3 Unique Ideas for Small Business Success

Eyecare Business March, 2016 Ally of the Independent by Samantha Toth REPOST

  1. Fight Commoditization – Many people are turning to the internet for eyewear. Something that used to be available only through an eyecare professional is now widely available. The problem is that eyewear is a medical device – and quality varies widely. Features for one brand are not identical to another…By explaining to patients that you carry quality products and by offering your in-person expertise and follow-up you can fight commoditization. Unique 2
  2. Carry Unique Products – When you carry unique products that are sold only at independent practices, people can’t go online or down the street to try to buy the same thing for a slightly lower price. Instead they will ask you questions and advice, creating a dialogue about their needs and concerns. It’s easy to stand out when others can’t compete with what you are offering
  3. Inform Your Customers – Because you carry unique products you may have to explain to patients why your specialized eyewear is work the price…You have to supremely knowledgeable and who them that products from different companies are not identical