Opthalmic Technicians Enthusiastic about nanoCLEAR AR

The team from Advanced EyeCare are avid users of the Q-2100 echnology. With two locations the doctor purchased the Q-2100 Digital Lens System and nanoCLEAR AR unit for his business in 2005.

The primary operator of the equipment proudly wears the lenses she made with the system. She has been running the system for a few years and in her words, “it’s the bomb!” When asked about the nanoCLEAR AR, the team shared their success rate with the product. “We have used some of the biggest AR names on the market and this is just as good if not better than the competition.”

As mentioned on the company website, they have a full in-house lab and full dispensary to provide control over quality of products and quick turn around time. The team at Advanced EyeCare is happy to have the technology on-site for improved optics, lens quality and delivery speed.

I Broke a Mold During Lens Production

The Q-2100 Lens system utilizes digital free form crown glass molds during the lens production process.  There is an infrequent possibility that a mold may break during production. Use the following tips to diagnose the reason.

Mold Breakage During the Demolding Process

Possible Cause #1: Mold was directly placed into the soaking solution before one mold was separated from the mold assembly and while still hot. This can cause thermal shock to the mold.

Solution: Demold one of the molds from the mold assembly prior to placing in the Q-Soak solution

Possible Cause #2: Improper technique when using the demolding tool

Solution: The operator needs to pry (not twist) the molds apart with the proper Optical Dynamics demolding tool. If the operator twists the demolding tool the corners of the tool may have stressed the mold to break or chip.

Mold Breakage Inside the Post Cure Chamber

Possible Cause: The mold assembly may not have been processed in a timely manner.

Solution: Ensure that the mold assembly is immediately placed into the Post Cure chamber after the initial does of light in the Main Chamber.

For additional technical support, please call the Bob’s at 800-797-2743 ext. 276 or ext. 283


Eric Lindquist, National Sales Manager

Vision Dynamics Laboratory National Account Manager Eric Lindquist, introduces Vision Dynamics’ lab services to retail and laboratory locations across the US.

Eric began his optical career as an optician in Rochester New York, deciphering the ins and outs of dispensing and fitting eyewear to patients. During his time in retail, Eric learned first hand the importance of finding a dependable lab with premium products and reliable delivery times. He understands that patient satisfaction and practice profitability are directly related to the quality and cost of the lens products dispensed.

From dispensing optician, Eric took his love of sales to a major frame manufacturer where he worked as a territory manager covering a four sate region. Interacting with Opticians, Optometrists and Ophthalmologists, he grew sales in his territory significantly developing long lasting relationships for repeat business.  Through his years dealing one on one with decision makers, Eric appreciates the value of listening to the client and developing programs to meet their specific needs.

Eric then took his growing abilities to a sales and marketing position for a specialty lens manufacturer managing and implementing new products and sales programs. By monitoring the needs of the industry, he also helped to introduce and brand revolutionary new lens products to the US optical market.

Eric’s comprehensive optical background is an advantage to any retail or laboratory location looking to improve their product offering and bottom line. Let Eric introduce you to Vision Dynamics’ lab services today. 866-837-2020 ext: 383 or elindquist@visdynlab.com

Q-2100 Customers Launch New Advertising Material

Eye Center Boutique, a franchise optical chain with locations in San Juan, Caguas, Bayamon, Montehiedra, Ponce, Humacao and Maguayo capitalize on just-in-time delivery of eyewear with their Q-2100 Digital Lens System.

New advertising material and store signage highlights their use of this in-store technology. Combining high end frames with fashion handbags and shoes, Eye Center Boutique is a unique shopping experience. Boutiques carry, clearLIGH, sunSMART, ultraSUN and nanoCLEAR for a full array of lens products.

Optical Dynamics is proud to be a key part of the ECB business model.