Out With the Old, In With the New

Family Vision Center in Hobbs, NM, has been providing eyecare to the Southeastern New Mexico and West Texas since 1977. Celebrating their 9-year anniversary with Optical Dynamics, Family Vision Center is family owned practice. Drs. Reber and Reber added the Q-2100 and nanoCLEAR AR unit after attending the South West Council of Optometry trade show where the technology was shown.

According to the lab manager, “we no longer use the old, loud surfacing generator to make our  progressive lenses as this outdated way of making them was time consuming and many mistakes could be made.” “Now with the Q-2100 it takes but a few minutes to get the CFL progressive lenses ready for the customer and there are fewer errors as the computer gives us the corrects molds to use,” he added. “The lenses are very accurate and patients are very happy with their lenses and they keep coming back,” he concluded.

When asked what he likes best about the technology the lab manager shared, “What I like best is that as an office, we can now provide the best quality lenses in the shortest amount of time for our patients. The lenses are thin and the clarity is amazing. We recommend the lenses to all our patients.”

Thunder Over Louisville!

Thunder Over Louisville, the exciting annual kickoff event of the Kentucky Derby Festival is the largest annual firework show in North America and is spectacular!

Thunder starts in the afternoon with an air show, followed by the fireworks show at 9:30PM. Eight 400-ft barges launch the fireworks from both sides of the 2nd Street Bridge and from the bridge itself. Up to 750,000 people attend this amazing spectacle along the Ohio river each year.

If you ever find yourself in Louisville on the Saturday 2-weeks before Kentucky Derby Day, make plans to spend the night and experience for yourself the majesty of Thunder Over Louisville! Happy Thunder!!!!


Build Your Own Discount Plan for Local Employers

According to an AOA Third-Party/Managed Care Survey, “the typical OD patient profile includes 50.5% of patients covered by private insurance plans.” Although managed care acceptance does help increase patient traffic, it may not always help increase practice profits. As this trend continues to expand, creating your own discount plan for local employers can help you compete and profit in the growing managed care market.

As a Q-2100 system owner you have a unique advantage in creating your own discount vision plan. By promoting the clearLIGHT, sunSMART, ultraSUN and nanoCLEAR AR products you produce in office, you have a very controlled cost of goods. For Rx orders that are outside of your production range, you can supplement at Q-owner prices through Vision Dynamics Lab. By utilizing your proprietary products, you don’t have to guess or spend countless hours trying to figure out how a discount plan will affect your profits. You can be confident that the program will help grow your business.

Set up a program that gives a certain percentage or dollar amount off the services and eyewear you provide. Offer the program to small and medium sized local employers who do not currently offer a vision care plan to their employees.  Offer the program at no cost to the employers and your program becomes a value added benefit they can offer their staff and families.

Create the collateral material that explains your program with what is included and what is not. Assign an identification code to each business you are going to solicit. Create a membership card with the identification code that explains the discount program that can be handed out to their employees. Track the visits via the identification code to track your success.

A Lens Fell into My Post Cure

Don’t worry, if a lens falls into the post cure oven, follow these simple steps to remove it.

Immediately turn off the machine.

Disconnect all power and data cables from the post cure unit

Remove the fill stand set it aside

Tilt the post cure unit onto its back

Turn the machine around so that the fill stand plate is facing you

Tilt machine toward you and set the machine upside show on the fill stand plate with the drawer facing you

Tilt the unit toward you so that the drawer faces the floor

Open the drawer and gently shake the unit if necessary

The lens should fall out


What Frame Works Best for High Plus or Minus?

Ask the Labs, Eyecare Business

If a patient has a high-plus or high-minus Rx, which frame characteristics should be taken into consideration to ensure it will work best with the lenses?

When working with a patient with a high-plus or high-minus lens Rx, say over four or five diopters in total power, the following tips can help:

In general, rounder and smaller shapes are best for reducing edge thickness. One key factor in reducing edge thickness is picking a frame that requires the least amount of decentration. Decentration is the natural enemy of high-power lenses, as decentration increases, so does edge thickness. Another way to look at it: The closer the geometric center of each eye is to the pupil, the less edge thickness there will be.

Of course, other aspects of frame choice also have a role to play. A frame that hides more of the lens edge will help improve aesthetics— with plus lenses the thickness will tend to be in the nasal, with minus lenses it will be the temple edge. Be careful with drills and rimless groove frames; instead consider zyl or metal frames with thicker eyewires.

As for wraps, they are designed for lower powers, typically from -3.00D to +3.00D, and can become risky above this range. For wraps in general, we strongly recommend consulting the frame manufacturer to determine the lens range the frames were designed to accommodate.

— Swen Carlson, vice president, operations, VSP Optics Group