Vision Council Unveils Effects of Digital Devices

As shared in the Vision Expo Daily, the Vision Council has unveiled the effects of digital devices on the eyes.

“The human eyes were not designed to look at digital devices, not to mention nearly as long as modern individual do,” said Dr. Justin Bazan, practicing optometrist and medical adviser to the Vision Council. “With American’s screen time hours nearing double digits, and them spending their entire workdays – and more – on digital devices, it’s imperative that individuals take a serious look at the implications on the eyes, especially has they’re the organs taking the burnt of all this screen time.”

According to a recent VisionWatch survey by the Vision Council.

  • 32.4% experienced eye strain.
  • 27.2% experienced dry eyes.
  • 27.7% experienced headaches.
  • 27.9% experience blurred vision. (end article)

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Do You Let Your Store do the Talking?

Eyecare Business November by Erinn Morgan

welcome-matTrend #1 The Big Picture – The store is a tool of communication. And, a successful retail environment must be holistically designed, from the front door to the sales floor to its on line presence. This includes the sign above your door, the welcome mat below, the surface treatments on the walls and floors the stationary that you use, and the nature of your sales associates.

Trend #2 The Product at Work – Across the board, stores are using a plethora of mannequins. Can they also work in optical? Even if employing mannequins in your eyewear displays is not for you, thought-out-lifestyle presentations can still show how the product is intended to be used.

Trend #3 Think Locally – Being locale-specific and connecting with the community is important, too. And who does it better than Anthropologie? One of my favorite presentations done by this retailer was in its San Francisco store on Market Street. The company replicated the Golden Gate Bridge, constructed of boxes of Rice-A-Roni. You can’t get more San Francisco than that.

Trend #4 Get Interactive – New digital and video shelf talkers, and other types of interactive displays, are finding their way into stores across the country. Pick up the merchandise and the shelf talker communicates what the product is – an how it should be used.


Online Optical Sales Pass $2.1 Billion in 2018

Vision Expo Daily March 2019

The vision Council Market Research team conducted its yearly VisionWatch internet influence study and found that online sales reached over 2.1 billion in 2018. The study surveyed over 4,900 respondents who shared information regarding their online habits when shopping for and buying eyewear.

VisionWatch examined their presence in the optical industry. Here are a few of the online sales finding from the internet influence survey

  • 34.8 percent of recent buyers reported using the internet to varying degrees during their last contact lens purchase.
  • 25.5 percent of prescription eyeglass buyers used the internet for assistance during their last purchase.
  • Unit sales of online eyewear increased by about 11 percent in 2018, on par with growth rates of online eyewear sales from 2014 to 2017.
  • About 28 percent of recent eyewear buyers with easy access to the internet claimed that they will not use the internet for any assistance or functions when purchasing eyewear in the future
  • 32.1 percent of recent eyewear buyer with easy access to the internet indicated that they may possibly or probably will use the internet to directly purchase eyewear in the future.