
  3. Wipe down external shell

Weekly – nanoCLEAR AR Unit

  1. Remove and clean pre-filter (located on the back of the unit)


Your New Secret Sauce

Eyecare Business December 2017. For full article and details click here.

10 of the most critical ingredient in a recipe for success:

  • Target messaging
  • Get the right media buy
  • Use “me” marketing
  • Do after-hours
  • Put on a show
  • Hold a mini seminar
  • Define generations
  • Tell your story via social media
  • Post with purpose
  • Define the bottom line