New Concept Optical Location Capitalizes on In Office Lens Production

EyeCenter Boutique located in Caguas Puerto Rico is a unique optical retail concept that includes the sale of handbags and shoes along with prescription eyeglasses. As a new optical retailer, owner Fabian Valle wanted the “best optical technology” available. “The simplicity, economy and convenience of the Optical Dynamics equipment is perfect for my business as we can produce a lens in clear or photo with AR in a short amount of time,” shared Valle.

Franchising the boutique concept, two additional locations have opened in Puerto Rico with a fourth location opening in 2014. All locations include the Q-2100 with nanoCLEAR AR for onsite lens fabrication.

“Providing a high quality progressive lens is also a plus,” he added. “Our boutiques are the only optical shops in the area offering the faster service including AR,” concluded Valle.

Optical Dynamics Expands International Client Base

Hwa Meei Pic 1Specializing in sport, industry and military eyewear, we are pleased to welcome one of Taiwan’s largest lens manufacturers to the Optical Dynamics family. With more than 30 years’ experience in the optical industry, our new client is an OEM and ODM company with two factories and over 400 employees. The Q-2100 digital lens technology has been added to their Tainan location where their professional production line includes designing, assembly, inspection and packaging. Ensuring they remain focused on innovation and customer service, the Optical Dynamics technology has been added to expand their Rx work.  Optical Dynamics was pleased to host their team for training at our facilities in Louisville, KY earlier this year.

ECB Adds 9th Franchise Location

ecb-logoOptical Dynamics welcomes Eye Center Boutique Ponce to the Q-2100 user family. Located in the Plaza del Caribe in Southern Puerto Rico, the newest ECB location is now open in Puerto Rico’s 2nd largest city.

Offering eye exams, contact lenses and eyeglasses made in an hour, they have the best selection of designer sunglasses, boutique bags, shoes and a collection of accessories from several designers at affordable prices.  ec630-3-people-team2

Eye Center Boutique is a unique optical retail concept that includes the sale of handbags and shoes along with  just-in-time delivery of prescription eye wear using the Q-2100 Digital Lens System with nanoCLEAR AR. The flagship store opened with the technology at the Carolina Plaza Mall in 2010 and has since grown to 9 franchise locations across the island.


In-Office System Allows for Improved Service

Roxann Vann, lab technician at Accent Eye Care, has been working with the digital lens technology for nearly two years and loves working with both machines. “The Q-2100 allows me to have tow jobs going at the same time with  the third job in the nanoCLEAR AR unit preparing to be made. I can also have the molds pulled for the fourth job,” said Vann. “These machines are very practical to getting jobs out quickly,” Vann added.

When asked to share a customer story, Vann said, “we have had several patients that have had broken frames and are unable to complete their daily tasks, with having the Q-2100 machine we are able to provide the customer with a great quality lens and get the job completed in the same day.” “Customers are amazed that they are able to get a lies with AR and photochromic with a one day turn around,” added Vann. “I love being able to provide this type of service to our customers,” she concluded.

Warranty & Redo White Paper

In an industry warranty and redo white paper, ECPs from all regions of the US were surveyed and asked a series of questions involving the number of lens returns and redos at their practice. According to the paper, an average ECP has annual return and redo rate of 7.4% or 17 pair per month.

Of particular interest was the warranty & redo information collected on anti reflective lenses. As the majority of AR lenses are coated through a vacuum process, the paper gives a good snapshot of how traditional AR coating fares in the marketplace. When asked to detail the mix of lenses returned, 8 of the 17 pair returned included an anti-reflective treatment, an average of 2 pair per week. When asked for the most common “reasons” for remaking lenses, with or without treatments, 33.4% said scratching and 23.0% said AR failure.

Another aspect of the paper was the time and cost of redos. To remake a returned job it took an average of 5 days if the lens included an AR treatment. The average cost to the ECP for the redo with our without treatment was approximately $68.59 per pair or an average of $1,666 per month. A significant impact to the patient in the amount of time for redo and to the practice in dollars.

While the occasional return and redo of all lens types is inevitable, the addition of the Q-2100 with nanoCLEAR AR to your practice can significantly reduce the impact of returns and redos on your business. By producing lenses in house, the remake time is drastically reduced with the ability to provide same day or next day delivery of lenses. Your patient is happier as you responded quickly and efficiently to their remake need. The cost impact is also greatly reduced. With the digital in-office lab you are producing lenses at a fraction of the cost of a traditional lab, and well under the average remake price of $68.51. And if you are remaking lenses for a reason covered under warranty, Optical Dynamics will replace the returned lenses under our warranty program.

Service, Quality and Profitability

Cohen’s Fashion Optical in Garden City, NY has been avidly using the Q-2100 Digital Lens system with nanoCLEAR AR unit since 2007. As one of several Cohen’s locations with the technology, they understand the value of fast service for repeat business.  They also understand the importance of quality and the necessity to improve the bottom line. With the Q-2100, their locations can provide the service speed needed to grow business while keeping production costs inline to increase profitability

Yeniva Marcioch, lab technician at the Garden City location has been making quality lenses with the technology for more than two years. “The Q-2100 makes my job easier because it produces excellent results in processing lenses,” says Marcioch. “Our customers are very satisfied with the lenses we dispense,” she added.

Optical Dynamics Philippines Host Event

asia-dr-ginaOptical Dynamics Philippines was proud to be a Gold Sponsor of the the 1st ASIA Optometric Congress and 6th ASEAN Optometric Conference held in Manila Philippines.

asia-booth-2With celebrity endorsers, cocktail party and DJ, theirs was a standout booth!

The OD Philippines workshop, Decoding the Secrets of Successful Dispensing Practice, was standing room only with capacity in excess of 100 attendees and as a Gold Sponsor, attendees had access to OD Philippines videos during the Plenary with active audience participation. asia-meeting

Thank you to our Philippines distributor for putting on such a great event and introducing the technology to the ASIA Congress. We appreciate your commitment to the opometric community and in-office lens production.

Eye Center Boutique Adds 7th Location with Q-2100 Technology

EC628Optical Dynamics is pleased to welcome Eye Center Boutique’s 7th franchise location to the Q-2100 user family. Eye Center Boutique Mayaguez opened for business in February, 2015 and is situated in the 8th largest municipality of Puerto. With its store front located in the Mayaguez mall, its perfectly positioned to serve over 100,000 residents.

ECB LogoEach Eye Center Boutique location carries a large array of frames, handbags and accessories for a unique shopping experience. All locations include an in-house lab that utilizes the Q-2100 and nanoCLEAR technology for just-in-time delivery of eye wear. The ECB chain focuses on quality eye care with a designer line of frames to fit every budget.


Our In-Office Technology is Wonderful!

South Coast Optometry, located in fashionable Costa Mesa, California has been an advocate of in-office lens production for nearly 17 years. Dr. Quon purchased the Q-2100 Digital Lens System in 2000 and added the nanoCLEAR unit in 2006.

“The Q2100 and nanoCLEAR AR has helped level the playing field against the corporate optical giants and “big box optical boys”. We are now able to offer a competitive quality progressive (or even single vision) lens product with AR quicker and more cost competitively, shares Dr. Quon.

“The in-office technology has been absolutely wonderful. We have control of delivery time and have been able to provide lenses in an emergency almost in the blink of an eye! It has also kept us competitive in bargain hunting economy,” Quon added.

Dr. Quon and his staff share their in-office capability posting on their website: We provide an on-site laboratory to accurately fill your prescription in about an hour including most progressive, bifocal, and single vision prescriptions.