Strategies for New Hires

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INFORMAL onboarding consists of employees learning about their new jobs without an organizational plan or written process. It may include job shadowing and knowledge exchange with key employees, mentoring and coaching with managers, and on-the-job training with existing employees.

Hello and welcomeFORMAL onboarding includes a sequence of procedures that take a new employee through the process of learning job tasks and office social norms. Activities can include: Web-based video orientations, e-tutorials, interval training planned so learning occurs at specifically planned junctures, team roundtables, and, finally, field experiences and product training with key vendors.

The most successful onboarding programs have one individual overseeing how the employee navigates the process, and all current employees are included in some of the activities. According to the SHRM, there are four elements that indicate a successful onboarding.

SELF CONFIDENCE in job performance, which effects organizational commitment.

ROLE CLARITY, making sure your new hire understands their role and expectations.

SOCIAL INTEGRATION, when an employee begins to establish healthy working relationships with existing employees.

ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE KNOWLEDGE, an understanding of your practice’s culture and how they fit into it. This is key to a new hire’s ability to support your principles, values, and mission.

10-Years Later and Still Serving Customers Better with the Q-2100 Digital Lens System

Steve B., optician and Q-2100 user in Arlington Heights, IL, shares stories of how the technology keeps his customers coming back, with the Q-2100 Digital Lens System they installed and purchased in 2008.

“A patient came back to our offices after taking his prescription to LensCrafters and asked how much progressive lenses with anti glare and photochromic would cost and how long it would take to get them. Well, not only was the patient shocked by our practice saving him over $200.00 on his pair of lenses due to our Arlington Eye Buildingin-house manufacturing, he had his lenses in 2 hours instead of one to two weeks. I now have a patient for life.”

“I told a patient their sunSMART photo lenses with reflective free glare protection would be ready for them in a couple of hours. They said jokingly, OK, we will see you in a couple of weeks. When I called them that afternoon and said come on in and get your new glasses, they said they were never going back to their old time optical location, they just were beyond words. Another patient for life!”

Lens Troubleshooting

Question: I have a lens that is “speckled”, what can cause this and what can I do?

Possible Causes: Lens was removed from the annealing stages and cooled under running water while too hot. If a lens is cooled under running water while hot, it may have a “speckled” appearance caused by localized differences in the rates of cooling of the lens surface. These speckles can be numerous, irregularly shaped.

Solution: The lenses should be air cooled for several minutes before running water over them. If you have a “speckled” lens, returning it to the annealing oven for 5 to 10 minutes will usually eliminate the issue

From the First Q-2100

Julianne West started her career with Optical Dynamics Corporation in 1999 at the launch of the Q-2100 Digital Lens System. As Client Care Manager, she was privileged to welcome the very first Q customers to the Optical Dynamics family and helped build a company culture committed to exemplary customer support.  During her time in this position, Julianne worked to develop long lasting relationships with clients while providing the foundation necessary for continued success with the technology. Even now, 16-years later, she looks forward to seeing customers who have been part of their user family since the beginning and enjoys welcoming new faces to their team.

As the sale of the technology grew and expanded to international markets, Julianne was promoted to International Sales Coordinator overseeing client relations across the globe. An exciting time for the company and her personally, Optical Dynamics expanded equipment sales to over 30 countries and developed distributorships that remain in place today. It has been an ongoing pleasure for Julianne to represent Optical Dynamics at trade shows in the US and abroad including MIDO, SILMO, ICEE and most recently at Abiooptica in Brazil and IAPO in the Philippines. In this position she enjoyed meeting the unique needs of an international client base and counts many of them as friends.

With the launch of the nanoCLEAR AR unit in 2005, Julianne was promoted to Director of Sales Administration and expanded duties to include social media development. Julianne’s favorite part is managing the blog. This fun and informative section is a way for existing clients stay “in the know” and help new clients in their decision making process.

Ask Your Lab for permaTINT

Vision Dynamics line of pre-tinted semi-finished single vision lens blanks include poly, 1.67, and Trivex,  available in 2, 4, 6, and 8 base.

permaTINTlogoOur pre-tinted line of SFSV lens blanks for sport, computer, and driving prescriptions integrate easily in conventional and digital surfacing lines. Our proprietary colorization process applies a uniform density layer on the front surface of the blank and includes a hard coat. Surfacing does not affect the color layer so the finished lens has consistent edge-to-edge color performance.

Ask your lab for permaTINT products today!

Let’s sell more nanoCLEAR AR!

With the nanoCLEAR AR unit, AR sales should steadily increase. Traditional barriers to selling AR such as delivery time and reliability are eliminated with your in office system. According to a member of our user family in Columbus, MS, his AR sales have increased almost 80% with the addition of the nanoCLEAR AR unit.

Start by educating your staff on the benefits of AR coating. Everyone should understand the AR product.

  • By minimizing surface reflections, AR coating improves vision when dealing with overhead lighting, computer screens and window glare
  • AR lenses are more cosmetically appealing for improved patient appearance
  • Vision during night driving is improved reducing the glare of oncoming headlights
  • AR lenses provide improved visual comfort and reduces eye strain and fatigue

Make sure that all staff member are wearing the nanoCLEAR AR product. This way they can share their own experiences and use their lenses for demonstration when interacting with the patients.

Start the education process during the eye exam. As an Optometrist, your recommendation matters. If you share the importance of the product when in the exam room, the patient will be more likely to add when in the dispensary.

Utilize the above tips and watch your AR sales soar.