Have You Added sunSMART II Brown?

sunSMARTbrown II logo“Optical Dynamics longstanding commitment to photochromic lens development continues with the release of sunSMART II BROWN,” shared John Dippold, President. “The evolution of photo dyes is apparent in the advanced visual performance of our complete photochromic line,” added Dippold.

sunSMART II BROWN  offers consumers a fashionable alternative to traditional grey photochromics. Clear indoors with dark activation outdoors, it is an appealing photochromic choice.  sunSMART photochromics have lasting performance with photo properties built into the lens material.

“sunSMART II BROWN was developed to give our customers a more comfortable photochromic experience said,” Michael Yager, VP Sales. “Our newest photochromic has a more saturated dark caramel color, improved darkness when activated and better high temperature stability,” concluded Yager.

Three Easy Tips to Increase Your Photochromic Lens Sales

sunSMART II Girl indoor outdoor logoCapitalizing on increased photochromic sales can improve both patient satisfaction and your bottom line. According to Vision Care Product News, “the goal of every eyecare professional should be to offer the best products to all patients and photochromic lenses are high on the list of great products to offer”. Whether sold as an everyday lens or as a second pair, you can use the following tips to build your sunSMART II photochromic business.

Tip #1: Is everyone in your practice wearing photochromics? If not, they should be. A personal recommendation from someone wearing the product can go a long way in the sales process. Tell them how much you love your photochromic lenses and how they comfortably adjust to the light both indoors or out and see just how far your testimonial can go.

Tip #2: Are you recommending lenses during the eye exam? If the doctor shares a product recommendation with the patient in the exam room, they will be more likely to act on the suggestion. When the doctor is wearing the product recommended, you are almost assured a sale.

Tip #3: Are you presenting the photochromic option to everyone? Adult, mature adult, teen or child all can benefit from a photochromic lens. Make sure to always ask, “Would you like lenses that are clear indoors and darken when you are in the sun?” Or ask, “Are you concerned about eye health?” Both questions lead directly into the photochromic lens discussion increasing your chance of a sale.


The Key to Customer Service

Optical Lab Products March 2017 By Jim Grootegoed

  1. Embrace that you work for your customers: The customer is the real boxx. It is because of them.
  2. Be willing to apologize: Don’t try to win the war and lose the battle.
  3. Be a great listener: We tend to listen to issues or problems with : “But let me…” response formulating in our heads. If we’re thinking about a reply, we can’t understand the complaint. Listening skills may be the single most important aspect of relationships.